26 May 2010

Spanning the Years ... and an Update ...

I've just come across this photo from 1976 - what a surprise! Hanny was 2 and I was the ripe old age of 26! And this is how we dressed for my cousin's wedding. Hannah was sporting a very fetching knitted (by me) French navy trouser suit, and clutching the soft toy of the day - a rather peculiar-looking elephant which I have a feeling may currently be lurking in a black plastic sack in our loft! My waistcoat suit was a sage green linen/manmade fibre mix - and just look at the size of that collar!

I'm having a gentle sort out of drawers and shelves and STUFF at home whilst 'convalescing' after a whistle-stop trip to hospital last Wednesday/Thursday. Nothing life threatening, but a slow and uncomfortable recovery which means I'm at home rather than tripping back and forth to Dairy House for a week or 2 ... and being overcome with tiredness every so often to the extent that I know I'm not my usual battle-on-regardless self.

Moving on to 1996/97, Rosie loved posing whenever anyone produced a camera. This was taken in our garden in Bath. If you are ever unsure about the wisdom of buying those 9cm pots of herbs available in garden centres rest assured that the sage and purple sage behind us each cost £1.49 (dread to think how much they are now) and grew to that size in just a couple of years. Brilliant value for money!

Seeing that old photo of Hannah and me makes me realise that Florence looks like Hannah from certain angles. Because of my sudden hospital dash Mum and I have only seen her once - 2 days after she was born  - but there's certainly a family resemblance. Grandpa hasn't yet had the opportunity to meet his granddaughter as he had a nasty cough last week and wasn't the full ticket.

I haven't asked permission to show you a photo (it's just feed and sleep for Hannah and Florence at the moment after what ended up as a 7-day stay in hospital, so I wait for her to do the telephoning) but I think I might be forgiven for showing you just one. This is a very proud Grandma (still not sure what I will be) and Supergran with the most beautiful addition to our line of girls. I'm led to believe that Florence has the same grit and determination as her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother before her, which should make for an interesting time for the happy parents! As soon as possible Rob will be taking a 4-generations piccie - possibly this weekend. We're hoping to see them all as it's Hannah's birthday.

Have you ever seen such a head of hair? It was very dark to start with but apparently definitely has highlights. I wonder if they will be auburn like Supergran, or blonde like her Mummy. Rob's family are both fair and dark, so it'll be interesting to see what happens. At least she doesn't have as many chins as her grandmother - lets hope she never does!!!

I haven't forgotten the promised Giveaway. It will happen, but I'm just not quite able to organise it at the moment. As always, there's joy in anticipation, and once I'm running around again like a spring chicken (dream on!) I'll get the show on the road.

In the meantime, thank you to everyone for their good wishes and a special thank you to Martin at Dairy House for stepping into the breach, organising cover and generally keeping the wheels turning while I've been incapacitated.


17 May 2010

Decisions ... Gran, Granny or Grandma ...

Not too sure what I am, but that really doesn't matter. What does matter is the fact that this afternoon, 2 weeks early, Florence Mary Sage arrived, taking everyone by surprise.

So exciting ... I think Grandpa's quite thrilled, too ... and Supergran (how many of you remember that children's programme in the 1980s?) is beside herself. We're all hoping to meet her sometime tomorrow.