26 August 2009

Fabulous Fabric ...

One of our dealers went to Kempton yesterday to buy at the fortnightly Fair and came back to Dairy House with the most amazing 4-fold screen. It's quite damaged in that the fabric is past its best in places, but she didn't get it through the door before I'd snapped it up. If anyone can shed any light on these 2 fabrics - one on the front, one on the back - then I'd be delighted to know your thoughts.

One item that slipped through my net last week, and is for sale in her room (was tempted but I am enjoying it when on duty at Dairy House instead of buying!) is this charming Victorian push-along wooden horse. Isn't he beautiful? She came back with another horse on wheels yesterday, and I'll take photos when he finally comes in the shop.

Finally, I took down the scaffold tower yesterday, which can mean only one thing ... the Cheese Room painting is finished! The floor will be cleaned this afternoon and dealers are moving in from tomorrow (Thursday) so that we're all set for 1st September (closed BH Monday). Photos on the Dairy House blog shortly.

16 August 2009

Agriculture and Horticulture ...

I was up in Northamptonshire again on Friday and Saturday, and went here again ...

Just look how the calves have grown in the few weeks since I was there last (about 8 weeks ago). The calf suckling in this picture looks almost as large as its mum. Amazing!

And here are a couple of photos of the only showy flowers in our garden. Personally I love white flowers, and used to grow white Japanese anemones. Here we only seem to have pink. Mum,
on the other hand has all white ones in her garden ... apart from one pink one I dug up from ours and planted in hers when she wasn't looking!

Hope you all have a jolly week. I shall be cleaning those blue RSJs and painting for most of the week.

13 August 2009

A Few Goodies ...

I was going to call this post Friday's Favourites ... until I realised it is only Thursday! Heyho ...

So, here we go with a post full of photos showing what you see as you walk into my haberdasher's dream just inside the entrance at Dairy House. I'll post photos from other parts of DH on the DH blog later. I realise that some of these are a wee bit blurred. Apologies, but put it down to old age or somesuch other that might get me a sympathy vote!!

Finally, here's what I just had to succumb to this afternoon. When a girl comes in with a basketful of boxes like this offering a Thursday special on cakes, what was I supposed to do ...

I took plenty of photos around the rest of Dairy House today, so I'll post those on the other blog, but probably not until Saturday or Sunday evening.
Have a jolly weekend ...

08 August 2009

Portscatho and the Home Spun Fair

This was our first view of the sea at 8.00 am on Sunday morning. Beautiful ... and what a great start to the day.

This photo was taken within the first half-hour of opening the doors. It just got busier as the day progressed, and this was the only time I had a chance to take my camera out of my bag. I took a few similar shots but this gives you an idea of what we had in store for the rest of the day. Michele (Cowboys and Custard) was in the far corner to the right of the door. Viv (Hens Teeth) was just under the stage so I got to chat to her when time permitted. Clare (Daisy Darling) was on the stage along with a few others, so from time to time we were able to grin at one another through the crowds!

My table was up on the stage with a great view of everything going on. I can't show you how it was laid out because these lovely customers were all in the way!!
But at least I can show you 'Ted' with his jaunty hat. He came home again with me. He needs a good home and although his eyes are a little wonky, he does still have his sight and, what's more, his growl (which to me sounds rather more like a lamb!!). He's quite tall, although I haven't measured him as yet. Let me know if you think you might like him to share your life.
The patchwork quilt was brought to me at Dairy House a month or so ago and has now gone to a new home. I was pleased with this little vignette, but felt that the rest of my stall never really got set out properly. Still, it didn't seem to matter, as everyone loved rummaging through the fabrics, threads and other goodies, and the car was much emptier when we loaded up at the end of the day.

From the same vantage point (Portscatho carpark) this was our last view of the sea about 6.30 pm before we set off back to our B&B.
What an amazing day from all aspects. The weather was glorious - not like the 4-hour trip down in the rain and our return journey in torrential rain. We stopped off in Lostwithiel to deliver a purchase to a dealer in the town - lovely shop Deja Vu (has a website which I can't remember at this precise moment). We visited some of the other antique shops there before lurching on to Ashburton for a brief stop. It was then a case of let's get home. It was still raining by the time we got back to Somerton - only to find that the rain had only just begun and Mum had been gardening all day!
I've put my name down for another Home Spun next summer!