28 September 2007

Fabric piccies as promised ...

... but first of all, look at this.

At Dairy House yesterday the dealer to whom this little lot belongs, realised that a rug had fallen off the wall, and look what it did ... hit a cup, saucer and plate, and flicked the cup upside down, a foot across the table and it landed safely within a couple of inches of the edge with absolutely no damage whatsoever. You need to enlarge the photo to see just how lucky he was. A bit of a close shave, I'd have said!

Anyway, to the fabrics. They're not particularly well coordinated or displayed for serious photo-taking, but I tried to not let them clash too much. There are cottons and woollen named tartans and a panel with a moon and rabbits (not a good photo of the panel, but you'll get the general idea). What do you think? The photos of the dresses were blurred, so nothing to show I'm afraid.

I'm hoping to get some sorting and pricing and photographing done over the weekend, but the time just seems to disappear at the moment, in the blink of an eye, so I'm not too sure what I'll achieve. I'm far too aware that I haven't been adding to the website and realise that if I don't hurry up you'll soon get tired of looking for new items, but I promise to try and do better! Loads in the pipeline, so "must try harder" as my school reports used to say!

Edit: The write-ups for the above fabric for the Shop have begun. I was hoping to add them tonight but as always something happens to prevent me doing what I intended ... I shall endeavour to list them sometime tomorrow (2 October) ... and will aim for lunchtime, but in this household I can never guarantee anything I'm afraid ...

26 September 2007

I shouldn't be allowed out ...

... because I can't go out without buying. Actually I haven't bought this lot yet, but I've been to see some friends this afternoon who need to clear some stock. And I have, in my car, 2 bags full of fabrics dating from the 70s, 80s and 90s (I think), including some from Japan and some Laura Ashley. I won't be looking at it tonight as an early night is called for and there isn't much room left in the sitting room after the weekend's shopping spree! I'll sort through it while I'm at Dairy House tomorrow and take some photos tomorrow. Also ... they have a quantity of 1970s/80s new, never worn Laura Ashley and other makes of clothing which I may well be selling for them. I took a few photos but the camera battery is flat again! So here are some photos from my archives to be going on with.

25 September 2007

Headless and Legless ...

... but a body and a pair of arms are enough to be going on with! She'll make a good display at the next Fair - unless she sells beforehand.

Meet Daisy ...
She's had the beginnings of a makeover. As I began looking through the bumper lace purchase from the weekend I realised there were one or two rather nice pieces that would make her look a bit special. She doesn't really have a lot going for her without adornment, other than her Stockman name. As you can see, her hands are nowhere to be seen and her head is so in the clouds that it didn't come with her .. it probably ran away with her legs. But ... in every other respect she's a sweetie and has a lot to offer. I can't decide whether to sell her in her bare state, or whether to clothe her with acres of lace and sell her "dressed". Mind you, the more lace I add the more I love her and the more I would like to keep her.
But she is currently sharing our home with 4 other mannequins. I turn my back for 5 minutes and they seem to multiply. Absolutely nothing to do with me you understand ... I think they sneak in the back door when I'm not looking! Up to now I've been giving them names beginning with 'D' but I'm running out of appropriate names so have decided that any new ones will be given floral names. Giving children floral names was very popular in the late 18th and early 19th centuries and so would be contemporary with the mannequins I generally buy. If you feel Daisy should come to live with you, please email. She can be packed and posted for about £15. Her price will depend on whether she is dressed or travels naked!
I thought that apart from Dairy House on Thursday I had a free week this week, but so far I've been to Bath (just over an hour's drive) for a check-up at the dentists that I'd forgotten about, have to view a dresser tomorrow, and back to the dentist on Friday for a replacement filling. Yesterday is so long ago that I can't remember what I did other than attempt to empty the car and stagger through the day after the weekend. But while I was in Bath today I called at Rolfey's (some of you may have seen him in a TV programme on ITV, the name of which I can't remember) and bought 3 single linen sheets in excellent condition and an oval hanging barbola mirror.
I'll pop off now to look through the rest of the lace and maybe start pricing some of the vintage French fabrics that I found in that big wooden box in yesterday's post ...

24 September 2007

Sue's Shepton Shopping and Selling ...

Well, what an exhausting 3 days that was ... but I'm not complaining. Luckily, I didn't need to do a raindance as trade day was excellent, Saturday was very good and, although the less said about Sunday the better, I shopped (till I almost dropped) and found endless goodies to go in the Centres and on the website. The wooden box (below) is full of French fabrics. There's loads of lace and other textile goodies but I haven't taken photos yet.

I booked 2 panels of pegboarding for this Fair (it's all put up ready for when they let us in to set up), so I was able to hang a few items and make a bit of a cosy corner. I decided that the time had come to forget about taking kitchenalia and concentrate on the linen, textiles and decorative items ... and to try my hand at draping stuff and making it look more interesting. Not easy first thing in the morning when people are coming round trying to see what you're going to take out of the boxes and bags ... What do you think? Room for improvement to my mind, but I had quite a few nice comments, and one lady peered round the hanging rail and said "Oooh, it's like walking into a little shop" which really made my day.

I took the remaining wasp-waist mannequin which was draped in a maribou stole that I purchased from a private seller last week. The stole sold and the mannequin came home with 2 new friends ... a mannequin with wooden arms but no stand (photo will be courtesy of blogger in due course), and a more modern one covered in stockinette that I have plans for. They're not fully formulated plans yet so it'll be a case of watch this space, but don't hold your breath!

When I was at Dairy House on Thursday I took photos of all the Cornishware - I didn't realise there was so much. I don't think I'll ever get to add it all to the website, but if there's anything you see on the dresser that you feel you can't live without, then do let me know!

I was hoping to add some more images of the Cornishware but blogger doesn't want to let me upload any more photos. I'll try to add some a little later!

So, back to today ... I've been trying to sort and price the new items but am struggling to stay awake after 3 disturbed nights ... 2 have a link to snoring and the third to barking. I'll say no more other than the fact that we don't have a dog (but I do have a husband!!! ... and he sometimes reads my blog!). Does that make it sound as if Pauley barks? Hope not!


22 September 2007

Another What Am I ...

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

"You are just a sweet person. When a friend needs a shoulder to cry on, you are happy to offer yours with a box of tissues as well. Once in awhile, you wish you could be a little more dramatic but then sensibility sets back in and you know that you are perfect the way you are." ... I wonder who makes these up. I'm quite happy to be thought of as perfect, but I couldn't possibly agree with that thought. I know me too well ...

Will post some photos in a day or two, provided they came out OK. I'm in the middle of the 3-day DMG Antiques Fair at Shepton, so a proper post will have to wait until after that. So far so good - I haven't needed to do the normal raindance!

16 September 2007

Rockin' Bloggin' ... and Nice Matters ...

... Since I asked for your views on the playlist I've had help from Niki's hubby on turning off the automatic start, so the list is there for those of you who would like to listen, but for those who aren't keen then you won't be disturbed.

If you do happen to listen, or wonder at my choice of music, the list is basically a journey through my life (apart from the missing chunks where I can't find a link to a particular song). I suppose the first one to mention, and get out of the way as quickly as possible, is Land of Hope and Glory sung by Dame Clara Butt. I expect most of you will have never heard of her, but I grew up knowing her name because Mum's Great Aunt Adelaide was Clara Butt's first music teacher in Bristol. She (CB) had such a range to the extent that Izzie (my best friend/the sister I didn't have, who sadly died in her 39th year) and I would mimic her singing and then collapse in fits of giggles, as you do in your pre-teens - much to Mum's chagrin. ("She has a beautiful voice, Susan, you really are naughty!")

We're obviously dressing the part to begin our rendition!!

I think we were somewhere between 15 and 17 in this next one. I'm the one in the shiny (it's blue) PVC mac with press studs down the front! Wish I still had it!

Moving swiftly on ... My Boy Lollipop by Millie is important. We would go to my grandparents/uncle's farm most Sundays and as I got older I would spend at least a week, and sometimes 2 with them during the summer holidays. I'd be up at crack of dawn with my uncle, sit and have one to his 6 cups of tea and then go out to 'help' with the milking. I always got the dairy ready for afternoon milking, but was usually too bleary eyed to fix all the pipes and tubing for the morning. I'd stand in the old cowshed (they weren't called milking parlours in the early 60s) and watch, day in day out, and he and I would sing our way through the milking. The only one I remember is My Boy Lollipop and we both knew the words. I'm sure the cows enjoyed it. After all, they listen to music these days, don't they. He taught me to milk and although I didn't attempt it very often I was very proud to be able to go back to school to say I'd learned how.

There's always one hiding behind the person in front, and yes, in this photo I'm the culprit! This was 1962/3 and as the majority of us were born in 1950 there are 4 Susans in this form photo (it was top of the list of names that year!)

Whenever I hear Big Bad John which it has to be said isn't often these days, I think of the tiniest girl at senior school who stood up on stage in front of all the parents at the annual show (can't remember what they called it) where 'talented' girls throughout the school did their thing. She stood in the middle of the vast stage and mimed to this song. It was brilliant - at least, I thought so when I was 11. A few years later I ended up on the stage myself, singing Michael Row the Boat Ashore with my friend Jenny (3rd from left, back row) who played the guitar accompaniment and Marilyn (2nd from right, back row). Loved it while I was up there but was so embarrassed afterwards and couldn't believe I'd done it. I kept my singing esconced in school or college cloakrooms after that - fabulous acoustics! Which brings me to I Only Want to be with You by Dusty Springfield. I can see Jan and me in front of the mirror with our hairbrushes now!!!!

And here we are with our hairbrushes in our bags! All dressed up in clothes we'd made especially to go to the Royal Show at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. Scary - this was the year we left college and started our secretarial careers ... at £8.00 per week.

Blue Hawaii was a film I was desperate to see in 1961. Moving up through school - House of the Rising Sun (still singing) and Here, There and Everywhere (staying with a friend in Solihull 2 weeks before GCE results playing all The Beatles LPs) - and forward again to college (secretarial and business studies) where Tamla Motown was on all the jukeboxes. Jimmy Ruffin and The Four Tops were the most played at lunchtime breaks, together with Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band. Whiter Shade of Pale and Gloria both transport me to a holiday in Spain with my French penfriend in 1967.

I think that's more than enough to be going on with. I'll do "Chapter Two" another day.

Meanwhile, Salina has nominated me for the lovely Nice Matters Award. Salina, thank you. I really do appreciate such kind thoughts. As I've already won this award and found it so very difficult to nominate others, I would like to suggest that if I regularly/randomly leave comments on your blog then you discuss or show Nice Matters to my mind, and please consider yourself nominated. To choose between you is too hard. The Nice Matters Award is yours. Do with it what you will ...

And finally, I saw this on someone's blog the other day. Sorry, I can't remember whose

What Color Green Are You?http://www.blogthings.com/whatcolorgreenareyouquiz/ Here's my result!

***You Are Olive Green***
You are the most real of all the green shades. You're always true to yourself.For you, authenticity and honesty are very important... both in others and yourself.You are grounded and secure. It takes a lot to shake you.People see you as dependable, probably the most dependable person they know.

Can someone who wore blue PVC really be honest and dependable???? Hmmmm .....

14 September 2007

The Winner Takes It All ...

... and the winner is ...

... From Under the Maple ...

Congratulations to you, and special thanks to Gillie - who says she'll use her psychic powers to pick a winner from Northampton next time. She's threatening not to come and stay again on account of the fact that she's going to have to sleep on the floor for 2 nights. Can you believe that I'm actually admitting to not having cleared all the stock off her bed and telling you what a bad person I really am?!!!
Email me your address Janie and I'll send off your parcel on Monday.
Here's a piccie of my wonderful friend who loves me regardless ... She's not standing behind me at the moment, but will be horrified when she sees this. It was taken about 3 years ago in her pensive phase!!!

And thank you again to all the new blogging friends I've made over the last 12 months.

Sue x

21st Century and Displacing ...

I've brought myself up into the 21st Century this morning by adding a playlist to my blog. I don't know if I'll keep it, but I might. What do you think? I've done this this morning as a displacement activity (I'm quite good at those) - because I should really be making up Gillie's bed. But as I still can't get to the bed because of the pile of linens and other stock and couldn't quite face the marathon stock-shift that is required before she arrives somewhere around lunchtime, I had to do something else constructive.

I don't think I'm a very nice friend really. Who else would wait for their guest to arrive and then say "we" need to clear your bedroom, and then "we" need to go food shopping because there's nothing in the fridge/pantry? And the fact that you've just driven for 3+ hours to get here is immaterial. I'm really not very nice. But I tell myself that surely that's what friends are for ... EEEk ... gotta go ... she's here!!!!!!!!!!! Catch you later ...

Update: one for and one against the music so far. I don't think I'm going to keep it on the blog as it's beginning to annoy ME!!! But I'll leave it for a couple more days before I finally decide!

12 September 2007

Better Late than Never ...

... Finally ... if you check on the 365 Days post you'll see that at last I have something to show you ... your thank you for coming back again and again, despite my promising you things and then not following through! But I have an excuse ... I always have an excuse! This time the excuse was that the goodies I was putting together just didn't seem to fit. First I chose pink, then blue and green, then it looked awful, but finally, as I ironed the little dressing table set this morning I thought how pretty it would look with the other bits and bobs. It isn't absolutely perfect, in that there are a few speckled marks on the larger mat, but these have already faded and I'm sure they'll disappear with the next wash. I hope you don't think I'm being mean, offering you something that isn't perfect, but vintage and antique linens seldom are ... perfect, that is.

In fact, on that very subject, I've been thinking about putting some bundles together for the website. When I buy linen at auction - often 2 or 3 bin-liners full per Lot - there are always numerous pieces with issues. I hoard these, thinking that one day I'll cut them up and make things ... ummmm ... lavender bags maybe, drawstring bags, appliquéed items and so on. But, bearing in mind you are always exhausted by what I tell you I've been doing, I'm sure you'll realise that sitting sewing isn't very often at the top of my list of "things to do today". Consequently, I'm wondering if you think it would be a good idea if I offered some of these for sale at Vintage to Victorian. There are some beautiful damask cloths in my stash of 'damaged' goods, which have enough 'good' areas to enable someone with the time and inclination to produce something quite pretty. There are also embroidered tablecloths so badly stained that only small areas of embroidery remain usable; huckaback towels wearing thin in the middle; pretty napkins and oddments of linen that I'm sure could be ideal for embroidering, quilting or doing something clever with. I'd appreciate your comments on this - I'm thinking of making up packs to the value of say £5.00 and would include a few of the embroidery floss bobbins and some buttons, ribbon or lace to make a useful collection. Suggestions on a postcard please!

Don't forget - if you'd like to be included in the draw for my one year of blogging anniversary, then please add a comment on the post entitled "365 Days". All names will go in a basket and Gillie will pick out the winner on Friday evening.


So ... moving on ... wasn't yesterday a lovely day? Some of you may know that the Tour of Britain Cycle Race came through Somerset and Exmoor yesterday. They set off from Yeovilton at 10.30 am and came through Somerton on their way to Taunton (and beyond). Their route took them right past our house and so I left my camera with P so that we had a record and I could enjoy one of the highlights of living in Somerton after the event ... because ... Mum and I were going to be travelling the cyclists' route about an hour ahead of them as M had an appointment with an eye specialist in Taunton. Here are the cyclists whizzing past the house ...

We were in and out of the hospital by 11.15 am so I suggested we carried on in a westerly direction, rather than battle with the cycle race if we went straight home. So off we went, intending to go to Watchet and hopefully see Jennifer. However, the road from Watchet to Blue Anchor was due to be closed and we didn't want to get stuck there for ages, so gave Watchet a miss and went straight to Blue Anchor, where we saw and smelled the sea, and waited at the train gates for the West Somerset Railway steam train to pass. We then carried on to Dunster (following the yellow signs showing that the cyclists would be following us) but it was so busy that we decided to carry on and 'do' Exmoor instead. If I had known we were going to do this before we set off I would have emailed Chris! As Mum's ancestors came from Exmoor and West Somerset she really liked the idea. When she first moved here we planned all sorts of days out, but what with the wedding and her arm fractures there hasn't been much thought of grand days out.

We meandered all over Exmoor, taking our time, stopping here and there to enjoy the glory of the vistas, the heather, the solitude and quietness, the absolute peace. There were so many instances of being in the right place at the right time, it made for a really lovely day. I just wish I'd taken my camera because there was sooooo much that you would have loved to see, and in fact later on we had to wait by the side of the road for the cyclists to come past, so I saw them anyway! One of the safety marshalls stopped to chat to us and gave us a promotional hat each. I remembered at the last minute that I have a camera phone, but I don't know how to transfer photos from the phone to anywhere or anyone else, so that's where they'll have to stay. I took one of Mum in her hat!!

The next excitement was waiting for a flock of sheep to be driven down the narrow road we were on. Driving on we then had to wait for about 150 Exmoor sheep to take their daily route in front of us - they obviously had right of way and ran, leapt and skipped along the well-worn track on their way home for tea! We then saw Exmoor ponies, cows and calves and Hunt followers. We took a round about route back to Taunton, via Dulverton where we parked by the steps which some of you would recognise (if I'd had my camera) from the film "The Land Girls" (love that film!).

I always look at the number plate of yellow Suzuki Wagon R's because I've had 2 of them. Driving through Taunton towards 5 o'clock what should be coming in the opposite direction? X716 UYA. Is it yours by any chance? It's my first one!!! How bizarre is that? Considering that we lived 50 miles away from Taunton when I sold it!

By the time we got home we felt as if we'd had a week's holiday. All that, and the total distance was less than 150 miles! We saw so many unexpected things, none of it had been planned when we set off in the morning, and yesterday, in Somerset and Devon, time stood still. I'm just sorry I haven't been able to show you the photos. The images are firmly imprinted on my brain though because it was a quite magical day.

PS - I even managed to add a few new items to the shop late last night. More to follow soon.

09 September 2007

365 + a few ...

... I know ... I know I said I'd let you know what my birthday giveaway will be, and I know I said I'd tell you on Friday and it's now nearly Monday but I haven't had a chance since I wrote the last post. It's been such a busy few days - Dairy House on Thursday; shopping on Friday at the Talent for Textiles Fair at the American Museum at Claverton (just outside Bath and a few hundred yards as the crow flies from where H and R married in May); more shopping on Saturday (of the accidental variety) with charity shop finds and an agricultural sale I ended up at after following signs saying "To the Sale". I couldn't just drive by, could I!! And then again today ... MORE shopping at the Vintage Textile & Costume Fair at the Assembly Rooms in Bath.

I took my camera today but I'm afraid you'll have to visit Niki's blog to see photos as I didn't actually take any! We planned to meet for a cuppa but after an hour's intense shopping we bumped into one another and decided early (11.30am) lunch was called for! I think you may get to see what we ate if you go to Niki's in a couple of days' time.

I've taken photos of the haul (well some of it) and it will either be going to Shepton in a fortnight's time or on the website. If in the meantime there's anything you want to know about, please email. Sorry, but the photos below AREN'T the giveaway (not in total at any rate, although there might be something there that will be included!). I'll add a slide show at the bottom rather than lots of individual photos.

I've finally managed to start sorting in earnest, and bought some of those canvas hanging shelves supposedly designed to store jumpers, which loop over a wardrobe rail. They're my new 'aide de sorting' and worked quite well this evening. It's a start ... I can't claim the idea as my own as I've saw someone else using them today. As I had to stop off at Homebase on the way home I rounded off the shopping expedition feeling full of enthusiasm for the task in hand ... which is now becoming urgent as Gillie still has no hope of reaching her bed on Friday as things stand at the moment!

So, in between all the sorting and tidying and labelling etc which I intend to do tomorrow I shall also decide on your prezzie and will endeavour to add the photo and description of the contents on the post entitled "365 days ..." which is where you'll need to add a comment to be eligible for the draw.

Have fun!

05 September 2007

365 Days ...

... Can you believe it? At 12.15 am on 6 September 2006 I published my very first blog post. Clare mentioned to me the other day that her blogversary was imminent and I realised that as we started them together mine must be equally imminent. And here it is ... in a couple of hours Vintage to Victorian will be a year old. It's quite exciting really, and amazing ... just over a year ago I had no idea what a blog was, and certainly had no plans to have one of my own. And now look ... over 100 posts, a website, and more blog friends than I ever imagined was possible.

Thank you all for popping by on a regular basis; thank you also to those of you who list Vintage to Victorian on your sidebar as a nice place to visit. You all have such lovely blogs and it always amazes me that you can find anything I write about remotely interesting. I try to keep up with photos, but that doesn't always happen, as you know. I am also hoping to keep the website going at a cracking pace, but write-ups do take an awfully long time (as I was warned) as it's so important to 'tell it as it is' and to be sure of pointing out anything that should be mentioned. I've been spending the last day or so putting together some little packages to add to the shop but there's no need for you to all rush over there just yet because it'll be several days before I get a chance to photograph them and get them listed!! But I would like to thank you all for your encouragement with the shop and your kind comments - and not least your purchases!

Since beginning the blog I have left one Antiques Centre in Somerton, taken a unit in another Centre in Somerton and moved into a larger space at Dairy House. You've been with me through the painting (and getting rid of that awful dark blue), the falling off the steps and the raindancing at Shepton Mallet!

You made me look at the lighter moments of getting Mum moved from Northampton to Somerset (to the house next door, no less); you've shared the fun(?) of finding a wedding outfit for me (and 4 or 5 for Mum); you came to a wedding where I was mother of one of the happiest brides I've ever seen and daughter of the mother who fell and fractured her arm (in 2 places) the afternoon before the wedding ... and you offered me tea and sympathy, and good wishes to the 'invalid'.

In this 12 months you've welcomed me into your blogs and I've shared corners of your homes and corners of your lives. I've reciprocated, I hope, by welcoming you to my blog but not, as yet, into corners of my home ... at least not many ... and certainly no pretty corners. Mine are always full of stock and swirly carpets. (I'm thinking of taking a photo of each carpet and blogging them under the heading 'Face your Demons!' but you don't deserve such ingratitude!!). One day those carpets will be gone and we shall have quiet ones and we'll drift from room to room not quite believing our luck. In the meantime you will perhaps appreciate why occasionally we're short on photos ... because there's just no space to create the perfect shot!

So my dear blogging friends, I'd like to offer you a little gift as a thank you. I'm not sure what it will be as yet but I'll find it, photograph it, and add it to this post (probably on Friday as I'll be at Dairy House all day tomorrow). Leave me a comment in the usual way and if you can bear to wait until next Friday our prize picker out of the basket, Gillie, will be down for the weekend and we could ask her to do the honours once again. She was so good at it last time! I'm hoping she'll get here in one piece as she slipped in her bathroom the other day and knocked herself about a bit (hi Gillie - don't read the last sentence as I'm talking about you!).

Okay, that's taken me a lot longer to write than I anticipated. I hope it isn't so long that you've all switched off your computers and gone to bed! To those of you who stayed to the end, "Sweet Dreams" and here's a tidy corner of a home we lived in from 1998 until 2002!

Sue x

01 September 2007

One month gone ...

Where has that time gone? One whole month of my online shop and I've had lots of visitors and numerous sales, so thank you all for your part in that. I had hoped to list a lot more items during August, but what with one thing and another I'm sure I only had 3 weeks in the month. However ... I managed to add a few watercolours this morning and began drafting some write-ups for other items which I hope to add during the week.

I did the Giant Flea Market at Shepton last weekend, didn't do the usual raindance and found that in fact I sold even more than ever despite the good weather! There were hundreds of outside pitches so I wasn't too hopeful of people coming inside with any money left in their pockets, but I was delighted with my takings at the end of the day - to the extent that I bought 2 huge bags of vintage French fabric oddments (sorry, camera battery on charge at the moment, but I'll post some photos eventually!), and then struggled to squash them and everything else in the car to go home. What I hadn't thought of when I loaded the car on the Saturday before the fair was that Niki was going to bring me a box of threads I'd left with her the week before, and a friend was bringing a huge box of embroidery cotton cones which she'd been sorting through for me. Those and the 2 rubbish sacks of fabric almost meant having to leave something behind, but with a lot of pushing and shoving, emptying bags and squashing eiderdowns and curtains and blankets in anyhow, I finally managed to close all the doors - and then had to make a space behind the steering wheel for me!

P and I are off to London tomorrow to deliver a mannequin and hopefully bring back a couple of wasp-waisted ones. I'm hoping to get to Petticoat Lane or Brick Lane Market as well, but I'm not sure what time we'll have.

It was nice to see Niki and Maggie and Clare and Kelly. Niki brought me a little prezzie which was a lovely surprise. Remember Caroline Testout - well, Niki put something in my hand ... a Wills's Cigarette Card from the Roses series. And yes, it is "Caroline Testout (Hybrid Tea) Without doubt a good scented Hybrid Tea rose. Its well-formed globular flowers are produced freely and continuously throughout the season. In growth it is vigorous, and will thrive in almost any soil and situation. Prune to three 'eyes'. An excellent bedding rose. Introduced in 1890." She's popping up everywhere, isn't she. I wonder where we'll find her next! Which reminds me, she is in a current rose catalogue so I MUST order one! And in case I didn't tell you, I'm DEFINITELY going to keep the cloth now. It's just too interesting to let go.

Have a nice weekend, what's left of it. No doubt a lot of you are getting back into back to school mode. I'm so glad I don't have to add that to my agenda!!