09 September 2007

365 + a few ...

... I know ... I know I said I'd let you know what my birthday giveaway will be, and I know I said I'd tell you on Friday and it's now nearly Monday but I haven't had a chance since I wrote the last post. It's been such a busy few days - Dairy House on Thursday; shopping on Friday at the Talent for Textiles Fair at the American Museum at Claverton (just outside Bath and a few hundred yards as the crow flies from where H and R married in May); more shopping on Saturday (of the accidental variety) with charity shop finds and an agricultural sale I ended up at after following signs saying "To the Sale". I couldn't just drive by, could I!! And then again today ... MORE shopping at the Vintage Textile & Costume Fair at the Assembly Rooms in Bath.

I took my camera today but I'm afraid you'll have to visit Niki's blog to see photos as I didn't actually take any! We planned to meet for a cuppa but after an hour's intense shopping we bumped into one another and decided early (11.30am) lunch was called for! I think you may get to see what we ate if you go to Niki's in a couple of days' time.

I've taken photos of the haul (well some of it) and it will either be going to Shepton in a fortnight's time or on the website. If in the meantime there's anything you want to know about, please email. Sorry, but the photos below AREN'T the giveaway (not in total at any rate, although there might be something there that will be included!). I'll add a slide show at the bottom rather than lots of individual photos.

I've finally managed to start sorting in earnest, and bought some of those canvas hanging shelves supposedly designed to store jumpers, which loop over a wardrobe rail. They're my new 'aide de sorting' and worked quite well this evening. It's a start ... I can't claim the idea as my own as I've saw someone else using them today. As I had to stop off at Homebase on the way home I rounded off the shopping expedition feeling full of enthusiasm for the task in hand ... which is now becoming urgent as Gillie still has no hope of reaching her bed on Friday as things stand at the moment!

So, in between all the sorting and tidying and labelling etc which I intend to do tomorrow I shall also decide on your prezzie and will endeavour to add the photo and description of the contents on the post entitled "365 days ..." which is where you'll need to add a comment to be eligible for the draw.

Have fun!


Clare said...

Hi Sue

Some nice finds - can't wait to see what your giveaway will be, Clare

Anonymous said...

Hello Susie

This makes a change from the usual email system! Congrats on your blogaversary - I should be writing an article for a Welsh journal but thought I`d send to you first. I think your Vintage to Victorian success is wonderful - long may it continue! Can`t resist reading your blog pretty often.
Didn`t manage to book for the holiday I mentioned, but bought another car instead! Am now getting used to all the gadgets etc. on a lovely Fiat Panda Dynamic. `Dynamic` runs in the family!
Love, A Sibbie

Cat said...

Great stuff! When you're done sorting... come on over and help sort here!

Rose Vintage said...

Hi Sue, lovely things yet again! I would love to know how to find out when the textile fairs are on but I have checked the net and I can't seem to find out! Perhaps you could let me know? thanks


Donna said...

Hi Sue
Lovely vintage haul :-) I would like to know more about the patchwork quilt?

I am going to Liz's on Saturday, are you going?

D xxx

Alchamillamolly said...

Thank you so much for leaving a comment for me it is so exciting like having a night time postman! We have found our next house and I am so excited - I am getting alcoves - yippeeeeeee......Your slide show is lovely - I went to Elsecar near Barnsley and I was sooo good as we will be packing shortly! I picked up my newly restrung pot doll my Nana bought me years ago - she is intact again and will be moved to her new house along with the potty chair she sits in where I was house trained!! I checked the pics at Nicki's site it looked wonderful. I hate going to work and long to be at home more but needs must. The reason we are downsizing is so I can go part time eventually and start my sewing again. We are determined not to take the sorting out with us and aim to do it before we go - ha ha we will see... right I am off to dream of alcoves and 1928 houses - I have to keep pinching myself Catherine

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! Becky

smilnsigh said...

You've had a lovely time. No need to worry about the giveaway.


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
Yes, that 11.30am lunch was certainly called for after frantic vintage shopping! hehe!

Shame that it wasn't a very fruitful day for finding lace, but you found lots of other lovely things.
Enjoy the Ticking cutting!

See you soon,
Love Niki x

Twinkle Pink said...

I saw the pics at Niki's and still cannot believe I forget all about the American Museum fair. Looks like you found a load of goodies - I love the ticking :)

best wishes Ginny