09 June 2014

The best way to find me ...

As it seems unlikely that I shall make the anticipated return to blogging with regular updates (bearing in mind my last was 5 months ago!), I thought I should let you know that good old Facebook got me, and I have a Vintage to Victorian page there. Do please visit, as I comment on all the Fairs I attend, and am about to start offering items for sale, too. I'm always happy to post items, provided they are postable of course!

I do hope you'll keep in touch. There are so many of you that I miss through not blogging. It would be lovely to 'see' you again!

Here is the link www.facebook.com/vintagetovictorian

I hope 2014 has been a good year for you so far, and that you all have a lovely summer.

Sue x

15 January 2014

Eight Months On ...

Unbelievably I seem to have ignored my blog for 8 months, and my last post told you that I was coming back to blogging. I doubt if there's anyone out there following now, but if you are there "Hello! And Happy New Year!"

Life was somewhat hectic last year as I began feeling my feet in the 'days after Dairy House' and before I knew it December and Christmas were on us. Home life continues in much the same way and all the house and garden plans I had are still plans rather than reality; but 2014 is hopefully the year to set the wheels in motion! Florence the Granddaughter is now three and a half and has been at pre-school since September. She spends a lot of time on the farm and her animal husbandry skills are already well-formed, frequently surprising her mummy and daddy with knowledge gleaned from 'Grampy'.

Vintage to Victorian is back on the Fairs circuit and this weekend will see me (possibly freezing) at Shepton Mallet 3-day Antiques Fair. If anyone is visiting, my regular spot is in Mendip 2 Hall. I veered away from linen and lace for a short while, concentrating on leather luggage and suchlike, but soon found that on buying trips I was making a beeline for anything textile-related, thus the breakaway was short-lived. So my stock-in-trade is what it always was - linen, lace, haberdashery, French and English vintage or antique textiles, Welsh blankets, eiderdowns and quilts, millinery flowers, mannequins, boxes, buttons and so on.

It would be good to get back to blogging and catch up with you all so fingers crossed ...

In the meantime, here's the list so far of the Fairs I have booked for 2014, which is far more than I realised! I need to relearn how to add them to the sidebar but with a little perseverance I'll hopefully manage it!

Hope to see you again soon x