27 July 2008

Rag Market Reminder ...

Just a quick post to remind you that the "Rag Market" is taking place at Honiton this coming Saturday ...


Bargains, Studio and Workshop Clearance
Old, Vintage and Modern Fabrics,Haberdashery, Fashion Items, Linens andPatchworks

A Date Not to be Missed for Any Creative Person.

Treasures From the Trunks of Our West Country Textile Dealers and Artists

10am to 4pm

Tel: 01647 231459 Fax: 01647 231659 email

Hope to see you there!

23 July 2008

An Award ...

How exciting - Claire at serendipitylovesnewyork has very kindly given me this award. It's great to think people still read my blog even when I sometimes don't (or can't) add photos and there's just a load of text to plough through!

So thank you, Claire! I'll list my 7 award winners at the end of this post. Two posts in one day - you see I'm trying to get to that magic 200 so that Kelly can enter the giveaway as soon as possible!

There have been some wonderful clouds this evening with glittering edges - or silver linings - whichever you prefer. I raced upstairs to pick up my camera and needless to say the battery was flat! I'd left it plugged into the computer when I uploaded some photos earlier! Doh! Just when you see cloud formations you know you won't see again and you've lost your chance! Aaaargh! Serves me right. I forget to unplug the camera more often than not.

Now, 7 brilliant blogs. I've added quite a few just recently to my list of regulars to visit. These aren't all listed on the sidebar, but are providing me with an ever-growing favourites list. The latest ones are 'filed' under 'blogs - special new ones' so that I can find them quickly and read through all their posts in order to get to know them. There are also a few 'old faithfuls' who I check on every day to see if they've added any new posts. Inadvertently, they've become quite special to me.

In no particular order, the 7 are:

Home Again ...

and feeling much better ... !!!!
I, on the other hand, am now trying to pull away from junctions in 5th gear having been driving an automatic for the last 2½ weeks! I managed not to stall the engine, thankfully!

21 July 2008

Over or Under ...

... According to my sidebar I've already written 221 posts which means I've missed my double century. However, the Dashboard states I've written 188. Which one's right do you suppose?

If the sidebar is right then we've missed a giveaway, so we'll go by the Dashboard number and I'll get ready a giveaway parcel to celebrate 200 posts when that magic number is achieved on the Dashboard.

Thanks indeed to Niki for a glorious advertisement for Dairy House with some super photos. I have to admit that it's tiring travelling over there 4 days a week (60-mile round trip), but the buzz is worth it. I'm loving it!

Now ... what shall I put in the giveaway I wonder ... any suggestions? ... I rather fancy a red theme ... and how long is it going to take me to do another 12 posts.

20 July 2008

In the News ...

... How exciting! I had a phone call at Dairy House today around lunchtime from a lady who said she'd seen us in the paper ... ??? ... and had we got a mirror like the one shown. Ummmmm ... what paper? What mirror? Turns out we're mentioned on page 61 of the Mail on Sunday in Lowri Turner's article about a couple whose house has been partly furnished from Dairy House Antiques. It gave our phone number and the website, so I'm thrilled. Any unexpected mentions are great, especially when they're in a national newspaper!

Yesterday one of our regular customers phoned to see if we did Gift Vouchers ... we do now! I promised I'd take something in today for her. I spent most of last evening at the computer designing it and have to say it's turned out rather well. She came in to collect it this morning and was delighted with it. It's for a friend's 40th birthday and a group of them had clubbed together to give her a substantial amount. She is apparently another of our regular customers who I shall no doubt recognise when she comes in to spend her gift. So, Dairy House Antiques now offers Gift Vouchers. We have so many regular customers who often say 'if my husband/daughter/anyone asks I'd like that ...'

And finally we had our first blogger visitor today - Niki and her husband came over this morning and had a good wander round and a chat and a cuppa, did a little shopping and generally seemed to like it!

While there's still a moon to photograph, here's this evening's contribution, taken over a 5-minute period. It's moved 2 houses down from where it was in the previous posts! There was one more, taken about 10 minutes later which Blogger has no intention of letting me post. I expect you've had enough of black photos now though, so I think this will do for this month's full and now waning moon! Colour, hopefully, in the next photos I post!

After what's been a hectic week I think I'm actually at home all day tomorrow. What a novelty!


17 July 2008

I See the Moon ...

At first glance the first 5 all look the same, but the clouds were moving quite quickly, and if you click on pics 3 and 4 you'll also see a star. I expect it has a name, but I'm afraid I don't know it! Clever hubby has just told me it's Venus! The other 4 photos were taken about 5 minutes later.

14 July 2008

A Sunny Flea ... (and an apology)

Well, what a sunny day it turned out to be for the extra Giant Flea Market organised for yesterday at Shepton Mallet. I had my usual inside pitch of course, but plenty of people came in because it was, at times, almost too hot outside!

It turned out to be a good day of selling for me, too, which was exceedingly nice! None of us were sure what the turnout would be - July can be notoriously bad and the fact that this date wasn't on the Flea calendar so to speak was a tad worrying - but I think most dealers were happy.

I spent, of course! I managed to nip outside after unloading the car but before setting up my pitch as I knew I'd have 20 minutes or so to do the equivalent of 'Supermarket Sweep' round some of the outside pitches. I managed to find the dealers I was looking for almost immediately, and within minutes was writing out a (far too) large cheque and hoping that I'd sell something to compensate for my rashness!!! Consequently I didn't venture further afield but dragged my dustbin sack full of lace, baby/toddler dresses/shoes back to my stand and hid it under the table so I could pretend I hadn't just done that! A few hours later I managed to whizz outside again for 10 minutes, went straight back to the new owner of my money and did it again, giving her cash this time. Heyho ... a dealer's life is a nerve-racking/exhausting/up-and-down/above-all-the-greatest-fun existence and I wouldn't want to swap it for the world!

As you know, a couple of Bloggers are regulars at the Flea but there was a good turnout of both Bloggers and Blog readers yesterday. First of all there was Lucy Bloom, then Maggie, then 2 lovely ladies who saw the Dairy House flyers and said they've recently found my blog. It was their first visit to the Flea and they were having a wonderful time - thanks for your purchases, ladies! Then Niki and her friend Debbie came by, then Frances of A Little Bit Vintage and finally Clare. Most of my regular customers came as well, so it was a very sociable day. Donna was due to come but no-one saw her, so we're not sure what happened to her. Donna, I'll email you! Update - profuse apology! I realise I missed Kelly off the list of people I saw yesterday. So sorry Kelly!!!

Needless to say I had no time for photos, and need to unload the car before I can take any today.

Have a jolly week, and I'll hope to add photos next time!

09 July 2008

Giant Flea and A Rag Market ... and a Dairy House update

Sue Ede has managed to secure this coming Sunday, 13 July, for an extra Giant Flea Market at Shepton Mallet. The weather doesn't sound too promising, but those of us inside should benefit (and no Niki, no raindance!). There has been nothing at Shepton since the middle of May so I'm sure all our regular shoppers must be suffering from withdrawal symptoms and will be on the look-out for a bargain.

In view of the small hire car I'm using (see previous post) I won't be able to take the mountains of stock I usually manage to squash in the car, so I've decided to take as much 'SALE' stock as possible - kitchenalia pieces at £1.00 each, damask table cloths at £5.00, and other linen and textiles priced between £1.00 and £5.00.

I shall also be taking a few cross-stitch kits and threads, lace, buttons, Christening and baby gowns, eiderdowns and quilts at normal prices just in case anyone feels the need to spend some serious money!!

There's an interesting 'Fair' coming up at the beginning of August in HONITON. If you can make your way there I think you'll find it was worth the trip. I've not done one of these RAG MARKETS before but I'm told they're great fun and a good opportunity to clear out our stores and workrooms etc. This is an ideal place for teachers and those who use oddments of fabric etc in their work to replenish their stocks. Prices will be low and you are likely to find bundles and bags of goodies for just a couple of pounds. One dealer told me that at the last one the highest price she had on anything was £5.00, so there will be plenty of bargains to be had.



Bargains, Studio and Workshop Clearance
Old, Vintage and Modern Fabrics,
Haberdashery, Fashion Items, Linens and

A Date Not to be Missed for Any Creative Person.

Treasures From the Trunks of Our
West Country Textile Dealers and Artists


10am to 4pm

Tel: 01647 231 459 Fax: 01647 231 659

Dairy House Antiques update: I was thrilled that my article about Dairy House Antiques was in last week's copy of the Antiques Trade Gazette (the trade 'bible'). There was a great photo and the text read well. I was even more delighted when we had a visit yesterday afternoon from a dealer who lives near Salisbury who came after reading the article. She hadn't known of our existence but left with several items, and will be returning regularly. I can't believe it's 3 months since I took over. Those 3 months have been a success, with sales each month well in excess of last year which, in view of the current economic climate, is very encouraging. The Dairy House website now has a steady stream of visitors, and a number of new contacts have been made because of it. I've now added a gallery page showing photos taken throughout the building. If you haven't seen it do have a look if you have a minute or 2 to spare.

05 July 2008

Bumper to Bumper ...

... So I didn't quite get to Dairy House on time this morning ...

Road junction ... start to move off ... car storming along just comes into view ... jam on brakes ... crunch/bang/shunt ... ... sad bumper and bent rear, smashed light and front bumper of the car behind who thought I'd gone ... woops-a-daisy ... Irritating but not the end of the word as no-one was hurt and we all live to see another day. One just has to be philosophical at time like this, but it does help if you know it wasn't your fault and your No Claims and insurance premium won't be affected.

Luckily we are both Somertonians, both insured with Direct Line who were on the case immediately, and a hire car was delivered to me by 12.00 noon which meant I was able to get over to DH and do the rest of the day. My poorly car will be collected on Monday morning and hopefully I'll see it again soon. Meanwhile I'm driving an automatic (haven't driven one for about 35 years so it seemed a tad strange initially, but quite nice once I'd got used to it).

So, what a weekend it's turning out to be. First the bees swarming and now this. Daren't contemplate what tomorrow will bring!

Hope yours is a more pleasant, calmer and more relaxed weekend!

04 July 2008

Buzzy Bees ... Updated ...

About ¾ hour ago I climbed over the fence between Mum's garden and ours to collect the sacks of garden rubbish she had filled and put in her greenhouse. The plan was to bring back the 3 bags and take them to the tip, but as I collected the second bag I heard far too much buzzing for a solitary bee or wasp and decided against going back for the third one. Hovering about 15 feet over the garden on the other side of Mum's were thousands of bees buzzing for all they were worth and obviously looking for somewhere to swarm. And this is where they chose ...

Having looked up Somerset Beekeepers to see what should be done, I find that this is apparently the transition stage where they regroup before going off to find a new home - somewhere dark such as under roof tiles or in chimneys. Please bees, not our chimney or our roof. Somewhere else would be much nicer for you, honest!

According to the website they stay in this transition place for anything from 5 to 25 minutes-ish (but they're still there at the moment) ... but they have changed from 2 swarms to one. It said they would split into 2 or 3, so I'm not sure what's going to happen next. But this is how they looked when I started to write this post.

So, until they've located their new home we're sweltering indoors with all the windows shut, so that they don't take up squatters' rights and evict us!

Update: What I didn't say was that this tree is in Mum's garden, which meant she couldn't do her usual afternoon's gardening. They're not dangerous when they're homeless (according to the website information mentioned above) but they are just a little too close for comfort! It's almost 6 o'clock and they're still in situ and look as if they're settled for the night. Hmmm!

Update 2: So, it's not what you know, it's who you know ... I was catching up with Liz earlier to see how she'd got on at Dairy House yesterday while we were at a wedding, and she said the girl who works for her keeps bees. Anyway, Paula phoned me with the number of a beekeeper in Somerton who lives just round the corner, and has just been to collect them ... in the rain ... at 8.30 this evening. This is how they do it ...

Apologies for the blurred photos - it was raining and he was moving all the time. What a nice man!! Although he says some were so snuggled up in the pines that he couldn't get them all. He thinks they'll just disperse over the next day or so. Hope so. He was impressed with the size of the swarm and it was much bigger than he was expecting. With luck they'll provide him with plenty of honey. If you enlarge the photos you should be able to see them buzzing round the box. Amazing. He showed me his gloves covered in stings when he'd finished. Me? I'm itching like mad now ... well, wouldn't you?!!!