20 July 2008

In the News ...

... How exciting! I had a phone call at Dairy House today around lunchtime from a lady who said she'd seen us in the paper ... ??? ... and had we got a mirror like the one shown. Ummmmm ... what paper? What mirror? Turns out we're mentioned on page 61 of the Mail on Sunday in Lowri Turner's article about a couple whose house has been partly furnished from Dairy House Antiques. It gave our phone number and the website, so I'm thrilled. Any unexpected mentions are great, especially when they're in a national newspaper!

Yesterday one of our regular customers phoned to see if we did Gift Vouchers ... we do now! I promised I'd take something in today for her. I spent most of last evening at the computer designing it and have to say it's turned out rather well. She came in to collect it this morning and was delighted with it. It's for a friend's 40th birthday and a group of them had clubbed together to give her a substantial amount. She is apparently another of our regular customers who I shall no doubt recognise when she comes in to spend her gift. So, Dairy House Antiques now offers Gift Vouchers. We have so many regular customers who often say 'if my husband/daughter/anyone asks I'd like that ...'

And finally we had our first blogger visitor today - Niki and her husband came over this morning and had a good wander round and a chat and a cuppa, did a little shopping and generally seemed to like it!

While there's still a moon to photograph, here's this evening's contribution, taken over a 5-minute period. It's moved 2 houses down from where it was in the previous posts! There was one more, taken about 10 minutes later which Blogger has no intention of letting me post. I expect you've had enough of black photos now though, so I think this will do for this month's full and now waning moon! Colour, hopefully, in the next photos I post!

After what's been a hectic week I think I'm actually at home all day tomorrow. What a novelty!


Cowboys and Custard said...

Brace yourself Sue.. there will be a stampede now to The Dairy House.. that is fantastic news and congratulations on your recent fame!
I really like the idea of one of your gift tokens.. I wonder if I could persuade my friends to club together...????
The moon has been magnificent this week and last night kept waking me up from the dazzle through the curtains..

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
We had a wonderful day and really enjoyed our visit to Dairy House - thanks for making us feel so welcome! Love the two little friends that I bought home with me - shall blog about them later!
I can see that DH is going to go from strength to strength with all the positive changes you have made and hope to make - its in very capable hands!
(Hope you manage to get permission to erect a sign on the main road!)
The gift vouchers looked very professional and what a good idea.

Have a great week,
Niki x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Great news about being in the paper! I hope that it brings lots of new shoppers in.

I wish someone would give me a gift voucher like that - she'll have a ball spending it!


LOUISE said...

It's always great to get an unexpected surprise, especially when it's good news. Many congratulations on your success. x