26 October 2010

The Vintage Bazaar - Saturday 30 October - Frome

So here we are on the run-up to my first Fair since April and what a mess I'm getting in, trying to sort out what to take, what to leave behind and trying to remember that I am not filling ALL the tables, just my own!!!

I'm hoping I'll be able to get someone to help me into the car with this

It's rather heavy as every drawer is crammed with button heaven for your delectation! I'm hoping it's a good idea to take it, but I'll make the final decision on Thursday.

I've been filling the car over the last few days with 'possibles' so that I don't do too much lifting all in one go. However, yesterday I decided I had to be sensible ... Me? Surely not! ... and emptied more or less everything out of the car under the verandah at Dairy House, and started again. So far I have one-quarter packed and ready with no need to look at it again. But as I began to be selective with the rest we were inundated with customers and when we finally shut the shop door nearly an hour after our normal Sunday closing time, it was all still in precarious piles and had to be crammed back into the car so we could go home. Guess what I'll be doing again tomorrow! So much for trying to save too much lifting. I seem to be doing twice as much!

I WILL be taking plenty of these

 and this

and a selection of

and some Welsh wool blankets (but the photo seems to have vanished), a couple of quilts and eiderdowns, and anything else I can squash in the car!

I have been playing around with the sewing machine and am hoping I'll have completed some little projects by the weekend. If so then I shall bring them to the Fair. If not, then I shall attempt to get them done in time for the V&H at the end of November. It's been fun to do, but I have so little time to play that very few ideas have actually come to fruition as yet.


We had a lovely few hours with Hannah and Florence today. Florence is growing so fast and was on fine form, giving us her usual unblinking stare, and then beaming from ear to ear. I took a couple of photos but as you know I can't post them. If you are a Facebook friend you'll be able to see them there (when I get round to transferring them from my camera!). She was wearing a new outfit today which I bought from Manda a few weeks ago. It fits her perfectly as a dress already Manda!! Hannah is having a few baby-free hours on Saturday and is hoping to come to the Vintage Bazaar.

It's official, I'm having a day of rest tomorrow! I'll rearrange the car on Wednesday and Thursday in between customers and I look forward to seeing everyone at the weekend. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a lovely sunny day!

Sue x

21 October 2010

I Don't Believe It ... and a lot of words but no pictures ...

Well, what can I say. I've just looked at the date when I last wrote anything here and am reeling with shock ...

I can't believe you're still waiting for the giveaway I promised six months ago. That really is too much to expect of anyone and I'm surprised to see that I have even managed to acquire more followers during all that time. Thank you all for hanging around. I know I must try harder and hopefully I'll be able to from now on.

In my defence I have to say that I have spent much of the last five months one degree under, below par, not the full ticket and any other phrase you can come up with. To cut a long story marginally shorter I had an unexpected overnight hospital stay 3 days after Florence was born, because of an infected cyst. Sounds gory and not very pleasant, and it was both of those. Right between my shoulder blades and daily trips to the surgery to have the incision packed and dressed for a month. At the same time we suffered a family bereavement and all sorts of other stuff which threw us. I finally got back to Dairy House duties only to have to have another op to finally sort out the problem 2 days after Florence's Christening a month ago. This time I ended up with 12 stitches. It should have been quite straightforward (according to Lizzie The Washerwomam, who knows these things) but we didn't bargain for the fact that I reacted to the stitches, steri-strips and dressings and so had 10 days antibiotics and another 3 weeks off. We finally removed what I hope was the last dressing this evening and I've been back at Dairy House just over a week. I'm not supposed to lift anything heavy but am now feeling so much better that I realise I've been doing all sorts of things today that I shouldn't. But heyho ... with a bit of luck ...

So, here we are, racing up towards the end of October and The Vintage Bazaar at the Cheese and Grain in Frome on Saturday 30th - a new Fair organised by Lizzie (above) and Clare (Daisy Darling). It will be the first Fair I've done since the Dairy House Textile Fair in April. I feel very much out of the loop and hope I don't forget to pack anything vital when I load the car.

I won't ramble on any longer but as soon as the Bazaar is done and dusted I promise I will sort out the giveaway! I'd love to post some photos of Florence, but am only allowed to do so on Facebook as access to my page is limited to friends only. I must obviously respect Hannah's wishes, but for those of you who are interested, Florence is now 5 months old, chatters away to herself, is teething, has an amazing pair of lungs when the mood takes her and according to my Mum looks just like I did as a baby. And did you know? Nearly everyone I speak to has a Granny called Florence! I must, of course, point out that the Prime Minister's Florence arrived well after ours!!

Have a lovely weekend.