26 April 2009

Small is Beautiful ...


I have a new digital camera. I'm not sure if I'm happy with it. The colours seem washed-out compared with my old one. Certainly the Scheurer fabrics don't look as striking. I thought I'd try out some supposedly excellent macro shots on these tiny flowers, but I think it's a case of 'must try harder' or revert to the old camera. Time will tell ...

25 April 2009

County Boundary and Other Stories ...

Have you ever seen anything quite like this? A couple of weeks ago I had to stop and take these photos whilst en route to Dairy House. I left home in brilliant sunshine, not a cloud in the sky, with the prospect of a glorious, warm and sunny day.

Some miles into my journey I was aware that I was driving towards cloud - lots of it - and the closer I got I knew I was going to have to pull up and take photos. Unfortunately I couldn't stop until I was almost under the demarcation line, but you can still see the stark contrast between a practically cloudless sky of Somerset and the heavy mass which hung over Dorset.

It was as if there was an invisible Siegfried line in the sky. It also reminded me of a line of cows in a field munching their way through the grass at an electric fence barrier. I saw some today but, the story of my blog photo life, I couldn't stop to take a piccie.

A week or so ago I mentioned the cowslips on the verges. This is the best photo I've managed to take so far, but maybe there'll be more as the days go on.

Last weekend was, as you know, the Rag Market at Bridport. (Check out Lindiblog for photos) As West Bay was only 1½ miles away I decided that a quick sea blow was required before driving home.

I'm not too sure what sort of weather we should be expecting over the next few days - it seems to change with every forecast - but it'll be interesting to see if there are any more phenomena to jam on the brakes for!
Have a jolly weekend !

22 April 2009

Blue Grass and Apple Blossom ...

This year we have blue grass in our back garden ...

... speedwell, to be precise! It came from nowhere, as these things do ... the grass (nothing so grand as a lawn) in the front was white ... white violets that just happened to be passing and decided to stay. They were a real surprise and a lovely treat to think they'd chosen us to live with.

I'm afraid we're not very good with our fruit trees, they either flower and have fruit or they don't, and one of our plum trees is hanging in there supported by seemingly only half a trunk of bark, with its innards totally rotted. By rights we should have removed it last year, but there's something so final about chopping down a fruit tree. I'd rather see every last blossom that it can muster and let it finish its disintegration unaided.

The apple blossom is beginning to look good though ...

Hopefully I'll bring you cowslips next time! There are so many along the verges again this year as I travel between home and Dairy House. Needless to say the best clumps are along the A303 nowhere near a safe stopping place ...
(If you have time do click and enlarge the photos - the apple blossom looks fabulous on a full screen.)

15 April 2009

The Bridport Rag Market

Saturday 18 April
St Mary's Church Hall
South Street
9 am - 4 pm
A veritable treasure of Vintage, Antique & Retro Fabrics, Haberdashery, Clothes, Lace & Buttons - from workshops and excess stocks of designers, makers and vintage textile traders
At pocket money prices, this is a must for quilters, knitters, teachers and hobbyists!
Free Entrance
I shall be there with a selection of fabrics, lace, braid, DMC Coton Perle, embroidery floss, Aida fabric, buttons, eiderdowns, baby gowns and whatever else fits in the car. All the usual suspects will be in attendance, although I see The Washerwoman is sending Mr and Master in her stead as she'll be in Bath.
Why not come along and join in the fun!

06 April 2009

A Few More Scheurers ...

I've been taking photos whenever I've had time, and here's the latest selection ...

If you see any you like do email me, but I can't promise that they are still available, as I took these photos about 10 days ago.

It was lovely to see Jan and Jayne at the Quilters' Day in Thornbury on Saturday - thank you so much for your purchases. It was a successful day and gloriously sunny, too. Jayne - if you can let me have some more cards advertising the Vintage & Handmade Fair I'll put more out at Dairy House. Most of those you brought me went on Saturday. There was a lot of interest from the quilting ladies.

03 April 2009

Giveaway - Scheurer Photos ...

See the photos on the updated post below

Calling all Quilters and Fabricaholics ...

This is where I'll be this coming Saturday
Click to enlarge if the text is too small on your screen If you are anywhere near here on Saturday and need a fabric fix then why not pop in.
The Traders' Day is open to everyone (admission 50p to go towards the Quilt Museum in York) and has been organised by The Quilters Guild, Region 5.
I'll be there with my fabric bundles, lace, lengths of vintage fabric (including a few Scheurers), a few contemporary pieces, threads and fabric-covered boxes. I'm sure I shall be taking far more than that, but I won't make a final decision until tomorrow afternoon!
Do come and say hello if you you decide to call in!

02 April 2009

And the Scheurer Winner is ... (with photo update)

... Wend with her fabulous sentence using ALL the letters.

'I made Sue a sheeny, rosy quilt'

It was so difficult to choose. I couldn't decide whether to put names in a hat or make a subjective choice, but finally decided that Wend's sentence was so apt in view of the sheeny, rosy quilt I bought last week, that she needed to win!

Every entry had something to commend it and it was fun to read them all. I was very impressed with Ruth's attempts and also Mindy's, so I've decided that they will be runners up and will each receive a half piece of fabric. These pieces will still be sufficient to use for several small projects or at least one decent-sized cushion front, so I think you'll be pleased.

I've chosen the 2 fabrics but I haven't been able to photograph them as I was late home again tonight. I'll update this post tomorrow with photos and in the meantime if you'd all like to email me direct (link in my sidebar) I'll get them off to you on Monday when I stop for breath!

Thank you all so much for your efforts. I hope you enjoyed working them out as much as I did reading them. And yes, Ruth, I did try to come up with something (to make sure it was a reasonably viable request) and came up with a few words - sustain, request, Daisy, raise - and so on. Yours were all much better than mine!

So, Congratulations to Wend, Ruth and Mindy. I'll wait to hear from you ...

Here's Wend's Scheurer fabric and the lower 2 photos are of the piece that will be shared between Ruth and Mindy. I hope you'll all be pleased with them. They look fabulous in the photos, but I have it on good authority that they're even better in the flesh! Click on the photos to (hopefully) enlarge them.

Wend - I have no means of contacting you. Please let me have your details so I can send off your prize!


01 April 2009

Extra 24 hours ...

I know I said I'd choose the winner of the giveaway this evening, but it's been a longer day than anticipated, and I've only just finished sorting and pricing and haven't yet eaten, so I've decided to give you all an extra 24 hours. So, if you still haven't entered now's your chance. If you have left a comment already but think you have a better phrase or sentence, then why not have another go.

There are some very clever answers already, but let's have a few more!!

Till tomorrow ...