02 April 2009

And the Scheurer Winner is ... (with photo update)

... Wend with her fabulous sentence using ALL the letters.

'I made Sue a sheeny, rosy quilt'

It was so difficult to choose. I couldn't decide whether to put names in a hat or make a subjective choice, but finally decided that Wend's sentence was so apt in view of the sheeny, rosy quilt I bought last week, that she needed to win!

Every entry had something to commend it and it was fun to read them all. I was very impressed with Ruth's attempts and also Mindy's, so I've decided that they will be runners up and will each receive a half piece of fabric. These pieces will still be sufficient to use for several small projects or at least one decent-sized cushion front, so I think you'll be pleased.

I've chosen the 2 fabrics but I haven't been able to photograph them as I was late home again tonight. I'll update this post tomorrow with photos and in the meantime if you'd all like to email me direct (link in my sidebar) I'll get them off to you on Monday when I stop for breath!

Thank you all so much for your efforts. I hope you enjoyed working them out as much as I did reading them. And yes, Ruth, I did try to come up with something (to make sure it was a reasonably viable request) and came up with a few words - sustain, request, Daisy, raise - and so on. Yours were all much better than mine!

So, Congratulations to Wend, Ruth and Mindy. I'll wait to hear from you ...

Here's Wend's Scheurer fabric and the lower 2 photos are of the piece that will be shared between Ruth and Mindy. I hope you'll all be pleased with them. They look fabulous in the photos, but I have it on good authority that they're even better in the flesh! Click on the photos to (hopefully) enlarge them.

Wend - I have no means of contacting you. Please let me have your details so I can send off your prize!



MaryPoppins said...

Congratulations to a very well well deserved winner :)

Skulking off quietly because I cheated norty girl :)

Excellent sentence


OhSoVintage said...

How exciting, thankyou so much Sue. Wend's sentence was by far the best and to use every letter was brilliant. I shall send my address to your email and look forward to my winnings dropping through the letterbox!
Ruth xx

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Congratulations to all three clever ladies!