29 January 2010

Look Who's Coming to the Fair ...

As promised here is the list of stallholders for the
Vintage Textiles and Costume Day
@ Dairy House on Sunday 11 April 2010

Caroline Beaven
a long-established local textile dealer
Caroline Bushell
Fountain Antiques, Honiton
Linda Clift
Lizzie Drake
Loveday James
a regular at the Talent 4 Textiles and Shepton Antiques Fairs
Niki Fretwell
Helen Roskell
Contemporary embroidery and vintage goodies
Chloe Cyphus
Donna Flower
Cecile Gemmell
Tamsyn G

Dairy House dealers taking part include

Sue Meager
Liz van Hasselt
Martin Bull
Jenny Hirst
Mary Hossack
Debbie Jeffery
Sandie Lewis
Moira Lord
Nikki Vallance
with possibly one or 2 more!

As you can see there will be plenty going on. The Silver Coffee Machine will be on hand all day to provide tea/coffee/hot chocolate and maybe the odd traybake. Unfortunately the kitchen (if it can be called that) at Dairy House doesn't lend itself to offering beverages to the public, but Liz and I can heartily recommend Guy's goodies!! In addition, we can recommend Pythouse Walled Garden and the Beckford Arms (both less than 15 minutes away) if anyone requires lunch.

I see that a number of you have very kindly put the poster on your blog sidebar, with a link to the Dairy House blog. I shall add this list of names to that blogpost, so that you have no need to amend your links. If anyone else would like to help us promote the day by adding the link Liz and I would be delighted, and thank you in advance.


24 January 2010

Vintage Textiles and Costume Day - Sunday 11 April

The postcard invitations have now been printed ...

Do let me know if you would like one - not necessary for admission, but useful for directions to Dairy House. You can also get directions from here.

We are full to bursting with stallholders, and I was thrilled to get 2 phonecalls on Thursday from people asking if they could have a stall. Word is obviously getting around. They're now on the waiting list just in case anyone has to drop out. I'll post a list of names soon.


09 January 2010

More Snow Pics ...

En route to Dairy House ...

On the way home ... these 4 photos are taken from the same spot ...

(The hill in the centre of this photo is Shaftesbury!)

... And this one is barely 300 yards further along the A303, but the wind has meant the snow has drifted across the fields and covered the road

08 January 2010

January Brings the Snow ...

... and an unavoidable trip from Somerset to Northampton.

The journey up on Tuesday was fine - brilliant blue skies and sunshine for most of the journey - but bitterly cold and the windscreen washer refusing to work for the first hour-and-a-half.

A couple of hours after arriving at our destination this was the scene from the front window ...

Wednesday morning looked like this ...

with more snow falling just before we set off for the family funeral which was the purpose of our visit.

We stayed a second night and woke up to thick ice on the car, but at least the roads was fairly clear. So we set off on the return journey wondering how far we would get, and whether we'd end up having to stay someone en route. All was well, though, apart from the irritation of the frozen windscreen washer once again. Unfortunately it didn't thaw out at all and we had to stop frequently to squirt or pour water over the windscreen. Finding somewhere to pull up wasn't easy. Most of the lay-bys on the A34 was so thick with snow that there was no chance of pulling into them. We weren't alone, though, as we saw endless lorry drivers throwing handfuls of snow up onto their windscreens, and numerous car drivers doing the same as us with bottles of water. These photos were taken when it was possible to pull of the road ...

... gorgeous blue skies once again, and glorious sunshine!

We were lucky there was very little traffic, and the journey took barely an hour longer than normal.

Dairy House, meanwhile, has been closed. Lorries were stuck on the A350 between the A303 and Shaftesbury, and the road was closed. I'm not sure whether I shall get there tomorrow - if I do make the journey I don't intend staying all day. If the windscreen washer is still frozen I need to get home in daylight rather than do anything too foolhardy. And to be honest I don't expect anyone will be daft enough to venture forth to Dairy House (not if they know how cold it is on a normal winter's day at any rate). I think we're supposed to be getting more snow tomorrow or Sunday, so it'll be a case of sense prevailing as far as I'm concerned.

I hope the weather isn't hampering your activities too much. If you love the snow, then enjoy! If you hate it, I hope you're able to do what you need to do without too much disruption.

01 January 2010

Twenty-Ten or Two Thousand and Ten ...

... whichever you choose, I wish you all an exciting year!

This is another treasured painting - not a family one this time, but purchased many years ago from Rolfey's, the best place to shop in Bath! It's signed and dated 1908 and I love it.

Happy New Year

may it be jolly, full of good things
and, above all, a prosperous one for you all