21 July 2008

Over or Under ...

... According to my sidebar I've already written 221 posts which means I've missed my double century. However, the Dashboard states I've written 188. Which one's right do you suppose?

If the sidebar is right then we've missed a giveaway, so we'll go by the Dashboard number and I'll get ready a giveaway parcel to celebrate 200 posts when that magic number is achieved on the Dashboard.

Thanks indeed to Niki for a glorious advertisement for Dairy House with some super photos. I have to admit that it's tiring travelling over there 4 days a week (60-mile round trip), but the buzz is worth it. I'm loving it!

Now ... what shall I put in the giveaway I wonder ... any suggestions? ... I rather fancy a red theme ... and how long is it going to take me to do another 12 posts.


Gill said...

You do so well, running Dairy House and your web site and your blogg and taking stunning pictures to publish.  Congratulations on making the National Newspapers, what an achievement.For your other triumhp of 200 bloggs we shuold be giving you something for the wonderful stories and antedotes that keep us laughing. We should club together to give you a "Dairy House Gift Voucher"!!!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
You are welcome of course - I really enjoyed my visit! Keep up the good work!

Red is one of my favourite colours! ;-)) hehe!

Niki x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hi, pop over to my blog as there is an award waiting for you. Congratulations on your feature.....claire x

Ex-Shammickite said...

As Gill said, congratulations on making it in the national newspapers, Fame at last! Even though you didn't know it at the time.
Your moon shots are lovely.
I'm still posting about all the interesting places I visited in England in June, I'll be posting about life in Canada again soon!

Anonymous said...

I dont know but I hope you write them quick. I want to win a giveaway! I am so happy to hear about DH in the papers. It is a shock when someone calls requesting something that you know nothing about!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Wow, I just been to the Dairy House gallery, and its like an Alladins cave...
So many things to look at!
You are doing an excellent job!
Where I live Lancashire, there`s also an antique & collectables venue, I`m going to do a post about it later today, you may want to have a look and maybe get some ideas...
Although I think your`s its much better!
Kisses Kisses