14 July 2008

A Sunny Flea ... (and an apology)

Well, what a sunny day it turned out to be for the extra Giant Flea Market organised for yesterday at Shepton Mallet. I had my usual inside pitch of course, but plenty of people came in because it was, at times, almost too hot outside!

It turned out to be a good day of selling for me, too, which was exceedingly nice! None of us were sure what the turnout would be - July can be notoriously bad and the fact that this date wasn't on the Flea calendar so to speak was a tad worrying - but I think most dealers were happy.

I spent, of course! I managed to nip outside after unloading the car but before setting up my pitch as I knew I'd have 20 minutes or so to do the equivalent of 'Supermarket Sweep' round some of the outside pitches. I managed to find the dealers I was looking for almost immediately, and within minutes was writing out a (far too) large cheque and hoping that I'd sell something to compensate for my rashness!!! Consequently I didn't venture further afield but dragged my dustbin sack full of lace, baby/toddler dresses/shoes back to my stand and hid it under the table so I could pretend I hadn't just done that! A few hours later I managed to whizz outside again for 10 minutes, went straight back to the new owner of my money and did it again, giving her cash this time. Heyho ... a dealer's life is a nerve-racking/exhausting/up-and-down/above-all-the-greatest-fun existence and I wouldn't want to swap it for the world!

As you know, a couple of Bloggers are regulars at the Flea but there was a good turnout of both Bloggers and Blog readers yesterday. First of all there was Lucy Bloom, then Maggie, then 2 lovely ladies who saw the Dairy House flyers and said they've recently found my blog. It was their first visit to the Flea and they were having a wonderful time - thanks for your purchases, ladies! Then Niki and her friend Debbie came by, then Frances of A Little Bit Vintage and finally Clare. Most of my regular customers came as well, so it was a very sociable day. Donna was due to come but no-one saw her, so we're not sure what happened to her. Donna, I'll email you! Update - profuse apology! I realise I missed Kelly off the list of people I saw yesterday. So sorry Kelly!!!

Needless to say I had no time for photos, and need to unload the car before I can take any today.

Have a jolly week, and I'll hope to add photos next time!


kelly said...

Hi Sue, yes, it was great to see you too yesterday, especially as I didnt expect it, mistakely thinking you were not doing Shepton anymore! I wish I had known that other bloggers were going to be there I would love to have met some of them!even the ones I know, I didnt see! We went for a ride to find DH after the flea, what a lovely little road it is that takes us there?!!! We will come by soon for a visit. bye for now.

Donna said...

Was so sad not to come. Had a poorly 3 year old to look after instead. Hey ho, there will be more :-)

Ex-Shammickite said...

Sounds like everyone had a successful time, both spending money and taking it in!

kelly said...

you are so silly!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I`m glad to hear you had a lovely time...
Buying, Selling and catching up with friends!
They are my x3 best ways to spend my days also, when ever possible!
Kisses Kisses

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue - lovely to see you and I'm so pleased with my goodies from your pretty stand. I managed to bump into a few fellow bloggers and friends too - makes for a fun day, doesn't it?

I know you will be glad that you bought the black bin bag full of treasures - she has wonderful stock! :-))
Have fun sorting it - that's the best bit!
Niki x

LOUISE said...

Will you be at Ardingly, I am going next Wednesday. Good luck with the sales if you are. x