05 September 2007

365 Days ...

... Can you believe it? At 12.15 am on 6 September 2006 I published my very first blog post. Clare mentioned to me the other day that her blogversary was imminent and I realised that as we started them together mine must be equally imminent. And here it is ... in a couple of hours Vintage to Victorian will be a year old. It's quite exciting really, and amazing ... just over a year ago I had no idea what a blog was, and certainly had no plans to have one of my own. And now look ... over 100 posts, a website, and more blog friends than I ever imagined was possible.

Thank you all for popping by on a regular basis; thank you also to those of you who list Vintage to Victorian on your sidebar as a nice place to visit. You all have such lovely blogs and it always amazes me that you can find anything I write about remotely interesting. I try to keep up with photos, but that doesn't always happen, as you know. I am also hoping to keep the website going at a cracking pace, but write-ups do take an awfully long time (as I was warned) as it's so important to 'tell it as it is' and to be sure of pointing out anything that should be mentioned. I've been spending the last day or so putting together some little packages to add to the shop but there's no need for you to all rush over there just yet because it'll be several days before I get a chance to photograph them and get them listed!! But I would like to thank you all for your encouragement with the shop and your kind comments - and not least your purchases!

Since beginning the blog I have left one Antiques Centre in Somerton, taken a unit in another Centre in Somerton and moved into a larger space at Dairy House. You've been with me through the painting (and getting rid of that awful dark blue), the falling off the steps and the raindancing at Shepton Mallet!

You made me look at the lighter moments of getting Mum moved from Northampton to Somerset (to the house next door, no less); you've shared the fun(?) of finding a wedding outfit for me (and 4 or 5 for Mum); you came to a wedding where I was mother of one of the happiest brides I've ever seen and daughter of the mother who fell and fractured her arm (in 2 places) the afternoon before the wedding ... and you offered me tea and sympathy, and good wishes to the 'invalid'.

In this 12 months you've welcomed me into your blogs and I've shared corners of your homes and corners of your lives. I've reciprocated, I hope, by welcoming you to my blog but not, as yet, into corners of my home ... at least not many ... and certainly no pretty corners. Mine are always full of stock and swirly carpets. (I'm thinking of taking a photo of each carpet and blogging them under the heading 'Face your Demons!' but you don't deserve such ingratitude!!). One day those carpets will be gone and we shall have quiet ones and we'll drift from room to room not quite believing our luck. In the meantime you will perhaps appreciate why occasionally we're short on photos ... because there's just no space to create the perfect shot!

So my dear blogging friends, I'd like to offer you a little gift as a thank you. I'm not sure what it will be as yet but I'll find it, photograph it, and add it to this post (probably on Friday as I'll be at Dairy House all day tomorrow). Leave me a comment in the usual way and if you can bear to wait until next Friday our prize picker out of the basket, Gillie, will be down for the weekend and we could ask her to do the honours once again. She was so good at it last time! I'm hoping she'll get here in one piece as she slipped in her bathroom the other day and knocked herself about a bit (hi Gillie - don't read the last sentence as I'm talking about you!).

Okay, that's taken me a lot longer to write than I anticipated. I hope it isn't so long that you've all switched off your computers and gone to bed! To those of you who stayed to the end, "Sweet Dreams" and here's a tidy corner of a home we lived in from 1998 until 2002!

Sue x


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a year you've had indeed. :)
Mid-September will be my 1 year "blogaversary." I can't believe it has already been a year.
Anyway, thanks for visiting me from time to time on my blog. It is always good to hear from you.
I can't wait to see what you add to your shop. :)
Take care,

Clare said...

Hi Sue, Happy Blogiversary! What a year it's been for both us - we've both made and seen some changes haven't we? Never let the grass grow under your feet, they say! Hope the next year is as eventful and the website continues to grow!

Clare xx

Ragged Roses said...

Happy Anniversary Sue! What a year you've had, thanks for sharing it with us and keep us all so entertained. Good luck with everything this year and looking forward to hearing lots more from you

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
"Congratulations to you and your blog!"
I love to visit VtoV, because I am always guaranteed a giggle when I pop by!!
Wishing you all the best for your next year in Blogland and of course I hope your website goes from strength to strength.
See you tomorrow! ;-))
Niki x

Barbara said...

I'm still your blogging friend, I know you are there.
Congrats. on 100th post.
If my name gets pulled out of the hat I am away from tomorrow Friday for a week visiting the beautiful Cotswolds. I will check when I get back.

PAT said...

Hello Sue! Thank you so much for visiting the Back Porch.

Congratulations on your one year Blogversary!!

I'm looking forward to more visits here.


photowannabe said...

My goodness, one year already? Congratulations and it seems its been quite a year. I've enjoyed all your posts and getting a peek into your life. Keep posting .

anne bebbington said...

Congratulations to you on your 1st birthday

Alchamillamolly said...

Hi there I have loved your blogs after starting with Claire as my first time!! Congrats on your anniversary as well. I love the website its great - I always start with you and Claire and then Sophie Honeysuckle for a pleasant read

Rose Vintage said...

Hi Sue,
Just wanted to wish you a Happy Blogaversary! What a busy year you have had! I love reading your blog and especially about all your adventures new and old! And hey I hope you are serious about a 'Facing Your Demons' post! I bet I could match your carpets with the original ones in our house! Hideous!



smilnsigh said...

Happy Blogaversary! You're the second one I've wished that to, today! :-)


Country House Antique Textiles said...

Happy blogiversary Sue. I do so enjoy reading your blog and meeting up with you in the flesh is even nicer.

Here's to the next year and great success with your website honey :-)


Alison said...

Congratulations Sue on your Anniversary:-)
You have had a really eventful year!
Have a huge cuppa on me.
Take care,
Alison x

Libbys Blog said...

Congratulations, ot seems we all started blogging around a similar time!!

cd&m said...

Congratulations on a year of blogging Sue I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll be up to over the next 12 months.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Congratulations, Sue! I have so enjoyed reading your blog! You always have wonderful things to talk about. Here's to another fun year!

Country Cottage Chic said...

Congratulations on your first year & here's to many more posts & blog friends!

Chris said...

Happy 1st Blogversary :-) My own must be coming up, I will have to check. Thank you for your support, it really does mean an awful lot to me!

Erica-Jane said...

Just wanted to say "Happy Anniversary"!!!

Best wishes,


Ex-Shammickite said...

Happy Anniversary to you, you always find something interesting to write about. My one year of blogging will be in November. And like you, a year ago I really didn't know what blogging was all about. It's wonderful way to make new "friends" all over the world.

Lucy Bloom said...

Hello Sue, as a reader of your blog and a customer in your webshop, I'd like to wish you many congratulations on your Anniversary, I don't have a blog but can appreciate how much time and effort goes into it. In fact I'm amazed you find the time to do all the things you do! I'd love to be included in the draw.
best wishes to you, Lucy.

Janeen said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!!

Leanne said...

oh, another happy blogiversdary to wish!!

well done on achieving a years worth of blogging! (My own blog isnt quite 3 months old yet but Ive already passed the 100 posts mark!!)

Youve had such a busy year, and eventful to boot! may the year to come bless you with health and happiness and continued success

leanne x

Mary said...

Happy Anniversary Sue - I've certainly enjoyed being along to share the ride. Your life is so busy that sometimes I'm so breathless I can't keep up with you.
Wish I could get to Somerset in October but doubt this will happen as we only have 12 days in Devon -two of which will be traveling from and back to Gatwick of course - and the rest are just about taken up visiting family, old neighbors and friends in Torquay and Teignmouth. Perhaps next trip we can stay longer and come your way - would love to meet all you Somerset vintage/cottage gals - it would be a great blog party!
Hope you order some sunshine for me. Have a fabulous week - Mary.

Judy said...

Happy Blogversary !! This is my first time here.. and I will be back...you have a wonderful blog..

Cat said...

Yeah!!!! Happy one year!!! You've done fantastic and have been very busy! Congratulations!

Nonnie said...

Congratulations on a year of blogging! We must have started at around the same time as I just passed my year as well at the end of August. Am stuggling to do much blogging at the moment so it has kind of passed un-noticed. Looking forward to reading another year of posts from you!

Janie said...

Happy one year blogiversary! It's amazing when you put pen to paper, or in our cases fingers to keyboard that we can see how much actually happens to us over the course of a year.
My one year will be Christmas Eve...I'll have to plan something Christmassy for the occasion.

I've passed your neck of the woods twice over the last month (en route to Paracombe and Torquay)...not close enough quite yet to stop by and visit...maybe one day.
Take care

Joanna said...

Happy Blogiversary. I hope your new house is geeting sorted we have slowed down for the summer. The picture of your last home looks so pretty.

Twinkle Pink said...

Happy blogiversary Sue!!

I love your outlook on life and it's always a pleasure to speak (ooops type) to you, maybe one day we will meet at one of these fairs:)

It will be my Blogiversary at Christmas, maybe I should start thinking about a giveaway too.

best wishes Ginny

GigerVamp said...

Happy Anniversary, it's been a pleasure reading your posts.