24 September 2007

Sue's Shepton Shopping and Selling ...

Well, what an exhausting 3 days that was ... but I'm not complaining. Luckily, I didn't need to do a raindance as trade day was excellent, Saturday was very good and, although the less said about Sunday the better, I shopped (till I almost dropped) and found endless goodies to go in the Centres and on the website. The wooden box (below) is full of French fabrics. There's loads of lace and other textile goodies but I haven't taken photos yet.

I booked 2 panels of pegboarding for this Fair (it's all put up ready for when they let us in to set up), so I was able to hang a few items and make a bit of a cosy corner. I decided that the time had come to forget about taking kitchenalia and concentrate on the linen, textiles and decorative items ... and to try my hand at draping stuff and making it look more interesting. Not easy first thing in the morning when people are coming round trying to see what you're going to take out of the boxes and bags ... What do you think? Room for improvement to my mind, but I had quite a few nice comments, and one lady peered round the hanging rail and said "Oooh, it's like walking into a little shop" which really made my day.

I took the remaining wasp-waist mannequin which was draped in a maribou stole that I purchased from a private seller last week. The stole sold and the mannequin came home with 2 new friends ... a mannequin with wooden arms but no stand (photo will be courtesy of blogger in due course), and a more modern one covered in stockinette that I have plans for. They're not fully formulated plans yet so it'll be a case of watch this space, but don't hold your breath!

When I was at Dairy House on Thursday I took photos of all the Cornishware - I didn't realise there was so much. I don't think I'll ever get to add it all to the website, but if there's anything you see on the dresser that you feel you can't live without, then do let me know!

I was hoping to add some more images of the Cornishware but blogger doesn't want to let me upload any more photos. I'll try to add some a little later!

So, back to today ... I've been trying to sort and price the new items but am struggling to stay awake after 3 disturbed nights ... 2 have a link to snoring and the third to barking. I'll say no more other than the fact that we don't have a dog (but I do have a husband!!! ... and he sometimes reads my blog!). Does that make it sound as if Pauley barks? Hope not!



Clare said...

Hi Sue

Stand looked fab - I wish I could have been there!

Glad you had a good fair - when is the next one?

Snoring, barking, Pauley, dog?!!! Sounds all barking mad to me!! At least it wasn't a tornado that kept you awake!!

Clare x

DC said...

Hi Sue! Thank you so much for stopping by my place!

Oh, how I would love to get my hands on some of the things in your photos! Love that copper pot!

By the way, I have the same problem at night!

I'll be back!

Ex-Shammickite said...

I love the blue striped Cornish ware, I used to have a milk jug & sugar and a couple of mugs, long gone now, all victims of small boys helping wash up I think.
The stall looks lovely, colourful and welcoming. I'm glad you had a good 3 days.

Nonnie said...

Your stand looks great. I really must try and get to the fair one of these days. I heard last week that TG Green had gone into receivership so I'm wondering what's going to happen with Cornishware. I guess if they don't get bought the old stuff will get even more expensive and hard to get hold of? I tend to buy a mixture of new and old but when I looked in John Lewis the other day they had about 2 or 3 pieces on the shelves so supplies must already be effected.

see you there! said...

Enjoyed looking but then I had to go feel sorry for myself because you are way over there and I'm way over here and I can't get my hands on the goodies.

I'd love to have the Cornishware to use in my blue and white kitchen but can you imagine the shipping costs? EEP!


Ragged Roses said...

Hi Sue, sounds like you had a good weekend (if a little sleep deprived). Love the look of all those goodies, would have loved to have had a good old rummage, The stand looks great too

julia said...

The stand looks great, well done. It's a pity I couldn't get there, although my purse is breathing a deep sigh of relief!

Julia x

Joanna said...

Your stand looks wonderful, wish I had been there to see it. I love the dresser with the cornish ware on.

cd&m said...

Hello Sue
Your stand does indeed look like a shop, if only I could have been there. And that dresser full of cornish ware, heaven. I love cornish ware unfortunately my husband is very clumsy and you can bet your bottom dollar that it is always the vintage stuff that he smashes, and he snores but fortuntaely he doesn't bark. Well not too often anyway he usually leaves that to the dogs!

Betty said...

Oh, I like your things.....wish I lived nearer. I'm sure I would be a very good customer.....

Thanks for the visit and comment on what I didn't do today....Betty