12 September 2007

Better Late than Never ...

... Finally ... if you check on the 365 Days post you'll see that at last I have something to show you ... your thank you for coming back again and again, despite my promising you things and then not following through! But I have an excuse ... I always have an excuse! This time the excuse was that the goodies I was putting together just didn't seem to fit. First I chose pink, then blue and green, then it looked awful, but finally, as I ironed the little dressing table set this morning I thought how pretty it would look with the other bits and bobs. It isn't absolutely perfect, in that there are a few speckled marks on the larger mat, but these have already faded and I'm sure they'll disappear with the next wash. I hope you don't think I'm being mean, offering you something that isn't perfect, but vintage and antique linens seldom are ... perfect, that is.

In fact, on that very subject, I've been thinking about putting some bundles together for the website. When I buy linen at auction - often 2 or 3 bin-liners full per Lot - there are always numerous pieces with issues. I hoard these, thinking that one day I'll cut them up and make things ... ummmm ... lavender bags maybe, drawstring bags, appliquéed items and so on. But, bearing in mind you are always exhausted by what I tell you I've been doing, I'm sure you'll realise that sitting sewing isn't very often at the top of my list of "things to do today". Consequently, I'm wondering if you think it would be a good idea if I offered some of these for sale at Vintage to Victorian. There are some beautiful damask cloths in my stash of 'damaged' goods, which have enough 'good' areas to enable someone with the time and inclination to produce something quite pretty. There are also embroidered tablecloths so badly stained that only small areas of embroidery remain usable; huckaback towels wearing thin in the middle; pretty napkins and oddments of linen that I'm sure could be ideal for embroidering, quilting or doing something clever with. I'd appreciate your comments on this - I'm thinking of making up packs to the value of say £5.00 and would include a few of the embroidery floss bobbins and some buttons, ribbon or lace to make a useful collection. Suggestions on a postcard please!

Don't forget - if you'd like to be included in the draw for my one year of blogging anniversary, then please add a comment on the post entitled "365 Days". All names will go in a basket and Gillie will pick out the winner on Friday evening.


So ... moving on ... wasn't yesterday a lovely day? Some of you may know that the Tour of Britain Cycle Race came through Somerset and Exmoor yesterday. They set off from Yeovilton at 10.30 am and came through Somerton on their way to Taunton (and beyond). Their route took them right past our house and so I left my camera with P so that we had a record and I could enjoy one of the highlights of living in Somerton after the event ... because ... Mum and I were going to be travelling the cyclists' route about an hour ahead of them as M had an appointment with an eye specialist in Taunton. Here are the cyclists whizzing past the house ...

We were in and out of the hospital by 11.15 am so I suggested we carried on in a westerly direction, rather than battle with the cycle race if we went straight home. So off we went, intending to go to Watchet and hopefully see Jennifer. However, the road from Watchet to Blue Anchor was due to be closed and we didn't want to get stuck there for ages, so gave Watchet a miss and went straight to Blue Anchor, where we saw and smelled the sea, and waited at the train gates for the West Somerset Railway steam train to pass. We then carried on to Dunster (following the yellow signs showing that the cyclists would be following us) but it was so busy that we decided to carry on and 'do' Exmoor instead. If I had known we were going to do this before we set off I would have emailed Chris! As Mum's ancestors came from Exmoor and West Somerset she really liked the idea. When she first moved here we planned all sorts of days out, but what with the wedding and her arm fractures there hasn't been much thought of grand days out.

We meandered all over Exmoor, taking our time, stopping here and there to enjoy the glory of the vistas, the heather, the solitude and quietness, the absolute peace. There were so many instances of being in the right place at the right time, it made for a really lovely day. I just wish I'd taken my camera because there was sooooo much that you would have loved to see, and in fact later on we had to wait by the side of the road for the cyclists to come past, so I saw them anyway! One of the safety marshalls stopped to chat to us and gave us a promotional hat each. I remembered at the last minute that I have a camera phone, but I don't know how to transfer photos from the phone to anywhere or anyone else, so that's where they'll have to stay. I took one of Mum in her hat!!

The next excitement was waiting for a flock of sheep to be driven down the narrow road we were on. Driving on we then had to wait for about 150 Exmoor sheep to take their daily route in front of us - they obviously had right of way and ran, leapt and skipped along the well-worn track on their way home for tea! We then saw Exmoor ponies, cows and calves and Hunt followers. We took a round about route back to Taunton, via Dulverton where we parked by the steps which some of you would recognise (if I'd had my camera) from the film "The Land Girls" (love that film!).

I always look at the number plate of yellow Suzuki Wagon R's because I've had 2 of them. Driving through Taunton towards 5 o'clock what should be coming in the opposite direction? X716 UYA. Is it yours by any chance? It's my first one!!! How bizarre is that? Considering that we lived 50 miles away from Taunton when I sold it!

By the time we got home we felt as if we'd had a week's holiday. All that, and the total distance was less than 150 miles! We saw so many unexpected things, none of it had been planned when we set off in the morning, and yesterday, in Somerset and Devon, time stood still. I'm just sorry I haven't been able to show you the photos. The images are firmly imprinted on my brain though because it was a quite magical day.

PS - I even managed to add a few new items to the shop late last night. More to follow soon.


Clare said...

Hi Sue, sounds like a grand day out! Next time, take a picnic and make sure you have a spare camera in the glove compartment!!

Clare x

PS. Look forward to seeing your mum in the spotty hat!

smilnsigh said...

Sounds like a lovely, lovely time was had!


Ragged Roses said...

Sounds like a good day! Hope your fabric bundles are a success, it seems like a great idea.
Kim x

Lucy Bloom said...

Hello Sue, Yes, please do some fabric bundles, I think this is a great idea. I will be avidly checking your website for their appearance!
Lucy x

Chris said...

Oh you were so close! I would have bought you both coffee :-) Next time do send me an email. You certainly had an eventful day, we don't usually see so many animals but then you covered so many miles :-) Next time!

Ex-Shammickite said...

A wonderful day out! As a child and then a teenager, I have spent many happy Sunday afternoon excursions driving around Exmoor with my mum and my auntie. And of course, my dad's ancestors all came from the northern reaches of Exmoor in North Devon. My favourite kind of scenery. Sue, you are making me homesick!!!

Becky said...

Hello! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog today. I will be back to visit with you a bit longer later on and am going to add you to my favorites. Have a wonderful evening - well, tis already late where you are, so have a wonderful Friday!! Becky in California