01 September 2007

One month gone ...

Where has that time gone? One whole month of my online shop and I've had lots of visitors and numerous sales, so thank you all for your part in that. I had hoped to list a lot more items during August, but what with one thing and another I'm sure I only had 3 weeks in the month. However ... I managed to add a few watercolours this morning and began drafting some write-ups for other items which I hope to add during the week.

I did the Giant Flea Market at Shepton last weekend, didn't do the usual raindance and found that in fact I sold even more than ever despite the good weather! There were hundreds of outside pitches so I wasn't too hopeful of people coming inside with any money left in their pockets, but I was delighted with my takings at the end of the day - to the extent that I bought 2 huge bags of vintage French fabric oddments (sorry, camera battery on charge at the moment, but I'll post some photos eventually!), and then struggled to squash them and everything else in the car to go home. What I hadn't thought of when I loaded the car on the Saturday before the fair was that Niki was going to bring me a box of threads I'd left with her the week before, and a friend was bringing a huge box of embroidery cotton cones which she'd been sorting through for me. Those and the 2 rubbish sacks of fabric almost meant having to leave something behind, but with a lot of pushing and shoving, emptying bags and squashing eiderdowns and curtains and blankets in anyhow, I finally managed to close all the doors - and then had to make a space behind the steering wheel for me!

P and I are off to London tomorrow to deliver a mannequin and hopefully bring back a couple of wasp-waisted ones. I'm hoping to get to Petticoat Lane or Brick Lane Market as well, but I'm not sure what time we'll have.

It was nice to see Niki and Maggie and Clare and Kelly. Niki brought me a little prezzie which was a lovely surprise. Remember Caroline Testout - well, Niki put something in my hand ... a Wills's Cigarette Card from the Roses series. And yes, it is "Caroline Testout (Hybrid Tea) Without doubt a good scented Hybrid Tea rose. Its well-formed globular flowers are produced freely and continuously throughout the season. In growth it is vigorous, and will thrive in almost any soil and situation. Prune to three 'eyes'. An excellent bedding rose. Introduced in 1890." She's popping up everywhere, isn't she. I wonder where we'll find her next! Which reminds me, she is in a current rose catalogue so I MUST order one! And in case I didn't tell you, I'm DEFINITELY going to keep the cloth now. It's just too interesting to let go.

Have a nice weekend, what's left of it. No doubt a lot of you are getting back into back to school mode. I'm so glad I don't have to add that to my agenda!!


photowannabe said...

Whew, I feel out of breath just reading everything you are doing. I'm so glad your sale was a success and you managed to get everything into your car.

Anita said...

Hi Sue!

I just read your comment on Baumcat's blog and I'd like to encourage you to try a fabric collage / crazy quilt, too! It's really quite easy and so much fun! Cat taught me how to do it last year and I am more than greatful for all her assistance!

I've taken a break from sewing and stitching this summer because the garden is keeping me busy. But fall is just around the corner and I can't wait to get out my fabric collection to start many new projects!

Have a wonderful Sunday and best wishes from Germany,


cd&m said...

Hope your having fun in London and by the way I too think someone somewhere made a mistake about the calendar. It really can't be Sep ca it? I feel like I'm only on week 2 of Aug.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
I am in agreement - I can't believe its september already either...

So glad that you had a successful opening month to your website and did well at Shepton too! I may have to have a rummage in those bags of fabric!!

Glad too, that you liked the little card. (I was drawn to the pretty picture on the front, but on turning it over realised it was a Caroline Testout rose! It had to go to you!)

Good luck in London,
Niki x

smilnsigh said...

Have a lovely time in London. And please tell us, all about it.


Cat said...

Hi Sue - I'm glad your on line shop is doing well. I'm getting low on my favorite color... I might have to stop in!

Anita is right - try a fabric collage! You will enjoy playing with the colors! If you do and have any qestions, shoot me an email.

Hope London is great.

Rose Vintage said...

Hi Sue, glad the website is going well...thanks for the update about the Indian Summer, we have had lovely weather this week so I am hoping we might get one! Sounds like you are having fun with all your sales and purchases...wish I had your energy!


Clare said...

Hi Sue

Great to see you at Shepton last week - not sure how I missed bumping into Maggie and Kelly though!

Well doen with the website - I know it will go from strength to strength.

Hope you had a great day up the Smoke!

Clare x

Ex-Shammickite said...

Good decision to keep the Testout tablecloth, it has a great story that might be lost on another owner!
Today is the day students and teachers go back to school here in Canada, that means summer is over! BooHoo. But that means I have to get moving on the mother-of-the-groom dress (almost finished) and getting this foot back to normal (doc appt today).

buttercup & roses said...

Hi Sue
Shepton was great, wasn't it! I didn't decide to go until Sat afternoon, other wise I would of let you know I was going...
I did ask in one of the comments I left you If you were still interested in tailors dummys, I didn't here anything so I thought you didn't want anymore, I will measure them at the weekend, I Promise!... Have I said that before?? :)
I know Im a pain in the bum!

Jennifer xx