12 June 2009

Bull at a Gate ...

What a fine fellow! (Click to enlarge - he has a gorgeous face close up!)

... and other farm tales (or is it tails?) ...

Mum and I had a lovely couple of days 'back home' with my aunt, uncle and cousin on the farm. Saw the rest of the aunts and a couple more cousins, caught up with family news and generally had fun. I was so intent on taking photos of cows, calves and a couple of bulls that I completely forgot about taking pics of the older generation as they all sat round the table on Monday evening. Mum, 2 of her sisters, one brother, 2 sisters-in-law and a brother-in-law all chatting away ... and I realised afterwards that the combination of their ages was in excess of 580 years!! How silly that I didn't think to take a piccie. Apologies to the aunt who sometimes reads my blog ... but don't worry, I've mentioned no names!!!!

Mind you, my 3 youngest cousins and I add up to 195 years which is totally ridiculous!!!! Silly what you can do with numbers, isn't it.

I came back totally refreshed, but after a couple of hectic days at DH followed by house calls on Wednesday and Thursday on the way home, I'm back to being shattered. It's an early start tomorrow as the Semley Auctions are on, and we always open up earlier on Sale days.

Hopefully things will slow down again next week so I have time to breathe before the Shepton Mallet Giant Flea a week on Sunday, 21 June.

Have a lovely weekend one and all, regardless of what the weather has in store.


Mandy said...

You are right... he is a very handsome fella xx
They are all beautiful x

THIS'N'THAT said...

Hi, Sounds like a good break! Just love the pic of that smiley bull! We hope to get to Shepton too to do a bit of buying if Paul's new knee is up to it. Maybe we'll see you there.
Lesley X

lettuce said...

lovely pics. cows always somehow look benevolent to me.

sorry i've not visited for so long

hope you don't mind if I shamelessly promote my latest blog post which is shamelessly promoting a new charity project - please read it and if you feel able help advertise (or contribute in any other way) that would be FAB

the homely year said...

He's great. Don't know if you've seen Noreen's recent photo of the calves.

Sounds like you had a great family get-together...that's a lovely thing to do!
Margaret (and Noreen)

wonderwoman said...

am very glad he's behind the gate!!! thanks for dropping by my blog!