01 June 2009

All the Fun of the Fair ...

Lucy Bloom on the left and Christine (The Sea Garden) on the right, with Kathy Jobson's jewellery in the left foreground

Amanda (Shabby Chick) dashing from stall to stall (Christine's and mine) before the rush!

Niki and her Mum putting the finishing touches to her stall

Jane and the Happy Crow - such amazing work!

Christine again - she and Jane were opposite me and I didn't get a chance to waft around with the camera!

Let battle commence - it seemed like that at times! This was the first few minutes after 10 o'clock when the doors opened. I was the furthest away from the entrance, but once they all came in you couldn't see across the aisles, and I certainly didn't see Christine or Jane again for several hours!!

Not many photos, I'm afraid! These were all taken as we were setting up, and then the mad rush began, and nothing was further from my mind than taking piccies!

You'll have read others' blogposts by now and will know that the Vintage and Handmade Fair at Chipping Sodbury was a resounding success, surpassing all expectations, to the extent that we're all champing at the bit waiting to prepare for the next one, which I believe will be in November - unless Jayne and Michele have other plans!!

I've had some charming emails from people I met on Saturday - some bloggers, some not - and I can only say that the whole day was an absolute pleasure. A dear friend arrived about an hour after we opened - I'd told her about the Fair but didn't know whether she would be able to come - suddenly, there she was, standing at the end of my stall. She stayed all day, and was such a help relieving shoppers of their money! It was so nice to see her as we don't get to meet up very often as she lives 99.9 miles away according to the AA routefinder website!

It was also super to see all the bloggers from the first V&H Fair once again and to meet some new ones who I've only exchanged blog comments with up to now. Christine, of the Sea Garden, was placed opposite me, beside her friend Jane (Jane and the Happy Crow). It was a treat to catch up with her again - she was one of my regular customers when I used to do the 3-day Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair, and I haven't seen her since last May when I did my last Fair at Shepton (other than when she came as a shopper to the last V&H). A lovely lady with gorgeous items on her stand, which I only had time to view very briefly.

I can't believe I didn't get to do any serious shopping. I managed a quick whizz round, buying a couple of pieces from Amanda (Shabby Chick - feathers and a gorgeous embroidered teacosy that needs a padded lining) and Penny (French nightshirts, which make good gardening smocks!). I also became the proud owner of Bluebell - Niki's beautiful doll with the patchwork skirt shown in her post on Friday. I intended to go back to Viv's stall to look more carefully, and I flew past both Sal's and Lucy's stands in the rush.

I made some amazing sales and I'd like to thank everyone for their lovely comments and for handing over their hard-earned cash! Finally (yet another Oscar speech) thanks indeed to Jayne and Michele for all their hard work and planning. Everything ran so smoothly, and as I mentioned in a comment on someone's blog earlier, I've never seen so many happy, smiling faces for such a long time in one place. Perfect!

I went home via Bradford-on-Avon to join in Hannah's 35th birthday barbecue. I managed to last for a couple of hours, but then had to admit defeat and set off for home. Such a shame, as it was a beautiful evening, in lovely surroundings, with a wonderful mix of family and friends. Here she is with her matron of honour (I can't quite believe it's 2 years since you all shared the wedding with me - and certainly don't believe she's 35! It was surely only yesterday ...)


Ticking stripes said...


It sounds as if you all had a wonderful time and the pictures look great . I'm only sorry I couldn't make it this time but will be sure to next time. I feel as if I missed something very special!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
I think people are going to be talking about this fair for a long time - wasn't it just the best day? And like you say, so many happy faces and lovely ladies having fun!
(I didn't know you'd taken the photo - I think I was rushing to finish setting up, just as the public were coming in!

Thanks again for adopting Bluebell - I hope she is behaving herself!

Glad that Hannah had such a lovely Birthday - and the party rounded your day off so beautifully too!

Niki x

Sal said...

I reckon you flew by us so as not to hear any more of Mr Snippets' corny jokes...which he told us yet again for the umpteenth time,last night.
It was a great day,wasn't it?
Hope to see you sooner than the next one! ;-)

Hens Teeth said...

Lovely post Sue.

BusyLizzie said...

Glad you managed a little socialising at Han's Birthday bash!
The V& HM was certainly a day to remember!!!
Lizzie xx

SharDon Exclusives said...

Sue, I am thrilled that you had such a good time! I thought about you all day long. I hope that monetarily it was a success also. Put all of the left overs on Etsy soon & I will "be there". Congrats on a blessed day..

Cowboys and Custard said...

It is Tuesday.. and I am still on a high Sue.. can't get the last fair out of my mind and as you so rightly say.. all those smiley faces and happy people..it was infectious!
Already plotting and planning the next but sorry you will have to wait until November... don't think I have the stamina for another in between.. maybe next year though!!!!
Your flags were fab... I kept looking down the hall to see if you had any left..
Hope to see you soon!!!!
Michele xx

Twinkle Pink said...

It was a great fair am so glad I came and finally met you too!

I can see me in one of your pics hee hee with just a hint a petticoat .. a clue to what I was clutching, yes another of Niki's gorgeous rag dolls.

You know I should have got one of those flags on your stall but was so taken by everything else you had on your stall that I forgot.
So so pleased with my purchases, will have to take some pics of them to blog.

best wishes Ginny x

Gingham and Flowers said...

Wow, it all looks so amazing. I would so loved to have been there although looking at everyones stalls I think I may have felt a bit worried I could match the standard. So pleased it was such a success for everyone.

Marilyn said...

Sounds like a very busy & fun time!!
Great Post!!

Tamsyn said...

Looks like a great fun day. Lots of lovely things.
see ya soon. x

Jess said...

Gosh I wish they would do a fair like that round here in East Anglia. i'm sure there would be enough makers to do it. How very exciting it is!!

Country Cottage Chic said...

It was a fabulous day & everybody I spoke to really enjoyed themselves - both stallholders & visitors. I'm pleased that it was a success for everyone & look forward to the Christmas Fair (Michele & I will be planning again soon!)


PS: Have added your post to the growing list!

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Sue, wasn't it fantastic, I'm still buzzing from it, though I wish I could have been more sociable. I've booked a friend to come with me next time, so I can have a good leisurely look round and meet everyone properly.

OhSoVintage said...

It is great reading everyone's posts about the fair. I enjoyed looking at the photos too. Glad you had such a fantastic day and well done for lasting even two hours at the bbq.

Goosey said...

Lovely day with lovely hand made stuff made in the UK!

jane and the happy crow said...

Hi Sue, it was lovely to be opposite your wonderful stand on Saturday although I did not get much of a chance to have a good browse on it! There was one item I had my eye on but by the time I did get the opportunity to come over it had gone!!!! I will know better next time...grab it when you see it! i am glad you took a photo of my stand as I had no camera with me, I have nabbed it off your blog hope you dont mind. I am looking forward to November and was thinking up new things to make on the journey home, it will be upon us in a flash so we will have to get making. Lots of love, Jane xxxxx