27 October 2007

It's Those Girls Again ...

Liz and Bronia have done it again. This is the 4th blog post majoring on them in the last month - Donna, Kelly and Jane have all met up with these two vintage girls recently, and Liz's sale earlier in the year was the subject of one of Niki's posts.

Today they brought Victoria to Somerton where the Amateur Dramatic Society was having a sale of years-worth of costumes as they have to vacate their premises. The sale was from 2.00 until 4.00 and the girls arrived chez moi about midday. Liz and I discussed the merits of being able to see our sitting room carpets, and because I couldn't cope with how impressed Liz was with the amount of mine on view, I showed them the spare bedroom. We had to take it in turns to poke our heads round the door though. There certainly wasn't room for more than one person at a time (well, 2, as long as one stood in the doorway!).

We then moved on to Somerton Old Town Hall Antiques for lunch in the tea room housed in the antiques centre, promising ourselves we would return later for tea and gorgeous gooseberry cake (which I should have said NO to!). There was just time for a very quick browse in Somerton Antiques Centre before joining the queue outside the Parish Rooms. All the local fashion and textile dealers were there (so Shepton should be interesting in November - although some of their purchases may sell at Kempton or Ardingly next week), and everyone had sharpened their elbows.

Because clothing isn't particularly my thing, I followed Bronia around whilst she made her choices and piled them into my arms. (I was quite happy with 3 lengths of leather, a couple of patterns, one piece of fabric and this gorgeous roses tafetta dress.) It meant Bronia had 2 free hands and 2 free elbows to fight her way through to the bargains. An Ikea bag is marvellous for textile shopping, and holds amazing quantities, but even that had to be supplemented with a couple of black bin bags!

Moving on from the sale we returned to Somerton Antiques Centre for a spot more browsing and shopping and then went back to the OTH for our tea and gooseberry cake, via Behind Clouds, Somerton's lovely shoe shop.

The girls dropped me off at home soon after 4.00 pm and set off back to Taunton and beyond. We all had a lovely day with lots of fun and laughter, and to my mind the sort of day that everyone should have at least once a week! Hope your Saturday has been fun!


Donna said...

I think It's about time 'those girls' started a a blog of their own seeing as they appear so often on ours, hahaha! Lovely to see your smiling faces. Will I be seeing you in Ilminster on Wednesday?

Anonymous said...

Sharpened elbows?!!!! That has really got me giggling!! It looks like there is alot of really neat stuff there. I have to say also that you look Fab Sue, really cool. Love the trousers!

Clare said...

Hi Sue

Looks like you all had a wonderful day! Yes, I agree with Donna - they should definitely have a blog!

Can I ask - why does it look as though you're sniffing an item of clothing in one of the photos?!! Hee hee!

See you on Saturday!

Clare xx

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Clare

Only you could ask a question like that. Actually, you're right, it does look as if I'm smelling it, doesn't it. But no, despite the fact that it DID smell musty, I was just relieved to have offloaded a pile of dresses from my arm and was trying to get the circulation going again!!!!

Sue xx

Rose Vintage said...

Hi Sue,

I don't know how they do it but then everyone seems to do so much more than me in the Vintage sense! Mind you I loved the Blind Lemon fair so I am going to try and get to a few more!

Sharpened elbows eh? You'd go a long way to beat the Knitting and Stitching fair !