25 November 2007

Sortings and Findings ...

What a lovely sunny day! Yesterday was bitterly cold in Somerset, but I spent the day snug-as-a-bug sorting the studio to make room for the jumbled contents of the spare bedroom which, as you know, is mostly stock! (And no, I haven't bought anything since I promised not to buy for at least a week)

Today I'm in the spare bedroom sorting the piles of things on top of piles of things on top of ... you know exactly what I mean, I'm sure. Well, some of you might! Anyway, I've just found a super cookery book which I'd forgotten about, entitled Court Favourites which is a collection of recipes from Royal Kitchens. The last chapter is entitled "From Royal Stillrooms" and I thought you might enjoy the following:

TO MAKE HAIR GROW (circa 1653)
Beat three tablespoonfuls of honey well with a handful of vine springs that twist like wire. Strain the juice into the honey. Anoint the bald places therewith.

CURE FOR SHINGLES (circa 1700)
Take juice of garden herbs, mints, grass of each a like quantity, put to it sallett oyle, not so much as to make it appear green, and put thereto as much white wyne and vinegar as of juice and oyle, a handful of dry salt beaten small, and with a feather annoint ye shingles morning and evening.

'Which if diseased or ill-conditioned affects the indwelling soul.' Victoria, June, 1835
Never sit up late. Never stay in bed late in the morning. Sponge the entire body every morning with cold spring water. This should be done at once upon rising. Dry with a rough towel and continue to friction the skin of the whole person for not less than fifteen minutes every day.
Drink four large half pint tumblers of clear cold, or very hot water each day upon an empty stomach. That is to say, upon rising, at about 11 am, at 2.30 pm and at bedtime.
Take a corrective digestive dose of medicine once in each week.
Sleep with the window open at the top - even in wet or cold weather.
Keep the head cool by washing it frequently in cold water and avoid nervousness by resting often.

So now we know! I'm not sure which of Queen Victoria's recommendations I'll be copying. How about you?

I knew I had hundreds of buttons, some of which still need sorting, but I hadn't realised that for 'hundreds' I should think in terms of 'thousands'. Woops ... don't need to buy any more of those for a while. Once I'm sorted I'll maybe add some tins or jars of buttons on the Vintage to Victorian online shop. I could perhaps take this opportunity to apologise to anyone to regularly checks for updates on the site. I can only say that there are so many things happening here at the moment, that there is just no time for photographing, writing and uploading, and whilst the mind is willing, the flesh is weak (well, not weak, but pulled in too many directions). I hope you'll bear with me and not give up on the website. I promise that once I have some semblance of order in my life there WILL be regular updates. I'm just not too sure when that will be.

I need to find a particular book on embroidery which seems to have disappeared temporarily. I'm sure it's here somewhere ... so ... must press on as they say!

Have a jolly Sunday/week ...


Lucy Bloom said...

Oh I love sorting out days like the one you had, you never know what you might find. I'm in line for a sort-out of the attic soon (I can't get to the Christmas decoarations otherwise) and am quite excited at what I might find.
Have a good week!

see you there! said...

I really enjoyed the snippets you posted from the Royal Stillroom. Which one will I follow? Easy.
"Never sit up late. Never stay in bed late in the morning." I'm by nature an early to bed, early to rise person.


cd&m said...

Oh yes I know just waht you mean about sorting! This book sounds amazing.

Ex-Shammickite said...

UGH did people acually do that?
"Sponge the entire body every morning with cold spring water" and then "Dry with a rough towel and continue to friction the skin of the whole person for not less than fifteen minutes every day."
Hmmm I prefer a nice hot shower with some nice smelly stuff, followed by a lovely soft towel.... maybe I'm not quite as tough as our abcestors in Victorian times.
Looks like you have been busy with your fabrics and buttoins etc while I have been away. We got back from a month in Florida a couple of days ago, it was a wonderful break after all the hustle and bustle of the Wedding.
More Florida photos to be posted in the next couple of days.

Libbys Blog said...

I think I shall try to follow the rules for 'preseving the health of the body'!! I'm fed up with not feeling well so will give anything a try!!!!

Counting Your Blessings said...

How funny! Did that say something about rising around 11 a.m.? Who gets that luxury?! Oh, thank heavens we don't have to keep the window open to the top (even when it's wet)! Can you imagine what the pediatrician would say?? Blessings... Polly (I hopped over from Lucy Bloom - which I found through Sophie Honeysuckle. What luck!)