09 February 2008

Selling for a friend ... and other stories

I have been asked by a friend to assist in the selling of these fabulous curtains. They were purchased for my friend's friend's daughter (keep up!) but were sadly not right for the house. Consequently they need to be sold.

They are immaculate and unused. Made of a beautiful silk they are fully lined and interlined, with an 84" (approx 213 cm) drop. The pleated top of each curtain measures 74" (approx 188 cm), thus fitting a curtain track of 148" (approx 376 cm) . If you work in feet and inches, this means an overall width of 12'4" x 7' drop - perfect for a sweeping bay window perhaps. (Cick to go into slide.com if you want to see a closer image)

The quality is superb and they originally cost £800. They are for sale now at £250 which to my mind is an absolute bargain. If you think these might be just what you are looking for or need further information then please email me. I am merely the 'go-between' in this instance and will pass on your enquiry.

I wish our windows were large enough. I'd have them like a shot!


Isn't it a glorious sunny day again today. Barely a cloud in this Somerset sky ... and still we're coughing and spluttering. I've had enough now. I want to be fit and healthy and rushing around like the spring chicken I once was. Admittedly I haven't felt like one for a few years, but one can dream!!! I'd just like some energy - time to hit the Lucozade I think. It worked for me through all my childish ailments and throughout my adult life when I've reached exhaustion pitch!

Did anyone see the programme on BBC2 last evening about retired people setting up businesses? I found it fascinating and the thought-processes and reasoning behind some of the decisions to go into business echoed my own.

My decision to take over Dairy House Antiques was very much determined by the realisation that P and I had already had "the first day of the rest of our lives". Hannah is married and has her own full life, Mum is safe living next door and this is it. We either stagnate (for want of a better term) with no 'wow' factor on the horizon, or take on a challenge that could open so many new windows and doors! I've received a multitude of good wishes and enthusiastic responses from the people I meet on a daily basis when they hear my plans, and all of you, my blogging friends, have been incredibly generous with your support.

My mind is ticking over quite busily during this planning stage and lots of unexpected ideas are popping up. As Gillie always says: "Think outside the box"! Friends and colleagues have suggested ways of promoting DH including Linda Clift's idea of it becoming the venue for a small textile fair, exhibitions etc. It is so exciting and I hope you will continue to walk (or run) along with me on this new journey. My online shop has had to take a back seat for a while, but it is another route by which people are finding the Dairy House website. I have enough stock to create a huge online shop but, for the time being, not enough hours in the day. The better weather is at least conducive to better photographing, so with a little luck ...


Another BBC2 programme I enjoyed last night was "The Choir". Did you see it? I watched the first series and was so pleased to see that Gareth Malone, the choirmaster, was going into another school. I think it's the journey that I enjoy watching. The striving for achievement. I like to see other people succeed, sometimes against all odds. Drive and enthusiasm. We all thrive on that; we just don't always realise it!

Have a lovely sunny weekend. I'm off in search of some energy!


OhSoVintage said...

Yes, I did see the programme, Sue. I had seen the two 'Rhodes to Heaven' ladies interviewed on Breakfast TV and determined to watch it. Those ladies were inspirational. I'm sure you will made a great success of Dairy House Antiques - you seem a lady with lots of enthusiasm and energy! As we get older and have less family committments we are able to follow our dreams and so we should. My mother reminded me recently of a letter I had written her not too long ago saying 'One day I would love to have my own website selling vintage things... but I know I never shall'. I have proved myself wrong.

Ex-Shammickite said...

I saw the first "The Choir" on TV here in Canada... when he took an assortment of rebellious teenagers and moulded them into something that remotely resembled a chior nd then went to the choir festval in China with them, it was a wonderful series. So now there is another programme? Let me know what it is called, I will keep an eye out for it.
Sue, I admire your enthusiasm and energy, even though you say it's sadly lacking at the moment. Dairy House will be a great success. I have been fully retired now for 7 months, just pottering around doing not very much, but I can feel a big project coming on, I just don't know what it is yet!

periwinkle said...

Another Lucozade fan,, even tho it's full of sugar I just love it... just the original one

Nonnie said...

Oh Sue, I'm so sorry to hear you're still so under the weather. I find that lucozade is pretty good at giving you an energy boost. Chocolate always helps too!
All sounding exciting with the Dairy House developments. Looking forward to hearing all about the development. I'm wondering if my parents watched the programme on starting up a business after retiring. Not that they're really retired. But they did start up the B&B in their late fifties and I'm sure they would rather be retired than still working hard!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
I didn't see the programme that you mentioned, but I do think that you have certainly made the best decision. Having something worthwhile to focus on that's 'yours' and your enthusiasm for DH's success is surely going to be of great benefit to your happiness and well being.

Love the gorgeous curtains BTW - I hope they find a good home.

Take care of yourself - Hurry up and feel better soon!
Niki x

Pigtown-Design said...

Sue... that's one of the things I miss about being back in the States... BBC tv! We watched a lot of the filming of Dr. Who, and my car was even in an episode! We loved Coast and Mapmaker and Grand Designs.

Lucy Bloom said...

Good for you, Sue, my dad is still working part-time through choice at the age of 77. I love your idea of holding textile fairs, I'd be there in an instant if you did!
best wishes,
Lucy x
p.s. will you be able to find a few minutes to sort out those fabrics?