06 February 2009

Snow and Shopping for Stock

We've had some snow folks! There have been some wonderful photos in blogland so not to be outdone, here are mine. Apart from the bird table I took them on may way to Dairy House on Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday was totally different - you'll notice the icicles on the petrol pump - with far more snow and a complete whiteout looking across the fields. Absolutely nothing to see - no trees, hedges, horizon - nothing! I'd have liked to stop and take another photo, but there didn't seem to be much point! The difference in snow levels between Somerset and Dorset has been quite marked. The Dorset end of the A303 has been much worse, so when I leave home I have no idea what to expect on my 32-mile journey! Let's hope there's an improvement tomorrow.

Needless to say we haven't had too many visitors to Dairy House over the last few days, but we've still managed a few sales! It's meant I've had an opportunity to tidy and sort a bit more. The lengths of braid are now wrapped round card and priced - I hadn't realised how much of my stock was unpriced!! More fabric has been folded and if it's quiet at the weekend I shall endeavour to finish filling those lovely drawers!

I've acquired some super bits and pieces over the last few weeks - a bumper box of lace from the Antiques Fair at Shepton, several auction lots of lace, loads of buttons and a few exciting items from private sellers. Most things you see here will be for sale. I hope to get much of it priced today. I'd love to say it will be on my website, but at the moment I just don't have time to spend updating it (as those of you kind enough to look from time to time will have realised).

Anyway, here's just a small selection so you can see what fun I'm having today sorting through everything. Lovely lace pieces - perhaps I should keep the discus thrower for the Olympics! And what about the Crinoline ladies and other embroidered nets! Sleeves with fabulous flouces, pretty buttons, an abundance of buckles. And what about my "One up one down" little house? Isn't it wonderful? I think I shall be able to find the time to give it a spring clean and give it a lived-in feel. The sewing machine was brought in to DH by someone the other day. I've wanted a miniature one like this for many years so maybe "Everything comes to he who waits" isn't too far off the mark! As for the fabric-covered boxes - yummy! And the 2 Victorian dress adornments are a treat. Only a few more months before we'll all be writing about bluebell woods like the one on the tin!



Redwoodhouse said...

My goodnass Sue I wish I lived closer to Dairy House I would love to rummage (I wouldn't mess it up though!) through your gorgeous things..the lace is beautiful and I love the little dolls house, what fantastic buys you have made.
Great pictures....

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue...be still my beating heart!! haha...the lace is so delicious...I adore the cream one with the pink roses on....sigh....
And those French boxes, Oh,lala...
and I have to agree with Jan about the miniature dolls house too!
Maybe I should see if the snow clears by Sunday and ask my chauffeur to take me on a jolly to DH!

Keep warm,
Niki x

BusyLizzie said...

are you doing this to torture me????
Lizzie x

Sal said...

Love the snowy pics and your fab supplies ,especially the lace.
Hope your weekend is a good one ;-)

OhSoVintage said...

Gosh, Sue, aren't you clever doing those 'slide' shows. Love all that lace and my favourite is the one with the roses too. We haven't had snow like that in Hampshire and none today.
Ruth x

Lois said...

Hi Sue, thanks for adding me! I must admit, as a 'virgin blogger', it is lovely that people are reading it already!
I adore your large set of glass fronted shelves, what a wonderful display idea. I could do with a similar set myself!
Have a lovely weekend, speak soon,
Lois x

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Sue..
I think there may be a stampede for that gorgeous little house...
I love your snowy photos.. can never get enough of them.. It is such a treat looking out of our windows at a whitewashed Bath..
It must make your journey to work quite challenging!

Michele x

Donna said...

Wow Sue, what lovely finds! I would like more details of your little house if poss? Would love to buy.

Can you imagine having to have pretty boxes for your hankies and gloves? How wonderful :-)

Gingham and Flowers said...

Love the snowy pics. We had lots of it here too but it's pretty much all gone finally this morning. Great new stock you've got. As everyone else I love the little house. Don't think you'll be keeping that very long.

Laura said...

I love Vintage and Victorian as well. Check out my shop and blog!