04 September 2009

COD - Chest of Drawers ... or ... Compulsive Obsessive Disorder ... You Choose!

As you know, I don't seem to be able to pass a bank of drawers without coveting and/or buying. Well, these beauties are now in situ at DH and I'm hoping to fill them over the weekend.

I dusted them thoroughly yesterday, and they are now sitting patiently waiting to be fed!

You could perhaps say that they hit you in the face as you walk through the door, but I love them! All that acreage of drawer space in which to hide everything for my customers to rummage through. You, of all people, will know that drawers are designed for rummaging, so I'm just pandering to you, really, and their acquisition has nothing to do with my obsession at all ... and if you believe that ...

The Scheurer fabrics have been out on display since I put them in the shop, but I think they should be stored safely in the drawers for a while. They are still available for sale, but are safer tucked away where they won't get dusty. I still have the glass-fronted drawers, but these have been shifted to the other wall. They have been housing table linens etc for several months, but I think I may have a complete drawer-change.

You may remember the 2 sets of small drawers (one showing in the above pics) which I filled with haberdashery bits and pieces, buttons, lace etc. Well one of these sets is now for sale, being superfluous to requirements (can I really mean that?).


Before you go, have a look at the Dairy House blog!


Today is my day at home (the first one in weeks) and I'm trying to organise/clear/attack the shed/studio to create space for the pile of stock which has been on display in the middle of our sitting room floor for the past x weeks. Pauley has been incredibly accommodating and has ignored it but I can't stand it any longer. I'm hoping that by the end of the day I shall have found the floor ... until the next time!


I have a quantity of (probably discontinued) ZOFFANY WALLPAPER. There are at least 12 rolls of each of the following designs:
Bay Garland from the Hilliard Collection (primrose yellow background with pale blue leaves and ochre trellis pattern)
Obelisk Toile from the Hilliard Collection (primrose yellow background, ochre and shades of blue)
Seed Pearl from the Hilliard Collection (powder blue background with pale yellow)
Nostel Sprig from the Hilliard Collection (paprika background with cream)
Florentine Lily from the Black Book Collection (brick red/terracotta background with darker fleur de lys style pattern)
Clarendon from the Black Book Collection (pale and darker cream stripes)
Lennel from the Black Book Collection (dark blue background with black and gold)

If anyone is interested please email and I'll forward photos etc. Obviously postage would be high but if you live anywhere near Somerset or Dorset (or Northamptonshire as I'll be visiting at the end of September) then collection would be a possibility. I would be happy to sell the rolls at £5 each. They came as part of a job lot from an interior designer clearing her store!!


Elise said...

Hello, you have the most fabulously wonderful site here and I had to leave this comment for you ! Your posts are beautifully written, creative and original too, and you have interesting pictures.

It's all perfect !

Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes.... 'Happy September'....

Clare said...

Lovely new drawers..and you know me..the more to rummage through the better!!!Will pop over soon to see the new room in all its glory.

Hens Teeth said...

It's no good...I shall have to make a visit soon too!

Ticking stripes said...

So will you be lining all those lovely drawers with beautiful vintage wall paper? Definitely Compulsive Obsessive - I've started to recognise the signs in myself!

Fiona said...

Those new drawers are fabulous. I love the idea of somewhere for customers to rummage through. I've been doing lots of sorting and clearing too in order to accomodate some furniture we're taking from Mum and Dad because of their move. No chests of drawers though!

Felicity said...

i love the new drawers, lovely to rummage through! fliss xx

Anonymous said...

The drawers are great. I love that saying 'they are waiting to be fed'. I'm sure you'll feed them with wonderful things.

Donna said...

Lovely new drawers honey. I think we must have the biggest drawer selection between us! Actually having said that I am v interested in your small haberdashery drawers. Please can you let me know the cost.

Annie said...

Beautiful drawers, I would love to be able to pop in and have a good rummage ! Hopefully will get the chance at some point.
Ann x

Cowboys and Custard said...

I think there is a special support group for 'Chests of Drawers' Obsessives... I'll sign you up!
Hope the grand launch went well Sue... and that you have been reacquainted with the carpet again.
So sorry I couldn't join you on Friday.. duty called!

Michele xx

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Love your new drawers, Sue! - Have lots of fun filling them!
I have to say I wasn't sure how they were going to fit in amongst your others, but you've done a wonderful job...now no more looking for drawers - you have quite enough...but then who am I to talk....fabric? what fabric?! Obsessed? Us?!

Look forward to visiting again soon,
Niki x

Country Cottage Chic said...

One can never have too many drawers or cupboards!


Lululiz said...

You know, you really shouldn't be allowed to post pics like that, I LOVE those drawers and would have bought them without a second thought in an instant as well. Drool, sigh, drool. Should have written this comment in a vibrant green, lol.

I do love your website, and always enjoy reading your posts and looking at your photos, even though they make me sigh with longing.

Eastlake Victorian said...

The more drawers and cubbyholes, the better! Makes me want to come over and peek inside each one!

jane and the happy crow said...

Yay! thought you would be at Shepton, yes I am going on Friday so hopefully will see you there. Are you having a stand or just browsing? Love those drawers, what whoppers they are! Jane xx

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling, have a lovely weekend.

Love, Hugs & Tea
Duchess ♥♥♥

Sammy Girl said...

Wonderful new drawers ... er "old" drawers ... lol! We are now back from the UK and didn't have the chance to see Dairy House. I am already thinking about a trip NEXT YEAR! I would love to see things in person and have a chance to say "hi".
Betty :)

Duchess of Tea said...

Have a sweet and lovely weekend my darling.

Love & Hugs
Duchess ♥ ♥ ♥

BusyLizzie said...

Hi Sue
I have nominated you for a blog award (only about 3 weeks late..) I get round to things........eventually!
Liz x

Packing Supplies | Packaging Supplier said...

I was so excited when I arrived here and saw the post!!!!! Wow! Very nice looking the drawers.

Best Regards,