07 March 2010

Three Hundred ...

I can't quite believe this is post #300. Strictly speaking I feel this should indicate that it's time for a giveaway, but if you'll bear with me there are lots of exciting things happening over the next few weeks, culminating in the Vintage Textile and Costume Day @ Dairy House. So, sometime between now and then I'll announce a giveaway.

In the meantime, my last Shepton Giant Flea was a great success, although if you open the door to my studio you wouldn't think anything had gone! Lots of lovely bloggers and other friends stopped to say hello, and I gave out plenty of postcards advertising the Vintage Textile and Costume Day.

Since then I've had a little shopping spree in order to add to the button mountain - here are just a few with apologies for the poor lighting!

I've been selling 50-gram packs of buttons for £1. I packed them ready for the Flea and have been selling them in Dairy House since. I don't know that there's anything really exciting among them, but you never know.

You may recall that the Bridport Rag Market took place on 20 February. That was another good day, with lots of jolly company and several blogging visitors. I bought a lovely chunky cardi which needed its own button fix ... not a problem of course, and here it is with its 2"+ octagonal button.  I could have done with this thick layer all through the winter at Dairy House but at least I've  certainly managed to keep warm over the last couple of weeks!

It's been a treat driving back and forth to Dairy House since the days have been getting longer. Some days I've got home in daylight which has been great. Some evenings I've been later shutting up shop and this sight greeted me as I pulled out of the carpark one evening last week.

Yesterday morning I came across this beautifully laid hedge. So often today hedges are ripped to shreds by massive hedge cutters manoeuvred by even more massive tractors, with twigs and branches flying all over the place. I know it's done for speed and economy of time, but it was a lovely surprise to see that this dying craft is still practised in Dorset.

I do believe that Spring is now just around the corner. Although we've had some incredibly chilly days the sun and blue skies have been magnificent, trees and hedgerows are beginning to come into bud and the amaryllis I gave Mum for Christmas has come into flower.

Finally, these flowers can be found at any time of the year. A box of gorgeous floral corsages I bought on Tuesday. I think I shall keep them at home and enjoy them for a few weeks before displaying them at the Dairy House Textile Fair.

Have a good week, everyone!



mimilove forever said...

Beautiful post missus and congrats on your 300th! x;)

Clare said...

Liking the look of those flowers Sue!See you soon..may pop over on Mothers day if you're open?have a good week x

Tracy x said...

gorgeous as always x
love the oval buttons - good loot my friend!
much love and watch out for goodies from me very soon :)
t x

Sheila said...

YOur button collection is wonderful but your Amaryllis are stunning. I hope they stayed bloomed out for a while so you can enjoy them for a long while.

Shabby Chick said...

Ooooo pretty buttons! I am so relieved to see that the textile day doesn't clash with the christening of a friend's little boy, I got the invitation last week and was almost too scared to check the dates!!!

Mel xxx

Cameron said...

Sue, I can't pop over as I'm "across the pond" as they say, but I feel as though I am right next door. Do keep telling us about your wonderful days in the flea markets and the wonderful sales that you have. I also love the flowers. We have daffodils and crocus, and the peonies are popping up through the ground. It's an early spring. All the best, love your chat!!! Cameron, a woman over 60

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, it's great that the Giant Flea has been such a success. But it's good that I couldn't come over, because not only a several bags of buttons would have found their way across the channel.
Yesterday we visited this year's first car-boot over here and my husband came across a beautiful old tin box filled with vintage sewing stuff. Most of it was awful and dirty, but amongst it there were real treasures: mother-of-pearl, glass and porcelain buttons.
Take care, Gertie

BusyLizzie said...

luverly post.... these longer days & crisp sunny mornings are a joy! Liz x

hensteeth said...

Hello Flower,
good to read your post....buttons and flowers .... doesn't get any better really. x

Kissed by an Angel said...

Lovely post - so many beautiful things!!

julie said...

found your blog via tracy at cupcakes loved the dairy antiques photographs they look like they are straight out of a magazine. i shall drop by again if thats ok