03 April 2011

Working my way back to blogland ...

I can only apologise for being so dilatory with blogposts over the last months. Life has been very busy what with one thing an another, and by the time I've got home in the evenings I have been switching on the computer less and less. I've missed so much of what has been going on in blogland and realise that I've become somewhat isolated in that respect. I'm hoping that once all the Dairy House excitement has settled down I shall have a few minutes spare in which to catch up with your lives.

I haven't had much opportunity for pointing my camera at anything either, although last weekend I went on Poppy Treffry's first stitching workshop - a two-day course at the Bedruthan Steps Hotel in Cornwall. What an experience!

A walk on the beach

Ten Green Bottles was my plan - here are 5 practice ones, with the real thing in the second photo!

This became a lined bag but I was under a certain amount of pressure towards the end after a problem with breaking threads on Sunday morning when I was planning to forge ahead. However, I managed to complete it by the end of the course, and here's the finished result, along with those of some of my fellow course members. Other photos may follow when I transfer them from my phone. There was certainly some stitching talent on display that weekend!

So, it's nearly on us - the 2nd Annual Vintage Textiles and Costume Day @ Dairy House. Suddenly it doesn't seem a year since the last one and the frantic rushing around with mile-long lists is on us again!

I've been filling cellophane bags with odds and ends as 'bags of inspiration'/'bits and bobs'. I used to make up these when I first began selling haberdashery but over the last few years I've just stockpiled the goodies waiting for the right moment enough time to make more. Hopefully these will sell on the day, but if not I have a few other Fairs to attend this summer. Having had to cancel several last year for numerous reasons I'm hoping to "get out there" again this summer. More on that another day.

I've also been filling these keepers with ribbon, lace, braid, bias binding and strips of tiny French monograms. These will be available at Dairy House later this week, and on the Textiles Day. (Apologies for this one being out-of-focus!)

Dairy House Antiques has seen a few changes in the last couple of months, with dealers swapping spaces, and furniture whizzing back and forth like a "Changing Rooms" Special. Possibly it's been more like Musical Rooms - when the music stops put down the chest of drawers you're carrying and go and fetch something else. There were a few days of 'amalgamated' space where 3 or 4 dealers all had their stock in the same area, but we're getting there, and by next Sunday all should be shipshape and Bristol fashion. (Does anyone know where that expression came from? Many of you will probably never have heard it, but it's one that I grew up with!)

The main entrance has moved again, and visitors now come into the large main room (the one with the woodburner - which is currently out of action after dying a rather spectacular death early in February). Thankfully the weather is now warmer and by next winter I hope to have a smart new wood gobbler installed ready to send my money up in smoke!!!!! The joys of  having a shop in an old dairy which was obviously designed to keep everything just a few degrees above freezing!!! Roll on summer!

There is other Dairy House excitement afoot, but it's a bit too soon to broadcast that just now. Another month or so should see us in a position to 'go public'.

Meanwhile, Florence the grand-daughter is 10½ months old, is already a comedian like her mother was at a very early age, has two bottom teeth and I hear today that two top teeth have come through, too. We haven't seen her for nearly three weeks so we shall certainly notice a difference. She has particularly rosy cheeks - a farmer's daughter of course - and incredible blue eyes. I'd love to show you photos, but Hannah is obviously very protective and prefers that I don't show them on my blog.

This evening we are having slow-roasted lamb with maple syrup and chestnuts, as per Cherry Menlove's recipe. If you haven't tasted any of Cherry's recipes I suggest you seek out her website (just Google). Well worth trying. It smells ready, so this will have to be all until next time ... and I sincerely hope that 'next time' won't be too far away!

Have a jolly week, and I look forward to seeing many of your next Sunday at the Dairy House Textiles and Costume Day. Full details on the Dairy House blog.

Sue x


Donna said...

Oh how I have missed your blogs!! So glad you found the time to post one. Looking forward to seeing you next weekend sooo much x

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

Well Sue a blog full of news, very intruiging though????
I can just picture florence as a litlle Enid Blyton girl, I do hope that I will be able to meet her on Sunday!
M and I will come down early to help you, we cant be many minutes away and I will put the alarm on for 6am, as long as D & A don't keep us up late on the prosseco(?)!
T x

Grumpy Old Woman said...

LOVE your ten green bottles bag Sue - you are such a clever girl!

Looked up 'ship shape and Bristol fashion' = 'in the heyday of sail Bristol, in south west England, had a worldwide reputation of efficiency in shipbuilding and repair. As Bristol has a large tidal range ships had to be strong enough to withstand this buffeting and all the goods and equipment on board had to be very securely stowed to prevent accidents or damage.

Admiral W H Smyth in his wonderful (1867) "The Sailors Word Book" defines it thus: "said when Bristol was in its palmy commercial days, unalloyed by Liverpool, and its shipping was all in proper good order."

So, now you can sleep easy!

Elegancemaison said...

Want your green bottles bag! You must put them into production Sue. Have missed your blogging but took a break myself recently, so do understand how real life intervenes. And am absolutely gutted at being double booked for the Dairy House Textile event. But have distributed your flyers in Salisbury and will put on my blog. If only I could be in two places at once!

treutmade said...

Hi Sue, I'm so looking forward to seeing you again at the Dairy House Textiles Fair. It will be great fun to be 'just' a customer after the CL Fair and the V&H Fair.
I really missed your blog but sometimes life makes as busy with other things.
Take care. Love, Gertie

delia hornbook said...

So nice to see you back. Life is so hectic at times and things have to give but the lovely thing with blogland is that were always here ;-) Good luck with everything and the most important thing enjoy ;-) dee x

The Devil Makes Work said...

I think your bag is brilliant Sue. Glad you are blogging again :-)

Jane said...

Lovely bag, Sue. As a Bristol girl we were always told that the saying upheld the pride of the Bristol seaman and ship builders in their total superiority! Anyone who has seen the Avon beneath the suspension bridge as it runs away to mud and a tiny stream at low tide, could have nothing but admiration for those old sailors navigating up and down from the city docks (and of course, the Severn is still one of the trickiest estuaries).
Hope al goes well on Sunday.

Clare said...

Hurray you're back!looking forward to Sundayx

piccolaceleste said...

che meraviglia complimenti a presto lù..