26 May 2007

Photos ... and Another Busy Week

I don't have any more wedding photos to show you, but so many of you have so kindly asked to see more, so please feel free to browse on the photographer's website (this link takes you straight to H&R's photos) where you can look at as many as you wish! For those with a strong constitution there are about 400, but for those of a lesser disposition, fear not. You can scroll down the screen quickly and see 30 thumbnails per screen, simply clicking on any you wish to look at more closely. There are one or two that I'd really love you to see as the whole day is epitomised in the expressions on the faces, but until we make our final choices I can only direct you to the website: www.lovegrovephotography.com (click on Weddings and Hannah and Rob's day is currently at the top of the page).

The weeks are rolling by so quickly, and I don't seem to be achieving much at all. I'm still waving goodbye to P about 11.00pm with my little overnight bag (does anyone remember the television series "My Wife Next Door" from the late 1970s with Hannah Gordon and John Alderton?) and returning once I've got Mum dressed and downstairs in the mornings. It's been another hectic week - last Saturday was spent at Semley Auctions, I don't remember what happened on Sunday, but I used a lot of electricity on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, washing and ironing the linen purchased at the auction. Thursday saw me back at Dairy House (and the start of the marathon painting session to cover up the blue), Friday I viewed a chattels auction, and today didn't start all that well, and then I went shopping ...

To Bath, first of all, to the Cath Kidston shop to get Hannah's birthday prezzie from Mum. But on the way I decided not to adhere to the 40mph speed limit along one stretch of road and guess what ... yep ... mobile speed camera thingy! And my last offence doesn't get wiped off my licence until August! We get a lot of the camera-out-of-the-back-of-the-van speed checks in Somerset, especially on the A303, so I'm always careful, but this wasn't on the A303, and was in a spot I've never seen one before, and I had other things on my mind! Serves me right, of course, but it made me very annoyed with myself, hence some additional shopping in CK's. Whilst in Bath I also shopped in the Bartlett Street Antiques Centre (woops!). Then I moved on to Bradford-on-Avon to the monthly Antiques Fair/Flea Market. I used to stand here every month for a couple of years, but stopped when we moved house last July. However ... the time has come to rebook, and I shall be attending the next Fair on 30 June. I bought a few items which I can thankfully call 'stock' and won't need to keep (I'll endeavour to take a few photos over the next day or two).

Tomorrow should have been Han's annual birthday BBQ but because of the major threat of rain they've decided to postpone it until Rob's birthday at the end of June, so I actually have a 'free' day. Maybe I'll be able to sort the piles of stock currently in the sitting room. Or shall I iron the freshly washed linens, or wash more (there are plenty of tablecloths, sheets, traycloths etc still to do)? Bank Holiday Monday should see P and me wielding paintbrushes, rollers etc in an attempt to finally lose the blue paint at the Dairy House. Tuesday is Bath again, to the Fracture Clinic with Mum. Han will be coming over to collect her gifts after work on Tuesday evening, and on Wednesday a friend is coming to lunch. I haven't seen her since well before we moved, so we have a considerable amount of catching up to do. And then it'll be Thursday and Dairy House again. And probably more painting (it's a large room!) and rearranging everything.

I realise the clock is ticking and it's time I left home again for another night. Do let me know if you view the photos. I'd love you to see the cheese tower (in lieu of a cake) with the little mice on top, the shepherd's hut where they stayed that night, the jar of wiggly worm sweets and the flying saucers with large "Eat Me" labels and all the other little touches that H put together in her inimitable fashion. Did I mention I was a proud mum?!!!

Till the next time ...


Clare said...

Hi Sue

Well, you're as busy as ever!

Oops - is all I'll say about the speed camera incident..!

Shame it's such a rainy day I'd hoped to do so much outside! I'll pop along now and have a look at the photos.

Look forward to catching up when you have a minute!

Clare x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
What fabulous photos. They are so natural and informal, capturing the day so perfectly. It must be so hard for you to choose which ones you would like copies of?
I WANT that shepherds hut!!

I shall try to come along to the fair at B-on-A.
Happy Bank Holiday w/e!
Niki x

Ragged Roses said...

Phew this post has made me breathless just reading it! You've been so busy! the photos are wonderful, you have every reason to be very proud it looks like a beautiful day (love the cheese cake).
Kim x

Donna said...

I'm exhausted just reading all that Sue, you are a busy bee :-) Rotten luck with the speed camera but I'm sure a bit of retail therapy with Cath was just the remedy needed, hehehe you truly are a girl after my own heart! I must try and visit one of your stalls one day x

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Hi Sue-thanks for visiting me! I will definately try to persuade my husband to take me to the nest fair if he's not working-sounds great!! P.S your photos are so great!!