05 May 2008

On the mend at last ...

Thank you all for you good wishes and to those of you who thought I was working so hard because I haven't been blogging ... I'm just rounding the corner of 5 weeks of coughing and feeling exhausted. I can't believe it's taken all this time to begin to feel even slightly better. I've been a pathetic wimp of the extreme order and all I can say is thank goodness for Gillie.

As you know, she came to live with us whilst house-hunting, and without her I think I would have starved! She seemed to know exactly what sort of comfort food an intermittently bedridden pathetic heap needed. And Pauley, bless him, has learned how to use the washing machine and tumble drier. All I've done since 23 March is intersperse my days at Dairy House with days in bed conserving energy for the next day at DH. But things are changing ... (not least because Gillie completed the purchase of her new house last Wednesday, and will be moving out later this week ... so I have to get better!)

Yesterday I did the Giant Flea Market at Shepton (the first one I've managed to get to this year because of family events. I took far less than usual and decided that whatever I sold would be a bonus because I certainly wasn't in slick selling mode. I covered costs and caught up with several regular customers so that was good, and although I had a couple of coughing fits when I unloaded and packed up again at the end, I managed to get through the day without collapsing (which when I set off at 7.00am I wasn't sure wouldn't happen!).

I was determined to go yesterday, especially as it was a chance to meet the wonderful
Lucy Bloom, who was planning a visit to the Flea. She was one of the first people to come to my stand and it was super to meet the lady whose prize draw I've won, and who has sent me some lovely little extras from time to time. We chatted for a while, she rummaged through my stocks of ribbons and fabrics and then went off to view the rest, returning for another chat before going home. Thank you, Lucy, for your purchases. I hope we'll see the results of your inspiration on your blog in due course ... no pressure of course! It was good to see Niki of course, and Frances, who has just created a website and who I think I've persuaded to start a blog. Frances lives just a few miles from me, and I've bought some super items from her in the past. Have a look at her new site and keep a lookout for her blog.

Anyway, I was delighted to find that by the time I got home last evening I wasn't in a state of collapse. I managed to stay up until gone 9 o'clock (well past my recent bedtime) and this morning I've been pottering about, very aware of the dreadful state of the house which I haven't noticed all this time. So I must be getting better. Just as well because Friday, Saturday and Sunday brings the next DMG 3-day Antiques Fair at Shepton Mallet and I need to do it. Need, as in really NEED to, because I've made the rather sad decision that it will be my last one (other than maybe an odd one from time-to-time). Now I have the responsibility of Dairy House I really can't risk overdoing it again, and putting the onus on the other dealers to run the place while I languish in bed. Not good business practice. So, I need to be at Shepton to see all my regular customers and tell them the party's over and hand out as many flyers for Dairy House as I can.

Talking of which ... the first month has been brilliant. Whilst I've done my allotted days each week I haven't actually achieved very much while I've been there, but I have at least managed to get some good advertising in place, and found a painter and decorator who has painted the staircase (no mean feat as it's a 3-storey building) in readiness for a picture dealer joining our happy band at the end of next week. His pictures will be displayed up the staircases and on the landing and I'm hoping DH will work well for him. Sales have been amazing which has meant I have 16 happy dealers, so hopefully none of them will be moving out just yet! There's lots of tidying up still to do, but there's plenty of time. The atmosphere is generally quite jolly, old customers are still coming to buy, and we have experienced a few days with so many people wandering around that those on duty have been quite stunned by the buzz. I imagine there can't be many cottages left to buy in Dorset judging by the number of people who have come in saying they've just moved into a cottage and need to furnish it!

Now I'm on the mend (please no relapse!) I really must get the Vintage to Victorian website restocked. I'm amazed that people are still looking (and buying) as I have been so remiss in updating the site. I do appreciate everyone's visits and can only apologise for not giving you more to choose from. Let's get next weekend over and then I really should have no excuse ...

And finally ...

Do you remember ... a year ago yesterday Mum fell and broke her arm in 2 places ... and a year ago today
this happened

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary Hannah and Rob! xxx


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Lovely to see you too Sue and I am so glad that you are finally on the mend - its been a nasty illness that you've had. Don't over do it yet though.
I was sorry not to have bumped into Lucy too - although maybe I did, but didn't know it!

Congratulations to Hannah and Rob - where did that year go?

see you again soon,
Niki x

Nonnie said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary to Hannah and Rob! Hope they've had a very happy first married year. Really pleased to hear you're feeling a little better. Hopefully the warm spring weather is hear to stay which will hopefully chase away the last of the winter bugs!

Ex-Shammickite said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary to Hannah and Rob.... and the little piggies who probably aren't so little any more!
I'm SO glad to see you are back blogging, I was beginning to get quite worried about you, and rightly so, after hearing all about how poorly you have been. But the worst is over (I hope) and all that remains now is to wish you the very best for your Dairy House venture!
Keep smiling!

Sal said...

Ohhh you're back!! Glad you are a little better.Hope all is going well for you ;-)Sal

twiggypeasticks said...

Glad you're feeling better
Twiggy x

the homely year said...

Hi, so pleased to hear you're feeling better at last...and that the business is doing well.
Margaret and Noreen

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Sue, yes I think I need a good long rest before the next one, am working on Mr. Bloom for a trip to DH!
Lucy x