29 March 2009

One Year On ... Giveaway Time Again ...

On April Fool's Day I shall have been the proprietor of Dairy House Antiques for a whole year. Just recently I've read many blog comments about the speed with which the last few weeks have flown by, but nothing exceeds the speed of the last 365 days. The whole experience has been a huge learning curve, quite exhausting at times, a wee bit stressful occasionally, but most of all it's been exciting and the best opportunity of a lifetime I've ever taken.

We've had an amazing year, with consistently buoyant sales figures, which we've obviously been thrilled about. It doesn't do to become complacent though, and each month we've wondered whether that was going to be the last good month but, thankfully, all is still well ...

Just over a year ago I asked all you lovely bloggers to wish me luck and maybe follow my exploits. You've been so supportive, and many bloggers and blog readers have visited Dairy House in the last 12 months to see what all the fuss was about. It's been great to be able to chat about it and show you a few pictures of Dairy House stock - both mine and that of our dealers.

As a thank you, I thought a giveaway would be in order, and what better - I hope you'll agree - than one of the beautiful Scheurer fabrics that I mentioned in my last post. Those of you who follow Niki's blog will have doubtless seen the photos of the fabrics she bought yesterday. They should whet your appetite! I don't yet know which fabric sample the winner will receive, but whichever one I choose I can guarantee that it will date somewhere between 1875 and 1936 and will be a textile collector's dream. (Update: If you need a further Scheurer fix you can view another slideshow here)

All I ask is that you tax your brains a little and come up with a phrase or sentence using as many letters as possible from DAIRY HOUSE ANTIQUES, SEMLEY. See! Nothing too complicated!

I'll choose the winner on Wednesday evening, 1 April, after I've spent a few jolly hours at the Talent 4 Textiles Fair at Ilminster. After all, a girl can never have too many textiles!

Have fun!



Anonymous said...

So lovely, that's what springs to mind when I read your blog!

MaryPoppins said...

Mary Smiles At You :)

Yes I know put in an extra M though have been here for half an hour, good question

Thanks for giving me the opportunity though not sure as to whether I can go in the hat with my extra M ;)

BusyLizzie said...

Sue the Rosy Queen...... of floral fabrics that is!
Lizzie x

OhSoVintage said...

I love word puzzles and shall be working on this one for ages. So far I have come up with two which use all but two letters though they aren't that good!
Sue quietly raised money.
Sue quietly shares money.
Ruth x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Congratulations Sue - I know how hard you have worked over the last year and I'm so pleased that its paying off...Dairy House is a joy to visit and I have no doubt it will continue to go from strength to strength with your ideas for its future.

I'm rubbish at puzzles...besides, Ruth has done far too godd a job there...I can't beat those gems!

(Still LOVING my fabrics!! ;-))

Have a great week,
Niki x

The French Bear said...

Hi Sue, I just came upon your lovely blog. I will give this a try.
Queen Sue and miss mouse smiled at their mess. I see home yonder there. Quietly she mused.....
LOL, that's about all my brain can up with.
Now I off to see the rest of your blog and your store!!!
Have a Happy Anniversary!
Margaret B

mindy said...

sue has quite a mind yey

Wend said...

Fabulous blog Sue, love it. What about..'Sue's quilt and hem soiree - yay!'

Wend said...

And another one (using all the letters!!) 'I made Sue a sheeny, rosy quilt'

Vintage to Victorian said...

I'm so impressed! You've all been working so hard and have come up with some brilliant suggestions. Keep them rolling in!


Anonymous said...

One Year Giveaway
See "A" Name Sue's Qaulity Horde
left over letters IY

kathy55439 said...

Great Blog..

BUSY BEE said...

'Quite airy is my house, see?'

I gave it a shot...

Thanks for the great blog. Keep up the great work!

Lois said...

Hi Sue, here are a few of uou feeble attempts (my daughter and I): mine is 'Sue dyes her quilts in May', and I found the words'thesaurus' and 'dinosaur'...
Morgaine plumped for 'Quiet as a shy Mouse'
That got the little grey cells working harder than usual!
Lois xxx