14 May 2009

London ... Pearly Queens ... Union Jacks ... V&H Fair

For our birthdays (Pauley in February and me in March) Hannah presented us with ...

When we opened the card we found ...

arranged for a date to coincide with me having a free slot large enough to be able to take time out! As with our 'week's holiday' last September (one night away = one week), we have just spent a fortnight in London!!! We set off at close of Dairy House business on Sunday afternoon and booked in for our 2 night stay. The weather was gorgeous and on Monday morning we caught the tube to South Kensington and went somewhere neither of us has ever been before ...

the V&A Museum.

(You'll need to click and enlarge the photos to see the detail, as I'm sure you all know by now!)

What an amazing place. If you've never been then I thoroughly recommend a visit. We've decided we need to go again! The best part is you are allowed to take photographs in most areas (see the slide show below).

We wandered around some of it together, after making the garden café our first port of call,

... enamel mugs for our coffee!

and then Pauley enjoyed some of the art whilst I drooled over 17th century and later lace and textiles.

We had already decided to have a 'proper' lunch rather than a meal just prior to the Show, and as the roast lamb on offer in the V&A restaurant looked 'good enough to eat' that's what we had, sitting in beautiful surroundings, and enjoying a glass of Merlot ... I could get used to this!

I had to make a few purchased in the shop of course, and treated myself to a pair of millefiore earrings as I lost yet another earring somewhere on the streets of London. I have lost one earring a week for the last month. Why? Usually they have been unimportant, everyday ones which didn't cost a fortune, but the one I lost on Monday was gold, and the pair were the ones I wore for Hannah's wedding. They weren't overly expensive, but that's not the point, is it! I'm beginning to wonder whether I should stop wearing them all together ...

We then moved on to

Pauley was keen to see how much it had changed in the 50 years since his last visit ... quite a lot, as it happens! We didn't stay in there too long because it was too stuffy and claustrophobic but it was fascinating. So we beat a hasty retreat and decided to get on the tube again (lazy, some might say) for one stop, and enjoy the sunshine and fresher air in St James's Park. We helped ourselves to a couple of deckchairs (£1.50 each it transpired) and sat enjoying the beautiful sunshine (a bit breezy) and the opportunity to do absolutely nothing for well over an hour ...

... as you can see, Pauley took full advantage of the moment! And then my camera battery died. I had intended to charge it up overnight in readiness for the day ahead, but stupidly put the wrong charger in my bag!

We then meandered back down Victoria Street, in and out of a few shops, stopped for a cuppa and then getting ourselves into musical mode we went into Victoria Palace Theatre and took our seats. Oh boy ... what a performance! The lad who played Billy was amazing, as were all the other youngsters. The choreography was excellent - it must have been, because Pauley is still talking about it and as many of you know, he doesn't really do enthusiastic!!! The timing was spot on, and there were some comedic moments which had everyone laughing. There was a standing ovation with several curtain calls, and we came away grinning, having thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

As were were still in holiday mode on Tuesday morning we came home along the M4 rather than the A303, and stopped off at Hungerford so I could check out the antiques centres (purchases made - an early commemorative handkerchief, Cornishware and a pretty dressing table set, the latter destined for the V&H Fair). We also stopped at Marlborough where I bought some pretty French buttons and a mini chest of drawers painted turquoise (for the V&H) which may get photographed ...

Talking of the Vintage & Handmade Fair, and linking suitably with London and the title of this post, I bought these at the Shepton Mallet antiques fair last Friday

I haven't counted them yet, but I think there are 25-30. Most of them look to be about right for the Queen's Coronation in 1953, but I think a few may be older. They'll be for sale at the V&H Fair on 30th May.

This is just a drop in my ocean of mother-of-pearl buttons. I bought a huge jar of them about a month ago, and as if that wasn't enough I've now bought a huge bagful. I dread to think how many there are, but they weighed 3lbs. I may have to sell them by the ounce!

And finally, this bundle of old price tickets which I couldn't resist.

So ... there we are, then. That's some of what I've been up to since my last post. I'm sure there's more to tell you, but that'll have to wait for another day.


Sal said...

What a fantastic trip. Great slide shows!
I used to be a frequent visitor to the V&A when I was younger...and I love St James Park!
Look forward to seeing you at the fair ;-)

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
I'm so glad you both enjoyed your 'fortnight' away! And the show.
You've certainly wetted my appetite to make a visit to the V&A.

I love the union flags that you found - I think they would make great skirts for some patriotic rag dolls, so will hopefully bag myself a few from you at the V&H!
Why not sell the MOP buttons per scoop (a tiny scoop of course!)?

Going back to watch your slide shows now...
Niki x

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a lovely trip - lucky you!
I'm looking forward to seeing all your finds - I don't think the flags will last long - in fact I'll have to bag a few myself!


Wendy P P Shaw said...

Great post Sue and what great finds! I'm sure you're going to need crowd control at the V&H - you're all peppering blogland with such amazing temptations!

OhSoVintage said...

Thankyou for that wonderful slide show of those fantastic taxtiles and lace, Sue. I really enjoyed looking at it all. What a great weekend and some great buys on your way home too. Those flags will certainly be snapped up, what a great find. Well Ikea sell their fabric by weight so I don't see why you can't sell vintage buttons by the same method! Looking forward to seeing more photos of your purchases.
Ruth xx

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Post.... I enjoyed!!

Come on over to my blog for a huge Give Away!!

Lizzie said...

What a wonderful day out. See you on Wednesday.

Mollimoo said...

Hi Sue,
Thank you so much for your message. I've posted your comment & will let people know about you being able to post. Great to meet you again over here in blogland! Hope you are well :0)
Tina x

BusyLizzie said...

Looks as if you had a brill time Sue.. nice little shopping trip on the way home too!
Thanks for visiting my blog... sitting room floor? What is that???
Lizzie x

Shammickite said...

How lovely, a vacation in London.... I would absolutely love it! I spent one day in London last year, wish I could have stayed longer. I saw the film Billy Elliot, I bet the stage show is even better! The young lad who plays Billy in the NYC Broadway version is a Canadian from Montreal.
I remember waving a flag just like that when I saw the Queen at Barnstaple Pannier Market when I was about 7.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Just to let you know that I have set up a new blog to replace my lost one at:

Hope to see you there soon!

Cowboys and Custard said...

I forget how wonderful London is being a bit of a provincial girl these days... but I never forget the beauty of the V & A.. I could easily move in!
Please can you reserve me one of your flags Sue.. that is if you have any left!????

See you a week today..

Michele x

THIS'N'THAT said...

So pleased to have met you at the V&H fair on Sat. I'm thrilled to bits with my box of price tags and will be scattering the odd one in the shop for effect but the majority will become part of my personal ''trove' at home. I'm not really cut out for retail am I? I just like to find & keep!!

Anonymous said...