05 May 2009

Victorian Scrapbooks

Here are just a few of the pages of one book and individual cards of the other which I thought you might enjoy! Each book has over 40 pages (80 sides). Nice!!


Lois said...

Wow!Incredible pieces, what beautiful books. xx

melanie said...

So lovely, I love Victorian scraps.xxx

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

SUE!!! 'Nice' is an understatement! Woweeee!
I love the cherubs they are adorable and the roses under them...
What a fabulous find,
Niki x

Professor Yaffle said...

I would love to have been a Victorian but I am fearful of chimneys

Professor Yaffle said...

I was on a journey with my mother today, reminiscing about our first garden.
She remarked that she enjoyed going out at the end of the day, digging it over and from time to time looking up to my bedroom window only to catch me peering down on her
As you rightly say WONDERFUL

OhSoVintage said...

They are stunning, Sue. What a great find.
Ruth x

OhSoVintage said...

They are stunning, Sue. What a great find.
Ruth x

Clare said...

how beautiful...what lovely images

Melanie said...

Hi there, I am hosting a book swap over on my blog. It is a permanent feature, which will always be on my blog, it is not a one off, like the rose theme swap I'm hosting. I have listed a load of my books which I am willing to swap, take a look, there may be some you fancy. If you would like to list books which you no longer want, and are willing to swap, just contact me at rosehyacinth@hotmail.co.uk, or leave a comment on my blog, with your name, the name of your blog and the books you wish to swap, and I will type them up and post them on the swap page, so the more and more people who participate, the wider the range of books there will be to choose from, and remember, it will always be there on my blog.
Take Care
Love Melanie xxx

Marilyn said...

Such a lovely treat for my eyes!! I really enjoyed the pics!!
Have a great day!

Gingham and Flowers said...

Oh such prettiness. Love all the floral ones best.

Redwoodhouse said...

Wow, what really wonderful finds just so lovely to look at and enjoy, beautiful, as is everything in your previous post.

Hens Teeth said...

Think I had better bring lots of pennies to the V & H Fair if this is anything to go by!!!!!

funkymonkey said...

They are all beautiful.


louise said...

Good luck at the fair. You have some wonderful bits 'n bobs to take along. x

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Sue!
Here's some suggestions of Afternoon Tea!
Having had replies from several people, here's my suggestion:
A Monday, Tuesday or Friday some time between 15th June and 10th July. How about The Bath Priory? The location might be easy for Michele who doesn't have transport, and there is parking for those of us who do!
I'm very much open to suggestions with the location, though.
I shall send the above to all others who showed an interest too!
D x

Cowboys and Custard said...

Pages and pages of real beauties Sue..
Just think what we could do without televisions and computers!

Looking forward to a proper chat.. if we are lucky .. at the fair..

Michele xx