25 November 2009

Bridport Christmas Market: Saturday 28 November

I should have mentioned this before, but those of you in the vicinity of Bridport, the south coast, Dorset or Somerset this weekend are in for a treat. Not only is there the usual street market on Saturday but also the Bridport Christmas Market in St Mary's Hall - full of wonderful textiles and other goodies to help you build up your stash of Christmas gifts!

I'll be there, along with The Washerwoman, Lindiblog, Vintage Lizzie and the other West Country textile dealers of Talent for Textiles fame. It promises to be a jolly day and the hall will be packed to the gunnels with linens and textiles and all sorts of other treats. Do come and see us if you can - and perhaps you'd like to bring fine weather with you!!


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Would love to come Sue,
but not sure 'vintage' is my MIL's thing! ;-))
Hope you have a great day,
Niki x

THIS'N'THAT said...

Hi, Just caught up on all of your recent blogs! It was good to see you at Chipping Sod' and to hear that Dairy House is goinf well. I'm delighted with the mags which I bought from you and still haven't plucked up courage to sell them on but the house in SOOO full!!
Lesley XX