19 February 2010

Bridport Rag Market - update

Bridport Rag Market
Saturday 20 February
 at St Mary's Church Hall
from 10 til 4.

Very busy day. Bustling with shopper all day. I think everyone went home happy. Thanks to Caroline and Linda for organising once again.


Hen said...

Hi Sue,
Sadly we can't make it as the small man has a party this afternoon and sleepover tonight, grrrr. Not looking forward to facing the A303 diversion when we do head West... Hope the Fair's a good one for you.
Hen x

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hi Sue

Unfortunately we cannot make it either, we have just discovered that water is coming through the roof of our house, lots of damage in loft...AND we have several repairs that have to be done on our car so cannot venture out too far until the work is done. VERY disappointed! I was looking forward to my outing there. That's 3 times on the trot that something has come up days before I had planned on going to Bridport Rag Fair. I will get there in the end..
I wish you well there.

Take care
Isabelle x

Cameron said...

Reading you is like traveling on a wonderful little journey. I am on the west coast in the United States, but I can taste the flavor and see the color of your day from here. I appreciate you.