05 February 2010

Laced Up ...

I've just bought a lovely collection of handmade lace which needs some tlc, repair and tidying-up before the Dairy House event. In the meantime I thought I'd take a few photos to show you ... forgetting that the camera battery was in need of charging. This is all I managed before it gave up, so more will follow in due course!

I saw this in an antiques shop this morning, and took the photos so that I could look at it again just for the fun of it. But here we are several hours later, and it's in the back of my car waiting to travel down the A303 tomorrow where it will sit in residence at Dairy House for a while. I'll try to remember to take photos of its cleverness tomorrow! I'd quite like to keep it and make use of it at DH, but what's the betting it'll be snapped up by a 1950s home owner. It would look so at home with the English Rose kitchen cupboards for sale in the shop!

I'll hopefully take some photos of Dairy House stock tomorrow to add to the blog sometime in the next few days. There was some nice new stock when I was in on Thursday, so  it's only fair to share it!!

Wasn't it lovely (for some of us) to wake up to a bright sunny day today. Let's hope it's the same over the weekend.



tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

hi Sue
get the pics on!

Kissed by an Angel said...

I love the lace!!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
So pleased to have seen this marvellous feat of engineering in the 'flesh' - such a clever invention...I think you should keep it for a while...

Loved the lace too.
And I'm very pleased with my purchases!

Don't work too hard! ;-))
Niki xx

Eastlake Victorian said...

Oh, what beautiful laces!