20 September 2006

A few more ...

These are the eiderdowns currently on display in my unit at the Antiques Centre - there are a few more piled up on the spare bed at home. I'm busy packing everything for Shepton, so a number of them will be piled into the car tomorrow, along with the jelly moulds, French and Irish linen sheets, tablecloths, huckaback towels, vintage French and English fabric pieces, some handstitched quilts (French and Welsh), buttons (including 2 Ruskin and 2 attributed to Ruskin), ribbon, crochet edgings, braid and anything else I can get in.

Oh what fun! One day I really will get a quart into a pint pot!!

Just a brief update on the coal-hole-soon-to-be-a-loo. Not a pretty sight, but here's a 'before' although we had cleared the coal, hoovered up the coal dust and painted the block wall with oil-based paint to stop any coal dust seeping through before I took the photo.

The walls will need several more coats yet, but the plumber has been busy today and has drilled holes through walls for waste pipes, soil pipes, water pipes and endless other pipes, and so progress has been made. The new loo and basin are sitting in the utility room beside the double Belfast sink (hidden in a box so I haven't seen it yet!), and with luck they could be in their rightful places by the end of the week. Perhaps I'll come home from Shepton on Friday evening to find everything in working order. But there again ... maybe that's just a tad optimistic!


Clare said...

Hi Sue, How useful that coal-hole would have been in your last house! Look forward to seeing the transformations - as for that new utility, I can just picture you at your Belfast sink, soaking all that linen! Clare x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hope you soon have a new loo, Sue!!

Good luck with the packing for Shepton- my car is about the same (tiny) size as yours, so have the same task ahead of me...see you soon.