07 September 2006

Kitchenalia Corner

This is another corner of my room at Somerton. I collected another carload of kitchenalia yesterday, and have spent the day washing, logging and pricing it ready for an army of customers to march into the Centres to buy! I took a couple of photos, but had already unloaded the top layer. The bread bins are full of smaller items

And here is a selection of jelly moulds for those of you who aren't enamel fans!
Thank you to those who have posted comments so far. I've now managed to add Links - despite having typed and word-processed for more years than I care to admit I realise that I am no longer in control of the machine in front of me. It has a life of its own and the instructions might just as well be in a foreign language. But heyho, I have linked to both Niki's and Clare's blogs (I think!) - both of which I'm sure you already visit.


kelly said...

lovely pics, wish I could find some great boot sales like that!

monique said...

What a beautiful photo's!
I just found your blog through another blog.I'm coming back to look more.

Clare said...

Hi Sue, what a lot you've got! It all makes a great display - just don't let you-know-who near the jelly moulds!!!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
Thanks for the link to my blog!
I spy some red and white enamelware....now where's my cheque book?....
Thanks for the Yarlington tip, I shall try to come!

Donna said...

Adorable stuff. I shall be fighting Niki over the red and white enamel ;-)

Vintage to Victorian said...

Don't worry - there's plenty to go round!