22 September 2006

Shepton Mallet 3-day Antiques Fair

Well, what a day! I was so lucky to have unloaded the eiderdowns and quilts and got them under cover before the Heavens opened. There was THE most torrential downpour and unfortunately quite a few dealers were caught in it, and got absolutely drenched.

I heard on the grapevine that one of the buildings had a torrent of water running through it so I'm not sure how the poor people in there coped. It lasted for a couple of hours and then this afternoon we had beautiful sunshine, blue skies and plenty of happy smiling faces. I went to see Niki and whilst the water had drained away when I got there, she had had a lake in front of her pitch!

Up in the eaves of the building where I stand is a window and suddenly there was a blinding light - I thought someone had switched on a huge arc light - and I realised the sun was shining through, right down onto my gleaming copper moulds and pans. Hopefully you can see in the photo.

I've taken a few photos of my stand - some of it looks a bit jumbled, but I was still in the process of setting up when I took them. I hope you like what you see! A couple of eiderdowns have sold today, along with some 19th century tapestry pieces, jelly moulds and the two Ruskin buttons I mentioned in my previous post!

What do you think of the blue vintage state of the art bucket? The original label states that it is an "Email" Toilet, Première!!

I uploaded 2 more photos but they seem to have vanished. Whether they'll appear when I publish the post remains to be seen - one is of a set of drawers full of lace, buttons etc and the other is the eiderdowns, quilts etc.

It's an early start tomorrow - I think the gates open to the public at 8.00 am. I know I need to be there at 7.30 ...


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
I found it difficult to get away from my stand today, (Too busy worrying where all that rain-water was going!!)but will try to come and see you tomorrow.
Hope you sell lots more...

Clare said...

Hi Sue, we'll see you tomorrow - and Niki! Clare x

kelly said...

Oh Sue, how wonderful it all looks. I hope you had a good day and that tomorrow brings lots of sales! Cant wait till Sunday!

Donna said...

May I be so bold as to say I love your drawers ;-) Seriously they are gorgeous, perfect for fabrics.