06 September 2008

200 Posts AND a Blog Birthday ... Update the second ... with photos at last!

... As promised, my 200th post and my 2nd Blog Birthday coincide ... and as promised there will be 2 giveaways ... the only problem is I don't know what they'll be as yet.

NB: I know what they are now ... photos at the end of the post!

Having just got back from our 36-hour (one night = one week don't forget) holiday I really don't have the energy to put together the giveaways this evening. However ... having bought lots of wonderful goodies at Donna's sale, and then done a whistle-stop round Devon tour of antiques shops etc, the contents of the car are now spread out over the sitting room floor waiting to be looked at. One or two little bits might just find their way into the goody bags ... along with some of the contents of my shed and/or Dairy House.

The grand plan is that the winners (2 celebrations, so 2 giveaways) will be chosen next Sunday evening, 14 September. This will give me a chance to put things together - hopefully on Monday - and still give you all a chance to leave a comment. I'll update THIS post with photos and information on Monday. So do check back to this post to see what's happening!

Meantime, just so you know - we did have rain on our "grand tour" but we also had some wonderful sunshine. I took plenty of photos and will do a separate "holiday-related" post, possibly tomorrow.

First update!

I had hoped to give you photos of the giveaways today but I'm afraid I got sidetracked and have spent most of the day trying to sort 'stuff' in the shed - mainly so that I could find something nice for you, but it suddenly became a marathon task of adding shelves, emptying bags of fabric, banging my head on baskets hanging down from the ceiling and generally finding all sorts of things I'd forgotten I had. Now, tell me, if I put some bundles of lace together (I've just found a huge basketful that I bought at Shepton and haven't sorted) will you be happy to receive it in 'as is' condition? It'll need laundering but I just haven't the time to do that as well as sort it!! And secondly, I realise that most of the goodies I'm putting together are fabric and lace and sewing-related. Will that put you off? I'm thinking it won't but I wanted to be sure!

Hopefully there won't be too many updates before I manage to add piccies but I might have to extend the end date beyond Sunday!!!! As my Mum always said to me when I couldn't wait for something to happen ... "There's joy in anticipation, Susan!" She might say that ... I couldn't possibly comment. Hope you'll all be patient enough to enjoy the anticipation!! Rather you than me!

Second Update!

First let me show you why it wasn't a simple job choosing, and why I HAD to sort out the shed before being able to concentrate on the task in hand. Isn't it a mess! One day it is going to be so organised that I shall be able to invite buyers to my shed/shop rather than simply offer items on the website. Please don't hold your breath though, as I don't have much time to sort at the moment!! As I may have mentioned before, I don't really need to ever buy another thing!

I've had fun doing this, so hope you'll be pleased with them ...

One giveaway is vaguely red themed as I initially suggested it might be (and green, which I didn't plan).

The other is vaguely pink and blue.

We'll stick with a closing date of Sunday 14 September and I'll ask Pauley to pick the 2 winners in the evening after our day at Dairy House. If you desperately don't want to be included in one particular coloured theme say so in your post, otherwise it'll be totally random.

Good luck, and don't forget to leave a comment if you want to be in with a chance of winning one of the parcels. If you sign in as 'anonymous' do make sure you leave your name at the end of the post.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue!
What a lovely surprise to bump into you today in Ros' shop! You certainly looked like you had the makings of a sucessful vintage haul!
Congratulations on your Blog Birthday and your 200th post...now take a rest after your hectic 'week away' and enjoy what's left of another soggy weekend!
Love and best wishes...
Amanda- Shabby Chick xx

Donna said...

So glad you had a lovely time yesterday and today and made a few more purchases on the way home. Can't wait to see what you bought! I have been so busy getting my sale ready that I haven't read your blog much lately. It was great to catch up and I did laugh at Pauleys expression as he struggled to have a good time on the beach dear, long suffering man! So lovely to see you both x

Lace Threads said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. The potatoes are simply bashed up! They were delicious. And yes, the little laces are better than me at the photography, methinks! Haha! 200 posts seems amazing, but I guess they begin to add up pretty quickly. I'm very envious thinking of all your goodies sitting waiting to be sorted through. Caroline x

cpullum said...

Wow 200 posts thats so amazing!! Congrats!!! Happy Blog Birthday!

Gill said...

Hi SueWell done and congratulations on your 200 blog birthday. How you fit it all in I don't know!Love Gillie x

funkymonkey said...

Hi, congrats on the 200th post and your blogging birthday. I'm looking forward to seeing your photographs. Have a good weekend despite the rain. Tracey.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Congratulations on your blog birthday Sue!
I'm having a giveaway too, so do pop by today sometime if you'd like to enter.


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
Wish I could have tagged along with you on your mini-break....
can't wait to see your haul.

Congratulations on the 200 posts and 2 year Blog Birthday!

Niki x

Trish said...

Hi, I have just found your blog through Lace hearts blog, Congrats on your birthday and 200th blog post xxx

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I will come back tomorrow!
Debbie Moss

Josie said...

wow! two hundred posts,well done
Josie x

Shammickite said...

200 posts in 2 years, that's good going! Congratulations from EVERYONE in Canada!

salina said...

I can't wait to see what you decide to give away! Congratulations to you on doing 200posts. I don't even know how many I have done. I will have to go check that out.:) I guess sometime this mid-September It will be my 2nd blog b-day. Time flies.
Anyway, I will be back to check your updates. Take care!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hi Sue... Your whirlwind hols sound blissful to me.. a combination of vintage rummaging and Devon.. couldn't wish for more... well a bit of sun would be nice!

Michele x

Lace Threads said...

Well, an as-is giveaway to do with lace and fabric and sewing. Hmmmm, let me think! Ha ha, sounds like my idea of heaven. Can I come and help you sort through it, please! :-)
The anticipation makes it all the more exciting!
By the way, forget roast tatties, I've posted a picture of my dumplings today! Must go back to sewing and fabric!!!

Country Bliss said...

Hi, just found your blog congratulations on your 200th post and 2nd blog birthday.

Redwoodhouse said...

Your shed sounds like a vintage dream lace baskets and fabric things a shed should be full of.Congratulations on your Birthday blog and 200th post amazing.

Leisa said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! Please count me in on your giveaway!

Susan Cahill said...

congrats on 200 posts, that's quite an achievement!!
Please throw my name in the hat for your lovely giveaway.
The prizes are wonderful.
Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Sue, I resisted temptation for as long as I could, but seeing the pics of your givewaway today I can resist no longer!
Lucy x

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and site. I think that you must work in a place like heavon it looks wonderful. Cogratulations on your fatastic 200 blogs please include me in your give away lucky giveaway it looks wonderful. Cannot wait to meet you at Rangeworthy in November.

kelly said...

ok woman, here is my comment. Enter me please for a chance at some goodies!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hello to the latest Anonymous! You didn't leave you name so if you should be picked out of the hat I have no idea who you are!


Lace hearts said...

I know I've commented already, but just wanted to say the pictures look as if you've put together two fabulous treats. It's very generous of you. x

Cathy said...

Wow - what an amazing give-away! You have got some fab stuff there. Please enter me into the draw! I really enjoyed all your pictures too, and your trip to Beer sounds great (it is one of my favourite places to go).
Cathy X

Amanda said...

Hi Sue,

first of all thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a lovely message. I love making new blog friends and am overjoyed to see the Vintage and Handmade button on your sidebar as I am truly hoping to wrangle that weekend off work so that I can come to it and grab some lovely Christmas pesents as well as meet some new friends in person!

Secondly - is it too cheeky as a newcomer to your blog to ask to be entered into the draw?! The goodies look too good to not be in it, if you don't mind!?

Glad to read you had a lovely time on your trip!!

Amanda x

Elizabethd said...

What a very nice blog, my first visit. your later post on Dartmoor brought memories back, I love Chagford and those little villages around the area.
Would love to enter your giveaway, please.

Lavender hearts said...

Hello! Please can I be included, oh can I, can I?!! :-)

It's so exciting and those random bits n bobs, like xmas!

Sian x

Judy said...

Hi Sue, what a lovely giveaway. Congratulations on your 200th!!!

Sal said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Ashburton, Topsham etc etc..all of my usual haunts when I am not off gadding about ,as I was this week!! Love,Sal;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
I am the latest anonymous commenter posted at 5.05 so engrosed in your blog that I forgot to leave my name
sorry Bernice.

MelMel said...

What a lovely giveaway...love the pink one!
Please may i join in?
I'm also having a giveaway...pop in and see!!!xxxxxx