04 September 2008

A Chilly Day at the Seaside!

Last week Pauley and I popped off to Crewkerne to view an auction and then went on the extra half-hour to spend some time looking at the sea at Burton Bradstock. At least that was the idea the night before. So off we set armed with plenty of jumpers and coats "just in case" and whilst we were in Crewkerne all was fine. It wasn't until we were nearly at the sea that the wind blew, and blew, and blew again ... and it didn't feel far off gale force by the time we got out of the car at Burton Bradstock.

Pauley doesn't do seaside very well, and he definitely doesn't do blowy seaside, especially when The Hive Café down by the beach was so busy that we had to sit outside and hang on to our sandwiches with salad garnish. Quite a few lettuce leaves disappeared ... normally I wouldn't suggest chips and sarnies (although a chip butty wouldn't go amiss) but they were a token gesture for some internal warmth.

And here are the lovely pieces of seaweed I collected after lunch, just as they were deposited by the tide ... Needless to say I had a lovely time but Pauley was back in the car 'enjoying' the view safe from the gale.

Whenever I put Pauley through this personal hell I have to take a photo to prove to Hannah that he did actually stand on the beach. Here he is struggling to pretend to have a lovely time ...

reminiscent of this piece of toile ... can you see the likeness????

And here is Chesil Beach, usually a gorgeous view from this particular point, but not on this day. Rather sums up the day!!
We're doing it all again tomorrow which should be hilarious. First of all we're going to Donna's sale (Donna knows Pauley enjoys fabric sales nearly as much as he enjoys a day at the seaside!!), and then I plan to smell the sea before we wander across Devon and stay in the middle of Dartmoor for one night before meandering along the coastal route back to Somerset and home. As you can imagine Pauley is really looking forward to this 'holiday'. I think I shall pack hot water bottles, extra jumpers and coats, scarves, hats, gloves so that he doesn't freeze!!!! Me? I'll probably wear a T-shirt!
This, folks, will forthwith be known as our annual holiday. One night away = one week. I think I've mentioned this before. Looked at in this way it's amazing how much relaxation you can cram in. I doubt if we'll manage a fortnight (ie 2 nights away) this year, but if we do I'll be sure to tell you about it!!
I realise I need to squash in another post before my 200th, so if I think of anything else to tell you later I'll do so.


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...
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Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

You can't beat a whiff of sea air, can you Sue, even in a howling gale?! I see you and Pauley weren't the only (mad) ones on the beach.....
Does Pauley know that he reminds you of a piece of toile?! (I always thought it was the fair maiden that would wave to the ships from the shore)

Enjoy your next little excusion...wish I could go to Donna's sale....hope you find lots of treasures....and hope Pauley has fun too!
Niki x
Republished due to my typo!

Lace Threads said...

I've just found your blog, and will certainly come again - I wish I'd made it to some of the fabric sales you mention! They sound wonderful places to have a rummage.

Katherines Dream said...

Chesil Beach is facinating it gives me an errie feeling though. Well done for braving the windy beach Pauley. We spent a few minutes on Camber Sands beach with the boys..blooming freezing but they did't seem to mind. A nice hot cup of tea in the Kitkat Cafe was most welcome.
Carol x

Anonymous said...

Its a shame you did not like your day at the seaside, its been years since i been near the sea, im in derbyshire now, but grew up in Littlehampton ,west sussex, i miss the sea loads,
Thankyou for great blog