05 September 2008

Make Weight Post

Nothing much to say this morning other than to state the obvious ... rain, low grey cloud ... and plenty of wind!! I've just looked at one of the many internet weather forecasts and see that the next 36 hours in Devon barely changes but for the fact that Exeter could have a thunderstorm! To be honest, once we get east of Exeter on the homeward run tomorrow afternoon we do have a chance of sun, so Pauley will be able to play on a beach somewhere (if you read yesterday's post you'll understand)!!

The title of this post popped into my head and reminded me of the boxes of chocolates when I was a child - when there would be a couple of small lumps of chocolate added as "make weights" to ensure that a half-pound box of chocs actually contained 8 ounces of choccie. I don't suppose that happens these days where everything is so accurately measured, remeasured, tested and thrown out if it doesn't do exactly as it says on the box. Can anyone tell me otherwise?

Hence the title. I need post 200 to be posted tomorrow, having told you that's when it would be, so post 199 is basically a lot of waffle to make up the weight/numbers.

Hope you have a sunny weekend where you are ...


funkymonkey said...

Sunny weekend? You must be joking!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Oh so it is raining elsewhere.. I keep thinking we are the lucky ones here in Bath.. I feel like I am living in a big puddle these days..
Fascinating fact about the chocolate box weight..

Michele x

lettuce said...

do you know, i HAVE had chocolates not so long ago which had a make-weight. but can't for the life of me remember what type/make...

something kind of posh and expensive i think.

i hope you stay dry this weekend, its forecast to be dreadful

Sal said...

You've got me started now..I remember makeweights..and also the lovely chocolate boxes from days gone by..oh and I loved the fudge with the rippley top, in the 'Weekend' box. (That's made me forget the rain (at least for 5 minutes!!) ;-)