22 November 2006

A Day at Home!

I can't believe it! I've actually stayed at home ALL day, and I think I might be able to manage to do it again on Friday!

I've had an achieving day of sorts. I've put a patch on a double eiderdown that has been folded up on top of the armoire for months; mended the small tear I created at Shepton in a small eiderdown (I caught it on my display shelves - woops!); darned another damaged eiderdown. Just how many damaged ones does a girl need? Luckily I have another dozen or so which are in excellent condition!

I washed and tumble dried another eiderdown which had been lurking in a bag in the storage unit we rented when we moved house in July. I'd forgotten it was there, and found it a couple of days ago when I was hunting for some warm jumpers. Because we have work to be done on the house we decided to continue renting the store so that we didn't cram the house with boxes of unnecessary items just for the sake of it. Far better to keep it all in the store until all the dusty work has been done and the new carpets fitted. Consequently, winter clothes are hiding somewhere and we're not sure where! Unfortunately the timescale for the works isn't quite what we had envisaged and we're still waiting for the builder to come and knock down the wall between the bathroom and loo. Meanwhile I'll continue to search for warmer clothes!

And finally, I ironed two Irish linen single sheets with beautiful cutwork borders. They'll be going with me to the Charity Fair on Sunday, and if they come home again they might just have to live with me for ever. If not, then they may come up on the website which might be ready in 2-3 weeks' time!

It doesn't sound as if I've done very much, but believe me it's 10.30 pm and I've no idea where the day has gone. A few business phone calls, a long call to my Mum regarding her impending house move, and a visit from another dealer used up another couple of hours. I'm sure that leaves 4 or 5 hours unaccounted for, but not to worry.

Still no photos I'm afraid. The new computer is up and running but we don't know where to look for the CD relating to the camera and consequently I can't upload any photos for the time being. I'm sure when we packed everything from the office when we moved it was put in a safe place ... maybe it's hiding behind the eiderdown bag in the storage unit!

I am not stressed ...
I am not stressed ...
I am keeping calm ... !!


Clare said...

Hi Sue! TWO days at home in a week?! That's something you haven't had for a while isn't it! Hope the builders turn up soon - and your warm clothes; I think you're going to need them! C xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Well I suppose you could always use your eiderdowns to keep warm!
Sounds like you have plenty - one to coordinate with each outfit?!