24 November 2006

My Mum - a PS to yesterday's posting

This is the photo of Mum that I couldn't post last night. It was taken about 18 months ago. If you read the Memories post you'll be able to work out her age (and I know she looks years younger than me ...). I was hoping to edit the photo but couldn't for some reason. The two little boys are my cousin's twins.

I'm obviously never going to be able to post the photo of Hannah that I was hoping to show you. Each time I upload it the end result in a plain green box - no piccie.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a Stunner!!
You have a very young looking mother!
I'm sure you will have lots of fun together in the new year!

Donna said...

I cannot believe your mum is 86!!!!! Wow she looks sooooo good! Have enjoyed catching up with your blog. Love the old coal hole, great use of space.