28 November 2006

Sunday's Fair

I forgot to mention yesterday how the Fair went on Sunday! Not a good one, I'm afraid. The weather may well have put people off - torrential rain for much of the day. We didn't get off to a good start as the carpark at the rear of the Hotel where we were supposed to unload was waterlogged and we had to go 'the pretty way' along about a mile of farm track and approach the venue from a different angle. The muddy slope down to the patio doors was hair-raising with all our stock, but at least we managed to get everything in during a dry spell.

There were quite a few browsers, but we spent quite a time buying from one another! Consequently, low sales and high spending! I came home with a few Christmas gifts, and 3 eiderdowns and 4 bags to sell on.

Packing up to go home was even worse, as it was dark and the slope was even squelchier than in the morning. Two dealers set off and then returned while I was still loading up (I always take far too much) as they had taken a wrong turn off the rough track and ended up in a field. Four of us finally set off in convoy and found the main road - relief all round!!

Despite all that most of us knew one another, and any that didn't soon joined in the chatter. We all had a laugh and caught up with the gossip that we usually don't have time for. From a social point of view it was a lovely day, and I'm sure the charity will receive a good donation.


Clare said...

Hi Sue, More eiderdowns?!!! Glad the weather and lack of customers didn't dampen your spirits! Clare x

cityfarmer said...

Do all of you gals who do the fair know each other or what????

So cozy

Vintage to Victorian said...

At this particular fair the answer is yes - we have all met at some stage. It was more of a "decorative fair" and so most of us were dealers in textiles of some form or another and had met at similar fairs in the past. There were only 14 of us so it really was quite a cozy day! I wish I'd taken my camera so that I could show you some of the lovely displays which filled the room.

kelly said...

Wow Sue, you have been posting! I have enjoyed reading them. Loved the memories too.