02 November 2006

Where has the last month gone?

I have been suitably reprimanded by cityfarmer! Apologies for staying away so long but I seem to have lost October!!

There are so many items to photograph - especially quilts and eiderdowns - but finding the time when the light has been good enough has been a difficult, and I've been travelling up and down to Northamptonshire several weekends running for various family occasions which has meant I've had no time to bring you up to date with all that's been going on.

Just to keep you going, this is a wonderful pair of quilts (not eiderdowns) with what I assume is a cotton batting filling. They are large, heavy single size and are quite possibly Danish. The colours are rich, with no fading that I've seen so far.

With luck I'll have some time before the next Shepton Fair to add a few more photos, and I'm also planning to set up a website for sales, although this may not happen until the new year.



kelly said...

Well thank Goodness for Cityfarmer Sue because I was bginning to wonder if you would ever be back again! So great to hear some news from you!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Kelly - I'm still here! And you'll be pleased to know (I hope) that I've found some wonderful quilts and eiderdowns that I'm hoping to persuade you that you can't live without when you see them at Shepton on 19-21 Nov!! Perhaps I should post the 'serious side of eiderdown buying' photo which Mike took at the Giant Flea in October??? Sue

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Good to hear your news.
Love the quilt. Look forward to seeing it at Shepton. Fingers crossed that the gorgeous weather continues....

cityfarmer said...

Time flies when you're busy

Clare said...

Hi Sue, I know these quilts are gorgeous as I've seen them in the flesh! Look forward to seeing your stand at Shepton this weekend. Will you and Kelly be looking so serious again?!!!! Clare x