19 November 2006

Shepton Showers!

Well, it rained again on Friday when everyone was setting up for the 3-day Shepton Antiques Fair. There were some wet pitches and stallholders once again but, despite the wind and rain, most of Friday's buyers were in a cheerful frame of mind.

It was good to see Clare and Mike and Kelly and Paul - and quite amazing how Clare and Kelly managed to arrive at my stand within minutes of one another. Hopefully they'll be pleased with their purchases!

I was sad to hear that it was Niki's last Shepton Fair for a while, but hopefully she'll still come along and find some bargains, even if she's not there in an 'official capacity'. If you are a regular visitor to her blog you'll have seen the lovely angels she made. I was delighted to find she still had a few left when I went to her pitch on Friday, and I bought two - and one of them is wearing a skirt made from some fabric Niki purchased from me at the Giant Flea Market a few months ago!

I'm afraid there are no photos to show you this time as my old computer died last week - totally - with no hope of reviving it. Consequently I've had to replace it and as yet haven't loaded the camera software on this new machine. However, there is hopefully 'joy in anticipation' and I'll endeavour to post some soon.

The website idea is taking shape and I have commandeered someone to try and sort my ideas into some semblance of order. Meanwhile I'll continue selling at the Fairs and in the two Antiques Centres where I rent space. Next weekend there is a small Charity Antiques Fair at Bishopstrow House Hotel in Warminster. I'm one of about 14 dealers taking part. Let's hope for good weather and a good turnout to help boost the funds of CLIC.


Clare said...

Hi Sue, Good old British weather eh?!! Great to see you too and your stand looked a real treat - it's just as well you sold that roses eiderdown or I may be changing my mind by now! Good luck with the new computer - how can we live without them?!!! Clare x

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the pictures to come and it sound like this is a very busy time for you gals. So nice that you all know each other and can share all in person.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hello you two!

Thanks for your lovely comments. We always have a good giggle when we meet up Sharon. Mind you, one of the photos that Clare's husband took of Kelly and me does make you wonder! We were studying a quilt so intently that the result was a pair of very serious faces with not a smile in sight!!

Having done the Shepton Fairs for over a year I now have many regular customers and was delighted to meet a young couple yesterday who I vaguely recognised. I realised they had bought a very pretty handkerchief pouch from me last year for the girl's mother. I hadn't seen them since. They confirmed I was right and that she had been delighted. They were so pleased I had remembered them (and so was I) as they purchased more Christmas gifts!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
It was good to see you- glad you are pleased with the angels!
I will in deed still attend the fair, but in a buying capacity!! Just try keeping me away!
Good luck with the charity antiques fair!
Love Niki.x

Shabby in the City said...

I'm so laughing over the 'email toilet' Ha! Might come in handy for me as I have a hard time leaving my computer for even THAT!