24 April 2007

11 Days and Counting ...

Only 11 days to go. I'm not stressed. I'm cool. I'm calm. I'm collected! Who am I kidding?

I wore my shoes for half an hour this morning and realised I should have started doing that a couple of weeks ago in the hope that I would be able to walk up the aisle in them without tripping over or hobbling. I sat here at my desk for 10 minutes and managed to kick over the waste paper basket because the squared off points seem to end miles away from my toes. I didn't think my foot was anywhere near the basket!! It was such a relief to put on my trainers!

Perhaps I should start walking round the house in my hat so that I can judge the distance from the tip of the brim to the nearest person. I'd hate to poke anyone's eye out or get stuck in a doorway! I bought a vintage bag at the last Shepton Fair but I've become as picky as my Mum, and have decided it's not quite the right shade of navy!!! But I'm not stressed ...

I'm not stressed because ... at last Mum has an outfit. Some of you may think she already had one. She did ... but she didn't like it, so after buying that we've been out on weekly excursions to find an alternative or three. Today we got sorted. And she bought a hat to wear with it, so that's it. Finito. No more outfit shopping. If she decides she doesn't like it tomorrow I may not be responsible for my actions!!!! Don't worry, I'm only joking (well, partly), but it IS all quite true.

This evening I've been going boss-eyed cutting 26-foot long strips of gingham. Can't actually tell you why just now, but I had to stop because I could no longer focus properly, and will do more tomorrow. But I'm not stressed ... honestly!

I wonder if Pam Ayres ever wrote a poem about the mother of the bride ... (If you've never heard of her nor read any of her poems, try here to read "I Wish I'd Looked After Me Teeth" or "They Should Have Asked My Husband" for a bit of fun ...

Does anyone know the weather forecast for a week on Saturday? If you do, and it's not good, I don't want to know, thank you! Because I'm cool and calm ... and want to stay that way for a bit longer ...


Victoria May Plum said...

Your account of the run up to the wedding is so funny, I love it.
New shoes! what a nightmare.
Victoria x

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Oh I just LOVE weddings! Our family hasn't had one in quite some time! How exciting - I can imagine your blog just may cause a slowdown on the internet when everyone flocks here to see the photos! =)

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hehe! You are a hoot, Sue!!

I thought you had bought a small vintagey hairband type of hat!!??? Did that go out of the window too?!

Glad you are calm, keep it up!
Niki x

Vintage to Victorian said...

Woops, you noticed, Niki! Yes, I bought a bit of frippery at the Giant Flea a while ago because it was so lovely. I didn't know what colour I was going to be wearing then so bought it just in case! Of course it's totally wrong, so you may well see it on my stand on 11-13 May!

see you there! said...

Cool and calm are you?

With the big hat the pointy shoes and the perfect navy purse you are all set to go. I assume there's a dress all ready somewhere, I must have missed that.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


Ragged Roses said...

Glad you're not stressed Sue! Only 11 days to go - get those new shoes out and practice!
Kim x

Twinkle Pink said...

Not stressed eh???

I'm feeling the nerves from here:))

I giggled over the shoes bit, I've got a few shoes like that, and been stuck in them for toooo long.

All I can say is watch you don't end up walking like a penguin:))))

You could take a spare pair for later after you've made your entrance - believe me just knowing you have something else more comfortable is a blessing and makes you endure the pain a bit longer.

Good luck with the hat!

Can't wait to see the pics.

best wishes Ginny

Clare said...

Hi Sue, you know everything will go super-smooth on the day! (Just repeat that mantra from now until then!)

I hope you'll be posting lots of photos!

Pam Ayres was 'born and bred' in Stanford in the Vale but moved away a few years ago. She's since been known to take a stroll around the village from time to time!

Clare x

cherry menlove said...

Oh goodness, weddings! I can only imagine how you feel with only 10 days to go. I called up about some stationery today and mine is still over a year away! Eeek!
It will be such a wonderful day for you, I know it.

Love Cherry xx

Ex-Shammickite said...

Just reading your post is stressing me out! No2Son is being married in October.... and I'm already banging my head on the wall about what to wear. However all worries have been put on hold until AFTER the variety show.... we're on stage tonight, Friday and Saturday (see my blog for pics).
Big decisions to be made... to Hat or not to Hat? Fancy footwear that will probably kill me, or comfy shoes that I can stand up in for hours on end? Long dress or short? Sparkles or sparkle-free? AAARRRGGGHHH! You seem to be coping very well, hope I do as well when the time comes.

andsewtosleep said...

I feel your stress but your excitement too! I will keep fingers crossed for glorious sunshine. Mary

Annelisa said...

Sounds hectic - with only a week to go - but also fun... how often is it that we get the chance to go totally mad over outfits and whatnot!? Hope you're making the most of it! :-D

If I don't see you before, I hope the day goes just fine!