20 April 2007

More Spoils ...

Only a couple of photos - taken this morning before going off to Dairy House. The colour of the cushion is about right, but the silk kimono background is more sea-green than the photo shows. I had hoped to take more photos today but I ran out of time.

Just to update those of you who remember that months ago I said I was going to get out my sewing machine ... I finally managed to get a pair of curtains made yesterday for the bathroom. Anything else will have to wait until after the wedding, by which time I shall probably enjoy sitting down and creating. Time will tell ... having just realised that the 3-day Shepton Mallet Fair is the following weekend, so there'll be no 'honeymoon period' for me. It'll be straight back into sorting and packing in order to load up the car on the Thursday night. Oh joy ...


salina said...

Just stopping by to say hello and thankyou for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment.
Take care!

angela said...

I'm so pleased you dropped in...
I love your blog..all sorts of things that I enjoy. Flea markets are great, aren't they?
I'll be returning to read your archives and I'll look out for your friend in nice.

Ragged Roses said...

I love that kimono such a beautiful colour. I don't know how you found time to make curtains and do everything else! Good luck with it all! thanks for lovely comments!
Kim x

Victoria May Plum said...

Hi Sue
Where do you find all of these wonderful things? You must have a talent for it, I always come away from flea markets with awful tat. Please come with me next time!
Victoria x

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Thanks, Sue, for stopping by. I wish you great sales at Shepton Mallet. Where were you last year? outside, in the first bldg. or the last, or upstairs??

I can't imagine not buying anything from you if what you show here is any kind of example of what you offer. It all looks a treat!

One Woman's Cottage Life said...

I love your finds! Especially your tea towels from the last post...they are so pretty! I know you had lots of fun searching for all those goodies:)

Lee-ann said...

Sue I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have found your lovely blog and it is so nice to see others share my love of all things vintage.

I am a young! lol lol nanni of 8 and we live in a miners cottage built in the 1860s here in Australia.

I know I will enjoy sharing my day my home and my treasures with you.

Non of my latest posts contain vintage but! my life does.

See you again I am sure.

Ex-Shammickite said...

More nice bits and pieces... so elegant! I'd love to swan around the house in that kimono!

see you there! said...

Do you know how difficult it is to look at pictures of all your goodies and not be able to get my hands on them?



cherry menlove said...

I HAVE to get to the Shepton M. fair. When I do I shall drop by and say hello. You always find such great things on your travels and I want some of them.
Hee hee!!
Love Cherry xx