05 December 2008

What a Day ...

I'm currently half-way through a hectic day off. I was up with the alarm and set off to Bath early to go to CKs to buy the bag which Hannah has requested for Christmas. I set off early so I could hopefully get to CKs before my 11.00 am dental appointment (the journey takes about 1¼ hours). So, after driving up and down a couple of times (for anyone not knowing Bath carparking, it's better that you stay in oblivion), I finally found a spot. I put all the change I had into the parking meter which I realised was more than was needed for 30 minutes but not enough for a whole hour. I'm sure they used to go up in 15-minute increments but, to cut a long story short, I put in 50p I needn't have done and still only had half-an-hour's parking time to do my CK shopping and beat the traffic warden. I raced round to the shop only to find it was closed although the sign on the door said open, with their Christmas opening times tucked way inside and not on the door - not good if you need new specs. Apparently they're only open 3 days a week for the first 2 weeks of December. How stupid is that? So I'm afraid I had 10 minutes' retail therapy in Hampstead Bazaar for me instead and will have to return to Bath sometime between now and Christmas (am I right in thinking it could be a wee bit touch-and-go as to whether anything bought from them on line will arrive in time for Christmas?). Aaaaargh!

WOOPS - I've just phoned CK and apparently they were open all day (But they certainly didn't open on time!!!!!!!!!!!) and they're supposedly open every day ... until late! So what did I read then? Was I that stressed? Must have been. Sorry CK if I doubted you - but you certainly were NOT open at 10.00 am even if you are staying open until 8.00 pm!

I then drove to the dentist - a circuitous route because of an accident in another part of Bath - and here I am one tooth lighter. Not wishing to leave Bath without visiting the best antiques/junk shop in town, I retraced my steps and popped in to Rolfey's - well known and frequented by several bloggers - and the place from where I practically furnished one of the houses we had in Bath 15 years ago. I'll photograph my purchase and show her off after the weekend.

I decided to make a detour on the way home as I just don't like the Somerton to Bath straightest route - and came home via Frome. I didn't have time to stop in the town because I called in at the wonderful farmshop which I used to shop at on a weekly basis when we lived in Dilton Marsh. They have expanded (again) - apparently a month ago - and it was fantastic to see the latest transformation. I hadn't been in for at least 12 months so it was a treat to see some old faces and have a quick catch-up.

I now have a 5-minute breather before taking Mum to the optician for an eye test and her first pair of spectacles!!!


Three hours on ... the eye test is done. Two pairs of specs are on order and we've also done Mum's food shop. The injection has worn off so my mouth's a bit sore now and I'm trying to decide what I can manage to eat (nothing since 7.30am Cornflakes) before I fade away (unlikely!).

Tomorrow will hopefully be a busy day at Dairy House. What with the CK fiasco and the lack of manners I was confronted with in Gillingham's Focus yesterday morning (for the second time), I'm beginning to wonder whether standards have lowered (I'm beginning to sound like my mother) or whether I've just become a grumpy old woman. Probably the latter!

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!


Vintage Tea said...

Hope tomorrow is a better day for you

Victoria x

Sal said...

You did make me laugh! As I read it I imagined you racing here, there and everywhere.. like crazy!!
Hope you have a good weekend!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Phew Sue, what a day!!
Hope you're not too sore this evening.
I was confused when you said CK was closed some days - it's always been open when I've walked passed it. If you like, let me know which bag it is that Hannah would like and if I can get it, I could bring it along to the flea.

Look forward to seeing what I missed in Rolfies! ;-))

Have a restful weekend! Ha! - I'm sure DH will be busy with Christmas shoppers looking for treasures,
Take care,
Niki x

Redwoodhouse said...

Phewww, I think you need drink by the woodburner after that day. Hope the weekend is good for you.

The White Bench said...

Hot chocolate, anyone? ;)) I think you'd need some, Sue! What a day!!

Hope you are enjoying a relaxing w.e,

Monica x.

BusyLizzie said...

Hope Saturday was a better day!!!
Liz x

Donna said...

Oh Sue, what a day, poor you! I don't think you're a grumpy old woman at all, in fact I know you are not, but people do seem to be a bit ruder this time of year which is odd given that it's supposed to be the season of goodwill and all that! I just think people are more stressed out and forget about their manners!

Can't wait to see what you bought ;-)

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a day! Not opening on time in the run-up to Christmas is crazy! Hope your mouth is feeling better now!

OhSoVintage said...

Hi Sue,
I did a post a while ago about the lack of customer service at CK! Standards definitely have dropped, my friend and I complained in M&S on Friday. A smile, a please and a thankyou are basics. We're not grumpy old women just the older generation trying to maintain higher standards!!!! Reading your posts wear me out - do you ever have time to sit down?
Ruth x