15 January 2007

Another Week ...

Another week has gone by already. I just don't understand where that time has gone. Or maybe I do ... I've done another Northampton trip and packed up what seemed like 100 boxes, piled the car high with pictures, treasured photos, bedding (so I can make up the beds when they are offloaded from the removal van in 10 days' time), a family heirloom barometer (to ensure it travelled upright so the mercury stayed where it was supposed to) and other items too numerous to mention. Suffice to say I just managed to squeeze in the car. I popped in to see Clare (Vintage Home) on the way home and she thought it was an hilarious sight!

Moving on ... it's Shepton Panic Week. Two days to sort out the boxes of 'stuff' which went to the storage unit over Christmas, interspersed with a duty day at Somerton Antiques Centre tomorrow and a morning at Dairy House Antiques on Thursday. Thursday afternoon is when the car has to be loaded ready for Friday morning, from which time it's all systems go until Sunday evening. I wonder what the weather has in store for us this time. Not more rain, surely!

I found some lovely embroidery pieces which have been lurking for some time at the back of the store, and I think it's time they had an airing.

The backdrop quilt is a recent acquisition and will have its first outing this weekend. I hope I don't have to bring it home again because I might feel the need to keep it if that happens. I also found a few 1950s aprons which have never before been to Shepton. I wonder if there will be any takers for those.

This super oil painting will be on display, together with a roses tin tray and tea tins which I haven't had a chance to photograph. And what do you think of the wonderful 1950s Decca gramophone with nursery rhymes painted all over it, and signed by the artist?

I think I'll take a display cabinet with me as I have a number of small items which need an airing. Before I call it a night I want to look through a carrier bag which is full of vintage sewing threads etc. I've already found some interesting odds and ends which I'd forgotten about as they were put away "to be looked at later" back in June before we moved.
And I've just remembered the basketful of baby Christening and nightgowns which I need to iron!
I'd hoped to use some of the vintage fabrics I'd unearthed to make some lavender hearts, but I've run out of time (and energy), so I won't be posting photos of those for a while!


Clare said...

Hi Sue, what a lot of wonderful goodies you have! You're sure to have one of the best stands - as usual! Look forward to seeing you then! Clare x

Anita said...

Lavender hearts made of vintage fabrics???? Oh pleeeeease, you need to show them as soon as you can!

Your Decca gramophone as well as the embroidery goodies look great!

What a pity, you are too far away so visit your stand!

Nonnie said...

Gosh you are busy at the moment. I hope the fair goes really well. You have some lovely things to sell. Is there a website for Shepton or could you let me know some future dates, as I would love to try to visit one of them. I have plans for this weekend but if I get a few dates in my diary then maybe I'll be able to make one of them.

Nostlagia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
Just wanted to wish you luck and see you on the Saturday.
LOVE the quilt!
Fingers crossed and hope you get the chance of a little sit down sometime over the weekend...sounds like you need it!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Niki - It CAN be yours!!!! Look forward to seeing you.