19 January 2007

They say you should buy ...

... if you're not selling ...

Well, ladies, I think I shopped for all of you in about half an hour late this afternoon! I woke up to such a lovely sunny morning (the photo doesn't do the day justice) and the realisation that I wouldn't get wet unloading the car. From that moment I relaxed and decided that I would just enjoy the weekend, not get stressed and, despite wanting/needing to boost the coffers, would take it on the chin if the trade day was quiet.

And boy, was it quiet!! But I set up my stand as if I had all day and not a care in the world, smiled at everyone, and moved things from A to B and back to A trying to make it look right. I don't know whether I achieved it, but someone said my stand looked good.

So, this is what I bought - most of which will be for sale on the website if it ever goes live (or isn't sold beforehand), or will be made into something to sell. I really don't know where I think I'm going to find the time to be creative, but I can live in hope.

Two rolls of Bakers "Windsor" chintz fabric - 18 yds on one roll and 20 yds on the other. A couple of pelmets, rather dirty but beautiful fabric.

I'm hoping that I can justify keeping these two Richelieu panels, but I may have to be firm and let them go.

And ... this little selection from one dealer. The gloves are for me! The white flowers are a pretty brooch and then there are 4 blue napkin sachets and a bag. The red fabric is actually the lining of the bag - the outer is patchworked velvet in very poor condition. But I have plans ... just don't ask me what they are just yet!

I also bought a box of tiny doll heads - but blogger's photo upload says enough is enough so you'll have to wait to see those.

My apologies for the uncropped photos and the rather nasty looking carpet under the goodies. We WILL be replacing it in due course but dusty work on the house needs to be done first!

Wish me luck for tomorrow. And tell me not to move from my stand all day in case I see something else I can't live without ... please!!


Clare said...

Hi Sue, some great goodies there - that lining in the bag is pretty! So, if you're not moving from your stand does that mean you won't want us to stand in for you...?!

Argument Cottage said...

beautiful photo of the sky absolutely magic..........